Reimagining our systems first requires introspection, identification and ideation
In the last month, I have introduced a suite of requests and proposals that focus on equity in our health and hospital system, our justice and public safety system, and our education system.

This holistic approach to policy change and departmental reimagination is necessary because our systems, and those who rely on them, are intimately intertwined.

Below are the specific efforts and the systems they impact. Read more here:
In Santa Clara County, approx. 1,000 kids in our care and custody rely on our agencies and services for their safety, health and well being.

On Tuesday, Sept. 1 my colleagues unanimously supported my request to spotlight the status of these agencies and services for the benefit of these kids and their families, ensuring that their needs are not eclipsed by the current health crisis. Read about this effort here:

At the Aug. 25 Board of Supervisors meeting, I requested the expansion of the Community Corrections and Law Enforcement Monitoring Committee so that it could consider 22 proposals that came from the community at large through a series of conversations I hosted over the summer. You can read about this and see the full report here:
The third proposal in the suite was introduced on Aug. 25 and focused on ensuring education equity during distance learning and ahead of anticipated school reopenings through clear and transparent communications with parents, teachers and the community at large around roles, jurisdictions and more.

The unanimous approval of my and Supervisor Chavez’s ask for a special hearing on Sept. 22 on safe school reopenings gets us closer to this goal.

Read the details of this here:
The first of this suite was introduced at the Aug. 11 Board of Supervisors meeting and aimed its focus on race equity in our health care system.

The creation of my and Supervisor Simitian’s creation of a Race and Health Disparities Initiative in the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System was unanimously supported by our colleagues.

Read more about this here:
The COVID-19 Health Crisis has impacted all of our systems and exposed gaps both in service and equity. As we work to successfully combat the virus and reopen safely, it would be a missed opportunity not to address some long standing structural conventions that have led to areas of persistent inequity in outcomes for some members of our community, largely based on race.  

- Supervisor Susan Ellenberg