Quantum computing is computing using quantum-mechanical phenomena; quantum computation uses quantum bits or qubits. Practical and theoretical research continues, and many national governments and military agencies are funding quantum computing research in additional effort to develop quantum computers for civilian, business, trade, environmental and national security purposes, such as cryptanalysis.

Noisy devices with a small number of qubits, also dubbed noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices have been developed by a number of companies, including IBM, Intel, and Google. Raditek has expanded its range of Cryogenic Isolators and Circulators to support onward development

Raditek is the leading Manufacturer of state of the art Cryogenic isolator and Circulators. These devices work close to Absolute Temperature (as low as 0.01 o Kelvin (-272.99 o Centigrade). We offer both single junction Isolators and circulators and double Junction models in both narrow band and wide band with exceptional performance. 

Raditek Cryogenic Isolator and Circulators have been used for some 23 years in Radio Astronomy. Customers Microwave Radiometer are extremely sensitive receivers, they measure energy emitted at Millimeter-wave Frequencies from distant stars. They use Large Dish Antenna with high gain for more sensitivity and are located in remote areas for lowest RF interference. To further increase the receiver sensitivity every effort is made to lower the Noise Figure of the receiver LNA (low Noise Amplifier) and their associated Isolators and circulators. This is best done by operating at cryogenic temperatures, a Room Temperature LNA with a NF of 0.45 dB may decrease to 0.03 dB at 4 o Kelvin
The new generation Quantum Computing processors operate in Cryostats. The temperatures are as low as 0.01 o Kelvin. Quantum Computing needs to be in an environment where all noise is eliminated. The Cryostats operate at a temperature where all noise is eliminated from the outside environment. To achieve these temperatures all devices, need to have the lowest loss and the best Thermal Conductivity. Raditek has been selected by major Quantum Computing manufacturers in the USA and Asia and provides exceptional wide band devices such as 4-8GHz at 0.01 o Kelvin (-272.99 o Centigrade). These devices have internal magnetic shielding, and we offer optional external magnetic shielding for either side by side stacking or to allow full operation in a high magnetic field environment.