Seabrook Island Racquet Club News
Summer Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM
Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM-5:00PM

 COVID-19 Reminder
As a reminder, please understand that it is the responsibility of each member to abide by the proper use of PPE in accordance with governmental regulations. Additionally, should any member test positive, it is their responsibility to handle "contact tracing" appropriately and inform those they have come into contact with that they may be at risk. The virus can impact anyone at anytime and it is all of our responsibilities to do our part to prevent the spread as much as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation on keeping our fellow members safe!

COVID-19 Rules
As the number of cases increase in our state, and especially in Johns Island, let us be aware of the rules for playing at the Racquet Club.

A few important reminders are:
- Social distancing is to be enforced at all times around the Racquet Club facility. These areas include, but are not limited to: Pickleball social area, Tennis Pavilions, Pro Shop, Tennis and Pickleball courts, and the benches in the Tennis courts and around the club.
- Tennis and Pickleball players must use their own set or can of balls. You should only be touching your own playing balls.
- Masks are mandatory when going inside the Pro Shop for your daily shopping needs and when using the restrooms in the facility.
All rules are to be reinforced at all times. Check the rest of them in the end of this tennis blast.

The Heat is Here to Stay! 
How to better prepare for a hot day around the Tennis and Pickleball courts with COVID-19 still being around...
For the past couple weeks, we are seeing, and feeling, that the summer weather has arrived. With the temperatures ranging from the upper 80's to the upper 90's we must be aware of the dangers of the heat.
Covid-19 cases are still spiking and now having the heat playing against us, we should be taking a couple precautionary steps before heading to the courts.

Please make sure that before you head to your tennis or pickleball games you prepare some heat essentials at home:
1. Prepare a couple bottles of water at home. The water fountains are still off.
2. Bring a small cooler with ice.
3. Don't forget your towels! A towel to dry your hands, and if you enjoy a cold towel, use a Ziploc with ice and place a towel in there. That cold towel will definitely help you cool off.
In case you forget your ice or towel, ask any of the staff at the front desk for complimentary ones. We will be filling Ziploc bags with ice and handing it to you. However, we still encourage you to bring your own. For us to keep being able to provide these services, we ask the members that they comply with a couple of rules. The safety of the members and the staff at the Racquet Club is of the utmost importance.

These rules are:

1. After playing, please make sure you dispose of your Ziploc bag the proper way, in the trashcans. Don't leave them on the benches or around the court.
2. Used towels are to be placed inside the basket in front of the pro shop main entrance. That will make it easier for the staff to collect them without having to touch them. Also, please don't leave your towels on the benches or around the court.
3. We are still encouraging you to bring your own essentials from home.
By complying with this rules and regulations it will allow us to keep providing you with these services.
I hope you understand that we always give priority to your safety and we work every day to make sure you have a great time at the Racquet Club.
Court Resurfacing
Our annual court resurfacing will start August 30th and go until September 6th. During that time, be prepared for some adjustments on morning play and group rotations. We will be contacting the group coordinators soon about the changes.
It's been a long awaited project and we can't wait for it to be done!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Pickelball Clinics

Summer Tennis Round Robin

Every Sunday at 7:00PM
To sign-up for the Mixed Doubles Round Robin  on Sundays , please call  the  Pro Shop at (843) 768-7543.

Pickleball Drop-In

Pickleball courts are open and doubles play will be allowed, following the COVID-19 regulations (please see below).

Pickleball Drop-In:
-A maximum of 12 players per each session
-Players must use their own equipment (rental equipment and balls are not available)
 -Social Distancing should be observed at all times
- To sign-up, please call the Pro Shop at  (843) 768-7543 or email
Weekly Pickleball Drop In Schedule:
Sunday at 7:00PM-8:30PM
Tuesday at 8:30AM-10:00AM
Thursday at 8:30AM-10:00AM

Use and Regulations for the Ball Machine

The ball machine is available for reservations. Reservation times will be dependent on court availability and follow new guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. To keep members and guests safe, the Racquet Sports have adopted the following guidelines for the use of the ball machine:

- Reservations MUST be made through phone or email to
- Each reservation will trigger a 30minute block before the next reservation time is available.
- Players MUST RETURN the remote control to the staff and MUST LEAVE the hoppers on the court after reservation time is over. Staff will sanitize equipment before the next reservation.
- Players MUST AVOID touching the balls at all times, SERVE practice WILL NOT be permitted.

If the guidelines are not followed, the Racquet Sports will hold the right to once again make the ball machine unavailable for reservations.  We appreciate your cooperation on keeping the community safe at this time.

Su m mer Two Tier Tennis Court Booking

As a reminder, we will be using the summer two tier sys tem for court reservations during peak morning times. This will allow us to maximize efficiency with  member play  and better utilize our morning court capacity during the hottest months of the year.  To ensure two hours of play, reservations can be booked in advance at 8:30am and 10:30am for morning court times through the end of August.

We appreciate all of your efforts in organizing social play! Our goal is to work with our organizers to grow our social program, maintain safe regulations, introduce and involve more new members, and to better utilize morning play here at the Racquet Club.

In compliance with current health guidelines and recommendations, please read below for the Guidelines Under COVID-19 at the Racquet Club to avoid cross contamination and shared equipment.

Guidelines Under COVID-19
  • Racquet Sports Pro Shop capacity will be restricted and members must request staff to enter the Pro Shop. A minimum of 6 feet social distancing is to be practiced at all times inside and outside.
  • There is to be no loitering in the Pro Shop, coffee service will not be provided.
  • Check in for reservations remains on the front porch daily from 8:00am-6:00pm.
  • In order to secure a court time, reservations are required.  If you need to cancel your time, please let us know so we can fill that court as requested. 
Please continue to follow these guidelines that have been implemented over the past several weeks:

For each court assignment, EACH player must bring a NEW can of balls. When serving, each player will use their own can of balls, all other players do not touch the tennis ball during that game. Each can rotates with the server. Balls will be marked with permanent marker or equivalent to identify specific can being used for each game.
Social distancing is to be observed on court at all times, before play begins AND on change-overs.  Avoid congregating around the benches or net before beginning play and during changeovers.
Although we all wish to enjoy the social aspects of Racquet Sports, no lingering after play. Please leave the Club property immediately upon completion of play.

Rental equipment including racquets, paddles, and balls are not available.
Court water fountains are not operational.   We encourage members to bring their own water bottles/containers.
Social Play
Tennis:  No mixer rotations of players from court to court.

Lessons and Clinics Procedures
Teaching professional handles ball pick-up and hoppers. No students need to touch balls or equipment to participate

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.  Following these guidelines is essential for Racquet Sports to remain operational and to keep your fellow tennis and pickleball players and our team safe and healthy.