Dear Parents,

Last Sunday, many of you joined Rabbi Stern in a thoughtful process of learning, engagement, and action regarding issues of racism and social justice. These are complex and difficult issues for adults to discuss, but how do we approach these conversations with our children? We have compiled a list of excellent resources below. We encourage you to use them and share them with your children and to have these necessary conversations. Education is the key to change. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like other suggestions.

Heidi Baker, Director of Education
Myriam Rofrano, Assistant Director of Education K-12

Recommendations on kids' (young and teens) books with black Jewish characters:

  • Yuvi's Candy Tree, Leslie Simpson 
  • Almost a Minyan, Lori S Kline
  • Yerus Goes to Jerusalem, Bat Ami Melnik
  • Ezra's BIG Shabbat Question, Aviva Brown 
  • Glixman in a Fix, Rebecca Klempner 
  • What Makes Someone a Jew, Lauren Seidman
  • Let’s Talk About Race, Julius Lester 
  • Yosef’s Dream, Sylvia Rouss 
  • Day of Delight: A Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia, Maxine Rose Schur 
  • Always an Olivia: A Remarkable Family History, Carolivia Herron 

Additionally, if you are interested in books that support discussions with your kids on issues of race, racism and resistance, here is a good resource: 

How can teens be involved? 
Shop at black-owned stores - Looking for a new book? Instead of going to Amazon, shop online at Frugal Bookstore ! A black-owned bookstore in Roxbury! 

Sign a petition- Signing a petition is an easy way to get involved at home. We always encourage everyone to read through any petition before they sign it and to only sign petitions that align with their values. 

Fundraising - We know it can be hard for teens to donate money, fundraising is a great way for a teen to raise money to donate to an organization of their choosing. Maybe they sell homemade cookies or mow lawns, fundraising can be an empowering way to make a difference by not only donating your money but your time as well.