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By Oscar Perry Abello

Phoenix Cohort will build resilience and drive growth, includes 14 entrepreneurs representing 10 industries across the District, Maryland, and Virginia

Owner seeking development partner for existing commercial building to be converted into a mixed-use development, to include retail, market and workforce housing
Source: Barbara Haddock Taylor for
The Baltimore Sun
“I’m happy to see someone trying to do something in Baltimore, looking the same as the people living
in Baltimore” 
Still We Rise
A Collection of Learnings & Toolkit for Advancing Racial Equity
If you've been following HAND's journey, you know we have prioritized educating our members on racial equity issues and how they intersect with our work in real estate and community development. As we saw an increasing need for this work, we doubled down on our commitment to provide ongoing learning; while also modeling for our members what it looks like to implement racial equity in our work. We are pleased to share with you "Still We Rise: A Collection of Learnings & Toolkit for Advancing Racial Equity." This toolkit captures the learnings of HAND to date and will be useful for members wherever they are in their racial equity journey. We encourage you to take advantage of the toolkit, and share with your colleagues, family and friends!
When We All Vote
In 2020 HAND proudly started serving as a partner of When We All Vote, a non-profit, non-partisan organization launched by Michelle Obama in 2018. When We All Vote’s mission is to change the culture around voting, increase participation in every election, and help close the race and age voting gap. HAND is committed to placing racial equity at the center of all that we do, and voting rights are directly tied to this work. To this day voter suppression runs rampant throughout our Black & Brown communities, and we know this work begins with engaging our members who own, operate and manage properties across the region.
Let’s continue to work together over the coming weeks to spread the word about voting with your residents, colleagues and friends. Are you an organization who needs help getting started in your voter registration efforts? Check out the below resource for everything you need to support voter registration in this year’s election. We look forward to working with you to ensure every voice is represented at the polls!
Looking for more resources on all things racial equity?
Stop by our website for a compilation of helpful materials!