Seabrook Island Racquet Club News
Court Maintenance and Playing Conditions
Recently I'm sure most of you have noticed our court conditions have been inconsistent and not up to our daily Seabrook standards. The Racquet Club staff is aware of the situation and currently taking steps to improve the playability and appearance of all 15 courts. We have replaced several of the older sprinklers heads in our trouble spots and are also adjusting our watering patterns during our midday and evening watering cycles.
This remains a high priority issue and we will continue to monitor and adjust court watering as well as best court maintenance practices daily until we succeed in reaching our goal.
We appreciate your patience during this process.
Mike Kiser
Head Tennis Professional

Racquet Sports Update
 Please read carefully as some of the guidelines have changed.

In compliance with current health guidelines and recommendations, the following actions have been implemented at the Racquet Club to avoid cross contamination and shared equipment.  
Pro Shop is closed until further notice.
Stringing services, drinks, and basic items are still available.
Court play is still available.
Reservations are required.
Check in for reservations and court assignments is set up on the Racquet Club front porch daily from 8:30am-4:00pm.

For each court assignment, EACH player must bring a NEW can of balls. When serving, each player will use their own can of balls, all other players do not touch the tennis ball during that game. Each can rotates with the server. Balls will be marked with permanent marker or equivalent to identify specific can being used for each game.
Social distancing is to be observed on court at all times, before play begins AND on change-overs.  Avoid congregating around the benches or net before beginning play and during changeovers.
Although we all wish to enjoy the social aspects of Racquet Sports, no lingering after play. Please leave the Club property immediately upon completion of play.

Rental equipment including racquets, paddles, balls and ball machine are not available.
Towels are not in circulation.
Court water fountains are not operational.   We encourage members bring their own water bottles/containers
Social Play
Tennis:  No mixer rotations of players from court to court.

Pickleball: Drop-In group play canceled.  Pickleball courts can be reserved through the Pro Shop for singles play only, even for families or those who have been quarantined together.

Lessons and Clinics Procedures
Teaching professional handles ball pick-up and hoppers. No students need to touch balls or equipment to participate

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.  Following these guidelines is essential for Racquet Sports to remain operational.