Who Voted to Force  Progressive Sex Ed  on all Charter Schools


T HANK YOU  to Senator Anderson and Senator Stone for standing up for parental rights and charter schools.

Watch their testimony below.
Senator Anderson on AB 2601 (Pupil instruction: sexual health education: charter schools)
Senator Joel Anderson's Floor Speech Opposing AB 2601

Senator Jeff Stone's Floor Speech Opposing AB 2601
Senator Jeff Stone's Floor Speech Opposing
AB 2601
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  Please read the entire email about the expansion of graphic sexual education into 
California Charter Schools.  
Yesterday, the California Legislature sent a bill to the Governor that will impact all charter schools throughout CA.  Unfortunately, the CA Charter Schools Association refused to oppose the bill and quietly worked to see it's passage. 
Charter Schools exist as an alternative to traditional public school classrooms, typically chosen by parents who desire more involvement in their child's education and enjoy the flexibility and creativity charter schools provide. AB 2601 forces charter schools to participate in the radical sex education being pushed in traditional public schools.
AB 2601 is a huge expansion of sex education in charter schools. Pushing sex education, specifically from one progressive perspective, is not the proper role of government. 
This bill is supported by many controversial organizations, which makes the bill all the more concerning. One such organization is the "Free Speech Coalition," which is described: "As the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry, our mission is to lead, protect, and support the growth and well-being of businesses and workers in the adult industry, as well as the communities to which they belong."

Read this letter from the "Free Speech Coalition" in support of AB 2601.

Take 5 

5 Minutes   5 Actions

1. Sign this petition to Governor Brown  letting him know that you OPPOSE AB 2601.  We need to get thousands of signatures to him ASAP.


2. Forward this email urging friends and family to take action.  

3. Post to your social media groups and on pages of education groups. 

4. Call Governor Jerry Brown and ask him to VETO AB 2601: 916-445-2841. 

5. Call the CA Charter Schools Association and ask them to publicly OPPOSE AB 2601 by calling on the Governor to veto this bill: 916-448-0995.