July 19, 2015

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Most of the Telecom and Wireless Industry knows Raditek has the widest range of isolators and circulators in the world with Frequency coverage from 20MHz to over 100GHz and Powers from milliwatts to Mega Watts.


WE currently offer Amplifiers covering 1MHz to 86GHz and powers from milliwatts to over 15KW, Here is a brief overview

  • Lab Amplifiers (<1GHz): Broad band to several KWatts
  • HF and ISM Band amplifiers to 15KW
  • Satcom Linear Power amplifiers and BUCs (Block Upconverters) to 1.2KW (C, X and Ku bands) and 700W Ka band. Outdoor 2:1 protected.
  • Module and 19 inch Rack Mounted units
  • Both air and water cooled
  • Power Amplifiers (>1GHz) Pulsed and CW both narrow band and broadband/multi-octave, Class A, AB, C etc

Please contact us with your amplifier requirements, whatever they may be...



Modules                                           500 MHz to 18 GHz
Amplifier assemblies                  1 Watt to 10K Watts
19" Rack Amplifiers                     RF Systems

Custom Products


(Click images below for product data sheet) 



RAMP-M-20-500M-  40d-Sf-100W-L21

RF "Module" includes:

  • Amplifier Circuits,
  • High temperature shutdown
  • VSWR protection
  • Feed thru filters for DC power
  • RF connectors optional

RF Sub Assembly includes: 

  •  Amplifier Circuits,
  • High temperature shutdown
  • VSWR protection
  • RF connectors
  • Heatsink with fans.
  • Interface controls

19" Rack Mount Amplifier is a complete amplifier In a metal housing; and includes:

  • Amplifier Circuits,
  • High temperature shutdown
  • VSWR protection
  • RF connectors
  • Heatsink with fans.
  • Interface controls
  • Power supply.

Class AB, Linear Power Amps chart

Showing some examples (not complete by any means)

Power Amplifier 20-500MHz

40 dB gain, SMA female Connectors, 100Watts Module Class AB

RAMP-M-20-500M-  40d-Sf-100W-L21

Order Examples: RAMP-M-20-500M-40d-Sf-100W-L21

Description: (Power Amplifier Module Class AB, 20-500MHz, 40dB gain SMA female Connector 100Watts 50VDC)

Other Amplifier examples include:   

RAMP-20-  500M-xd-Nf-500-1000W-Generic-t15  

ISM Band Amplifier 20-500MHz (SSPA)

60dB Gain, 500 Watts to 1 Kilowatt

Industrial, Scientific, and Medical.

  • Full color touchscreen display
  • Linear solid state design
  • Ultra efficient switching power supply
  • Built in monitoring and control (remote port, Ethernet, SNMP)
  • Field proven reliability
  • High efficiency gain stages
  • CW, pulsed, and modulated applications
  • 2 Year Warranty 
Order Examples: RAMP-20-500M-Nf-60d-1KW-t15

Description: (High Power Amplifier (SSPA), ISM band, 20-500MHz, N female Connectors, 60dB Gain, 1 Kilowatt)


FM Broadcast Band Transmitter (Exciter/Amplifier) Analog & digital 87.5-108 MHz: 500W / 1KW


The RTXE-VHF-87.5-108M-500W-FM-t15 Transmitter with built in FM exciter in a 3U high, 19 inch rack mount::
  • Digital and analog standard interfaces
  • Optional LCD (full color, touch screen) or Non touch OLED display
  • RBDS and RDS
  • 2 yr standard warranty
  • Internal filtering (low pass)
  • Weighs only 35Lbs
  • RF monitor (-35dBc) BNC
  • Power level adjustable 10-100%

Order Examples: RTXE-VHF-87.5-108M-1KW-FM-t15 (1kWatt single)  

Description: (SSPA with exciter 87.5-108 MHz, 500W, N female or EIA 7/8 inch Female connector (other options available) 19" RACK mount)


All models will operate over 90-264V single phase AC (47-63 HZ)  


TV Broadcast Band Transmitter  (Exciter/Amplifier),

470-860MHz, 1 Kilowatt

Other options 30W, 40W, 50W, 100W, 250W, 300W, 500w, 700W, 2kw.


The RTXE-470-860M-500W-TV-R-t15
is RADITEK's 2 stage Transmitter (5RU high) with a TV exciter in a (2RU high), 19 inch rack mount:


  • Full color touch screen display
  • Internal, 8 cavity band pass, MASK filter
  • Internal RF isolator
  • Smart phone control
  • Pre-corrected 8VSB
  • Designed for adjacent operation
  • Dual CAST PAL/DVBT-2 transmitter
  • 2 Year Warranty 
Order Examples: RTXE-470-860M-500W-TV-R-t15 (500W Single)
Description: (Transmitter: SSPA (5RU) with Exciter (2RU), 470-860MHz, 300W, 19" Rack mount)

All models will operate over 180-264V single phase AC (47-63 HZ)  

RAMP-HF-1.5-30M-60d-1-15KW-t15 Amplifier, Broadband HF 1.5-30 MHz Adjustable 0 - 100%, Models up to 15KW CW



Higher powers achieved by combining multiple Amps  



  • Full color touchscreen displayLinear solid state design
  • Ultra efficient switching power supply
  • Built in monitoring and control (remote port, Ethernet, SNMP)
  • Field proven reliability
  • High efficiency gain stages
  • CW, pulsed, and modulated applications
  • 2 Year Warranty
Order Examples: RAMP-HF-1.5-30M-60d-1kW-S-t15
(HF Band Amplifier, 1.5-30MHz, 60dB Power Gain, 1 kilowatts CW)

Raditek is always adding to its current Lab Amp and other Amplifier products. Below is a combination of Existing and Planned <1GHz amplifiers,

We need to focus on what our customers want, that obviously dictates direction for our growing product line. Please tell us your interest area ...

Amplifier Chart

We are also expanding our >1GHz power amplifiers. Please Contact us with your requirements.

We have recently added Satcom power amps (and BUCs) to 1.2KW (rated power) for C, X and Ku band (1 for 2 protected, all outdoor) and up to 750W Ka band. Linear at ~3dB backoff!

RBUC-C-CPR137-  150-200W-AC-IR10M-i13




GaN BUC(Block Up Converter)/SSPA

L to C ( 5.85-6.425) Band, 150/200W rated power, 10MHz External Reference
Complementing the other RADITEK super-efficient, smaller size, lighter and more powerful BUC series. This model offers significant higher power BUC size and weight reduction and at the same time substantially improves thermal efficiency, which leads to higher reliability and longer MTBF.
These C-Band Antenna mounted BUC's are powered by GaN technology 150W / 200W C-Band and weigh in at only 22 Lbs, This product family is the most powerful and feature rich for its size: up to 200W at saturated power. This BUC features best in class RF characteristics, RF sample port, true RMS power measurements, extensive monitor and control capabilities enabled via Ethernet, Serial and/or Analog Interfaces. These features make it ideal for both mobile and fixed VSAT applications.

Key Features

  • Extremely high power density-up to 200W Psat in 15.3"x8.7"x4.2"
  • Superior RF performance:

* Phase noise 8-10dB better than IESS308/309

* Spurious below -60dBc

* Psat up to 55dBm.

* Wide dynamic range, Gain Control

* High linearity

  • RF Overdrive Protection
  • Available also in Various C Band frequency option
  • Internal 10MHz reference option
  • Output and Input True RMS detection
  • Configuration via RS-232 serial console, packet protocol RS-485 - User friendly HTTP based GUI and SNMP
  • Automated Level control (ALC) option
  • Redundant ready-no external redundancy controller required
  • -48VDC isolated power supply optional
  • Field upgradable software
  • Status LED
Order Examples: RBUC-L-Ce-CPR137-150W-AC-ER10M-ODU-i13
Description: (Block Up Converter, L Band (950-1525MHz) N-Type Female IF Input Connector to C 5.85-6.725GHz, CPR137 Grooved RF Output Connector, 150 Watts, AC 90-265V 10MHz External Reference )


Additional Options: (Cs Standard, Cp Palapa, Ci Insat  Options P-SU: 200W DC 48V )

RBUC-Ka(29-30)-WR28-37dBm-48V-ER50M-g11 Block Up-Converter, Ka Band, 29-30GHz


This small and light weight new Ka-Band BUC is ideal for mobile and satellite uplink applications. Designed to be mounted on the feed horn, the BUC has excellent efficiency. The unit works on a wide range input DC power supply from 38V to 60V. Innovative and efficient thermal design makes this BUC one of the smallest, lightest and most reliable in the industry

With redundancy-ready feature, the unit can be easily configured to work in 1:1 redundant mode.  



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent linearity
  • High power efficiency
  • Excellent phase noise characteristics
  • Forward power detection function
  • Remote monitor & control through RS232/RS485 and Ethernet (SNMP & HTTP)
  • Wide input DC voltage range
  • Automatic fault identification & alarm generation
  • Automatic temperature compensation feature
  • Redundancy option
  • Wide operating temperature range -40 ºC to +60 ºC
  • LED indicator for BUC status
Order Examples: RBUC-L-Ce-CPR137-150W-AC-ER10M-ODU-i13
Description: ( Block Up Converter, L Band (950-1450MHz) to Ka (29-30GHz), WR28, 50MHz External Reference, 5 Watts)
Additional Options: L(950-1700M)    2 Watts

To High Frequency Amplifiers:   


Amplifiers, 71-86GHz, Split Bands

Psat 19.5dBm, 30dB Gain WR8, WR10, WR12 & WR15 Connectors, 12Volts.

Order Examples:

Description: (Amplifier, 71-76GHz, 30dB Gain, Waveguide WR12 UG387/U flange Connectors, Single Bias, 12Volts, 19.5dBmPsat)  


Order Examples:

Description: (Amplifier, 81-86GHz, 30dB Gain, Waveguide WR12 UG387/U flange Connectors, Single Bias, 12Volts, 19.5dBmPsat)