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Radio Interview
By Mari n Gardner
Meghan Gardner, Guard Up's founder, was interviewed by Leigh Melander for the NPR Radio Affiliate show Myth America last month. 
In this interview, Leigh and Meghan talk about Guard Up's summer camps as well as discuss important topics about social media, education, the power of myth in our lives, and more. 

Lost & Found
Next time you're at the Castle, be sure to check out our very lonely Lost & Found bin. It is filled to the brim with jackets, bags, swords, and hats that have been cast aside throughout the winter months. So if you've been looking for a lost piece of clothing for a while now, look here next. All items that have not been claimed after 30 days will be given to charity.

If you have a younger Hero at home, have them check out our Little Knights Camp.  This Day Camp for ages 5 and 6 is perfect for some of the youngest heroes around. Our staff to camper ratio for Little Knights camp is the highest out of all of our programs, so your Hero will benefit from much one-on-one attention with our trained instructors. 

We are looking for a new Videographer for our Summer Camp.
If you know someone who wants to make videos of kids learning and swordfighting all summer long, direct them to our Videographer Job Opening , and have them contact us.

May your week be filled with adventure!

All of our Friday Night Events require pre-registration 24 hours before the event. Late registration on the day of the event will incur a $5 fee.   
April 20th 7-9pm 
NERF Adventure Night: Zombies!
It's time to do what our NERF Heroes do best: take down some Zeds. Bring your Nerf Blaster (or use ours) and find out how you fare against the undead menace.
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May 4th 7-9pm 
Sword Survival Night: Be a Hero
Join us and test your mettle as a hero. The battles and challenges of this evening are designed for courageous and skilled adventurers. The monsters will be imposing, and the environment will be thrilling. 

May 4th 7-9pm
Youth D&D Night: Wild Imaginings
Let your imagination run wild   tonight . Battle monsters and solve puzzles at our Youth Dungeons & Dragons Night, made especially for ages 8-12. Bring your dice and your friends to this Dungeons & Dragons gaming session.

May 11th 7-9pm 
Blackwatch Adventure: A Better World
What does it take to make a better world? People willing to work toward it. Join your fellow Blackwatch heroes as they fight to make the Nightlands a better place.
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Our Guardians are all big fans of and other educational and inspirational videos.  As such, each week we will share with you some of our favorite videos that inspire, persuade, entertain, and inform. These views do not necessarily reflect those of Guard Up, but can provide another perspective to consider. We hope you enjoy them.

Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek
The arts bring meaning to our lives and spirit to our culture -- so why do we expect artists to struggle to make a living? Hadi Eldebek is working to create a society where artists are valued through an online platform that matches artists with grants and funding opportunities -- so they can focus on their craft instead of their side hustle.

Note: Some of these talks or videos occasionally contain graphic language or mature concepts 
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