Lauren Goss News
May 2017 

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Thank you for following my racing updates!
Coming off my win at of St. Anthony's Triathlon I was feeling great! Then I flew to Ironman 70.3 Monterrey on May 14 for the Pan American Championships against a solid field of women. I had a great swim, and was leading the race on the bike until my tire flatted around mile 46. I tried to fix it however, the tubular had a large cut in it. In that moment I had to decide what I wanted to do as my competitors were riding by. I decided to ride the flat tire in and finish the race. I had a little fall on the cobblestones trying to ride the flatted rear disc but managed to get my bike racked and get myself out on the run course. I finished in third and was happy with the result given the circumstances. 

I'm back to training and even that has not been without excitement. The picture to the right was taken last week, just before a hail storm arrived. That's all part of the adventure of an outdoor sport!

Next I will head off to IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) on June 4th and then just  7 days later race Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. I am looking forward to the next two events as well as races to follow including - the Escape Series, NYC Tri, Beijing International Tri, and more Ironman 70.3s!

I'm feeling great having switched to a plant-based diet earlier this year, and it was validating to have my bloodwork analyzed by Blueprint for Athletes (see below). 

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Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me over the years and especially my family, friends, coaches, and additional sponsors including Trek, Bontrager, TYR, HOKA One One, Beet Performer, MgSportSmith, as well as supporters such as First Endurance, NormatecUdi's Gluten Free, Gebhardt Volkswagen, ISM, and Blueprint for Athletes

Race Results
IRONMAN 70.2 Monterrey
3rd -  4:13:08
Tough day at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey. I was in the lead at mile 45 on the bike then flatted with a hole in the tubular. Pit Stop didn't work and DNF was not an option so I rode the flat in, fishtailed on the cobbles and went down, but kept going and salvaged 3rd place. It's unfortunate but I was having a great race and it was the perfect mental test with my first flat in 6 years of racing -- I guess I was due!! 
On the podium with Liz Lyles (2nd) and Jeanni Seymour (1st).
Health Check
I would like to share with you all my blood work results from Blueprint for Athletes - blood analysis specifically designed for athletes.

After deciding to be plant based at the beginning of the year, I promised myself I would stay on top of my blood work to make sure I was getting everything I needed in my diet and with supplements. I had a few different things checked including micro and macronutrients, electrolytes, bone health, liver health, iron, etc. I've included the first of the four page report below, but you can check out the full report here to see the type of information that is provided. 

Overall, my results were right where they need to be and I seem to be getting everything I need through a plant based diet. The only supplements I take are First Endurance MultiV PRO, MgSport ZMG (magnesium and zinc supplement), doTERRA vitality vitamins, and BioAstin.
Race Schedule
St. Anthony's Tri
April 30
1st 1:51:54
fastest swim, bike, & run
IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey
May 14
3rd 4:13:08
IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria June 4

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon
June 18

IRONMAN 70.3 Costa Rica
June 18

Challenge San Gil July 2

NYC Triathlon
July 16

IRONMAN 70.3 Ecuador
July 30

Des Moines Escape Tri
Sept. 3

Beijing International Tri Sept. 10

Lake Geneva Escape Tri
Sept. 23

New Orleans Escape Tri
October 1

IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans
October 22

IRONMAN 70.3 Cartagena
December 3

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