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March 26, 2014
Exogen is the Guest on this Week's Radio Program,
the Workshop was Outstanding
and Yes, the RV is Still Unfolding
Exogen is My Guest on the March 26th Radio Program 
Exogen is My Guest on the March 26th Radio Program

What a week and a great guest on the March 26th radio program.

This week, Exogen, the executive at blog site is my guest the radio program.  About 2 months ago S3Alpha went a different direction from their old site and their readership has exploded.  Over 12,000 new readers in less than 2 months.  What's unique, is that you have have to sign up on the site to be a reader.  That displays a strong support base.

Click here for the radio program;

Live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET.

The program can be listened to archived anytime at the above Blog Talk Radio link.

The Workshop in Dallas/Ft. Worth was far beyond my expectations.  I'll post a summary next week with comments and videos from some of the attendees.  From my years of attending seminars/workshops, the sign of succes is signifed by the audiences reaction and how long they hang around after it's over.  When they feel good about the experience, they do not walk out the door as soon as it's ended, they want to hang around and soak in more of the great experience and energy of the enviroment.  To say that happended with us is an understatement.  We finished at 4:30pm and two hours later scores of people were still talking and networking with each other.

Here's a comment from an attendee that reflects so many emails I've received:

This past weekend, March 23rd, 2014... I can't say or thank you enough about what you and your team presented at your "Who wants to be a Millionaire" work shop.  I would recommend your meeting for all regardless of how much or how little they know.  For those who think they are lacking in knowledge will learn much, for those that have been in this for awhile and longer will take away great nuggets of knowledge.
What was truly the icing on the cake was meeting all the other attendees.  Meeting them and having the time to get to know many that attended, well, it would fill a book and more of their abundance of all the gifts they are and that are bestowed upon them.  It was great to me Cow Town friends and friends from BC, DC UT, LA,TX....
P.L. from Texas

Our next workshop is tentatively planned for April 26th in Philadelphia.  Place and time are being arranged, but you can start making preliminary plans.  I'll have more details next week.

Thanks, Dave 


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