In case you haven't noticed, the news - if you can still call it that - has been a "little" toxic for a while now. Social media is both helpful and harmful in connecting and getting us the information we want or need, and there are distracting, divisive and addictive elements built into both traditional and digital outlets. Censorship abounds in both subtle and overt ways and journalism seems to have become a contact sport, or worse. Don't even get me started on most TV shows and movies....

Of course there is uplifting, inspiring and educational content out there, too, if you search it out. (I, for one, am grateful every day for the independent creators and channels I find on YouTube!)

Good, bad or indifferent, media in all it's many forms is a powerful force in shaping who we are, how we live and what we think about ourselves and each other. This is why it is SO important, now more than ever, to detach and detox from it on a regular basis to get your bearings and identify what is true and right for you, and tune in via your innate authentic antenna to discern and decide the things that are valuable, meaningful and necessary - or unnecessary - to your own unique life and circumstances. Then consume media that is more aligned with that. In other words, take regular breaks to readjust and align to your own reality, not the one that is being broadcast to you.

Today's PGG essay below reflects this theme; the PGG Video of the Week is about why you need to think for yourself and this week's Instagram post is about not becoming a zombie. And for the PGG Vibe of the Week, I'm not really feeling the obvious choice of a Radiohead song, so instead I've shared The Police's Spirits in the Material World.

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Big hug <3

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