Newsletter April 18th, 2014
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Coach's Corner 

How often have you been asked by a non athlete, "Why do you get up early and suffer through a tough workout, get sore and go back to do it again and again?"
How often have people wondered why you can't wait to get back to training when you are injured, instead of stopping and ending the misery once and for all?
What is it that makes you do the things you do?

This month we remember the anniversary of two of the roughest moments in the athletic community and in the Racelab family.
On April 7th, two years ago, three of our athletes were hit by a car while riding their bikes. Although we hear of bike accidents way too often in the news, this time it was different, this time it hit home. The impact that this accident had on the team and the whole cycling and triathlon community was bigger than what we've ever experienced. The support and concern for these athletes and also towards Racelab, was overwhelming. Fortunately, Lito, Brett and Scott are with us today and back at running, cycling and swimming!

One year ago the horrible acts at the Boston Marathon shocked not only the running community, but the entire World. Who could do something like that at such a friendly, healthy, positive and legendary event? The disturbing images of the people injured. and the impact that this act had will last for a long time. So many people had their lives turned upside down on a day that is supposed to celebrate peace unity and the human spirit.

Adversities, injustices, obstacles will not easily brake an athlete's spirit. In fact, I believe it makes it stronger. The satisfaction of overcoming these obstacles becomes much bigger than the obstacle itself. The nature of the athlete is to constantly seek new challenges. The desire to reach the goals and to exceed the expectations, is the athlete's power, that a non athlete will never understand. 

An athlete changes and transforms according to his or her possibilities. A real athlete reinvents him/herself. Like para athletes whose disabilities don't stop them from pursuing their high athletic goals. Like racelabbers Dixie and Kristy who were volunteering at the medical tent at the finish line in Boston, and witnessed and assisted those injured the worst. They will now confront the horror of that day by running the marathon this year. Like Lito, Brett and Scott, who exceeded all recovery expectations and are finding their way to be strong and active again. Like all the runners filling the street on Monday in Boston, showing the World that the athlete's determination will never be broken. As an individual, as part of a group or in masses, the power of the athlete's spirit grows when faced with adversity and it is present in everything he or she does. It represents so much more than enduring early morning workouts, sore muscles, fatigue and injuries. A real athlete never stops being an athlete!

Dear Team  
I want to congratulate each and every one of you for a great Marquee and Leadman race last Sunday.
Seeing you race and spending time with your families and friends, confirmed once again why Racelab is the best!
- Everybody cheers for anybody wearing yellow, even when that athlete is not a Racelabber!
- If you are friends of a Racelabber, you are one of us!
- The names of the athlete are often mixed up, but who cares...you know we mean you!
- We always find new megaphone talented!
- Dogs and babies are always a great addition to the cheering squads!
- Racelabber's children make Racelab better!
- The funniest wetsuit pictures ever!
- The most visible (and handsome) bike leaders!
- The loudest cheering squad at the finish line!
- The best pictures!

We had two extremely courageous athletes out there:
Allysa Seely, who in her first major race had to battle uninformed volunteers, unprepared aid stations and a less than ideal race organization. But she pushed through it and reached the goal she had set for herself!
Rosann Williams, who after crashing her bike while avoiding a pedestrian who crossing the street, got up and finished the race like a champion!

We celebrate everybody; our supporters, our first timers, our PR holders, our finishers and our award winners:
Patti Killian 1st a/g Olympic
Andy Krebs 3rd a/g Olympic
Bev Crupi 2nd a/g Sprint
Allysa Seely 2nd Para triathlete 

Best of luck to Melanie Bearden, Patti Dennis, Dixie Patterson and Ellen Camp at the Boston Marathon; and to Jason Kasting, Jon Barnes and yes, Ellen Camp again! at the Big Sur Marathon the following Saturday.
Next team race is in Rocky Point and we can't wait to spend that time with you in Mexico!

Happy Training
Strong Man Beer Fest!
April 19th, 2014  

Join us for the 1st Annual Strong Man Beer Festival! 

This is a two-part event. The first portion is the Strong Man part, consisting of 15 challenges involving cross-fit/strong man style exercises. 

At each booth, participants will compete against their friends and the winners at each challenge will earn raffle tickets. It is not an overall competition, however. Each challenge will be its own mini-competition and participants will try to collect as many raffle tickets as possible. This will allow people of varying capabilities to participate. Challenges will involve not only brute strength, but also agility and speed.


The other portion is a beer festival for anyone who wants to come enjoy a variety of brews. The beer festival will feature a vendor area, food trucks, live music and good times for all! The raffle tickets will be submitted and prizes will be intermittently announced to winners.


Click HERE for Registration and more Info! 


Charity Benefactor:


The Strong Man Beer Festival is proud to donate all alcohol sales to this wonderful organization in support of America's greatest heroes!

Heart of Valor is a non-profit organization that provides active duty and retired Navy SEALs and other members of the military with trips and events that help them unwind and relax within a healing, supportive environment.


Las Palomas Triathlon
April 26th, 2014
Puerto Pe�asco, Mexico

The biggest/greatest party of the year! Beach! Friends! Sun! Oh, and there's a race too!


This event features a Sprint distance triathlon, perfect for beginners and those who want to race at top speed, and an Olympic distance as well!

There's even a 5K & 10K for families & fun! 



Friday, April 25th


If you want to carpool, you can ask for other interested parties on this page.

The drive takes about 4.5hrs

Click HERE for Registration, Hotel, disrections & more information
Pat's Run
April 26th, 2014
Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe

10th Anniversary!!

Pat's Run commemorates the day Pat lost his life in Afghanistan serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Symbolic of the #42 he wore as an ASU Sun Devil, Pat's Run is 4.2 miles long, ending on the 42-yard line of Frank Kush Field inside Sun Devil Stadium.

Donations from the race directly support the Tillman Military Scholarsprogram, which provides scholarships to U.S. military veterans and spouses who reflect Pat's values, strength of character, and commitment to service.

Click HERE for Registration & more info!
Racelab Mount Lemmon Ride
May 3rd, 2014
Mtn Lemmon, Tucson

Due to popular demand we'll be doing this ride every few months! This is a beautiful, challenging training day that offers some great hill work, stunning views and a break from the valley/


The ride to the top is about 28miles up a steady hill and should take between 3-5hrs. We'll have lunch at the top of the mountain! 


5:00 AM 

Caravan/Car Pool leaves Tempe Marketplace (Target)


7:30 AM 

(approx) Ride starts from Safeway @

9125 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 



At the top! Cookies! Pizza! Hot chocolate!


Esprit De She Triathlon
May 4th, 2014 

A triathlon designed exclusively for women!

The Spirit of Her Race Series mixes camaraderie with competition, offering a race for every pace and passion. This event brings women together and connects them by a shared desire to celebrate fitness and fun, sisterhood and strength.

Limited spots available! Sign up Now!


Click HERE for Registration & more info!
SplashMob 5K
May 17th, 2014 

Join the fun on May 17th as the Racelab team participates in Arizona's coolest summer fun run! 

Literally. Participants will be cooled along the way by our "Splashers" - who will use Super Soakers and water balloons to reduce the impact of our Arizona summer swelter! 


SplashMob 5K benefits Children First Academy, a school for homeless children.


Each participant will bring 2 items of non-perishable healthy snacks to Children First Academy, a local non-profit school dedicated to helping homeless children. All proceeds and donations will go to the school.

Click HERE for Registration & more info!
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4/19      StrongMan Beer Fest
4/26      Las Palomas Tri
5/1         Splash & Dash 3
5/3        Night Trail Series
5/4        Esprit De She
5/10      AZ OWS #2
5/10      The Night Run
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5/17      SplashMob 5K

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