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15 March 2018


Greetings from BBI!

Today's competitive broadcasting environment means that we all must be better, we all must work smarter. Bryson Broadcasting International (BBI) is committed to helping broadcast organizations worldwide to raise their level of expertise in sales and management.

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Radio and the Brain
The Client's Corner
Words To Live By...
We Want To Help Your Staff Increase Revenue.
Radio and the Brain

 Westwood One recently did a biometric study of how various forms of advertising affect the brain. What they found was that video produced the least amount of brain activity. Ads that were text-based elicited a bit more. Audio advertising elicited the most brain activity. Why?


Radio is a single-sense medium that allows you to build a picture in your mind.  Most of us would agree that the movie is NEVER as good as the book. That's because we visualize the characters and places as we wish them to be: what's attractive to us. The same phenomenon occurs with advertising as well. Potential customers who hear the ads picture the places and products the way they wish them to be. 

 The study also found that radio is an accelerator for both video and print. It makes advertising in those mediums more effective and efficient.

 Antonio Damsio's research adds to the viability of radio. His study showed that 90% of human behavior and decision-making  are driven by emotions.  We then use logic to justify what our emotions told us to do. 

 All of this research points to one thing: We should be writing ads that appeal to the emotions of the customer. We should be selling BENEFITS not FACTS. 

 This is radio's secret weapon: be sure we use it!


The Client's Corner

 By the time you read this, I'll be on my way to Radiodays Europe in Vienna. This meeting of minds occurs every March somewhere in Europe. It is attended by over 1000 broadcasters from all over the world. It is a time for learning, sharing and growing in our craft.


I just returned from Australia, and was in Malta a month ago. I was also in Enid, OK and Calgary, Canada. From the largest to the smallest, this side of the big pond and over, both hemispheres, the challenges broadcasters share are the same: How to better serve our listeners and our advertisers?How do we continue to increase audiences and revenue?How do we meet the challenges of living in a digital world? How do we find great people to work at our stations?


I learned a long time ago that when I asked the question, "What are the greatest challenges your sales people face today?" I would get the same set of answers from all parts of the globe. Yes, the window-dressing may be different, but the basic challenges are the same. 


Next month the NAB will be in Las Vegas. It provides another opportunity to meet and share with our compatriots. I hope that you may take the time to attend some of these industry meetings. Whether or not you attend the sessions, the off-hours' discussions can be invaluable. It's a time to "sharpen your own knife".


I'll be in Vienna 17-21 of March. I welcome the opportunity to meet with any of you who might be in attendance. You may reach me at to schedule a time. 


I'll also be in Las Vegas 7-10 of April. I've set aside some time for meetings there as well. Email me if you'd like to reserve a time. 


Until then....happy selling!


 Words to Live By......
 "It is good to rub, and polish
our brain against that of others."

                       Michel Eyquem de Montaigne
We want to help your staff increase revenue! We at Bryson Broadcasting International are available to help your sales staff achieve its next level of expertise.  We customize our programs to meet your needs.  As needed, we make use of interpreters and produce sales materials in your language. If you would like to discuss your sales training needs, we may be reached at, or call us at 918.747.8774. Pat will be attending Radiodays Europe 18-21 March. If you would like to set a meeting with her, send us an email.
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Through Bryson Broadcasting International, Pat now helps her clients to create that same culture of over achievement in their stations.
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