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 Focusing on SATCOM Modems 

We are ready for your SATCOM needs...


Raditek has grown considerably in scope in the last year with many new products and highlights below. Click here to see our updated 2013 SATCOM / TELECOM Brochure Overview


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Internet On The Move

Internet on the Move (contact Raditek for more information)

Includes: Ku-Band, (20 or 40) Watts BUC, RIOTM-Ku-(20 or 40)W-Band-M1, 2, 3, : Works with the New RMOD-DREAM-2IP4, Micra™ and the Amazing Extreme™ Modem, with the best 16QAM and low latency/low Eb/No LDPC+ coding (up to 3dB better Eb/No than any of our competitors),

plus multi-IF support (see below)...

Please remember to contact Raditek for C, X, Ku, Ka band BUCs, TRANSCEIVERS, Antennas (tracking/flyaway (Carbon fiber reflector), Manpack and large steerable/trackable antennas, to >16m.

AND our:

Most Advanced MODEMS! SUCH AS: RMOD-SCPC-2-20Mbps- 70M-140M-L-p3:


Equal or better to any competitors'!    Please Ask US How?

Options include:-

  • DVB-S2, IP only, or to 8 x E1 and IP. (DVB-S2 enhancements coming soon!)
  • IF: 70MHz/140MHz (to Transceiver in/out) or L band (to BUC out)
  • Data rate: 4.8Kbps to 2Mbps (optional to 20Mbps), 1bps step
  • MOD: incl. BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, 8PSK, 8APSK, 16QAM (super efficient), 16APSK
  • COD: Incl. VIT/RS, VIT/SEQ, VIT/RS, TPC, TCM/RS, TCM, LDPC+(low latency & low Eb/No)
  • SIMU Carrier™, which could (up to) double the capacity on any satellite.
  • Connectors: BNC f/m (N, TNC or SMA with adapters). 50Ω or 75Ω.
  • Built in test equipment (BITE): Carrier under Carrier™ (to detect interferers in real time)
  • BER -built-in Bit error tester, constellation monitor (linked PC needs Java)
  • SNMP can be used to reboot the modem, if necessary, and can be used for 1:N control.
  • The modem supports Robbed-bit Signaling.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) supports Layer 2 and Layer 3.
  • The modem hardware itself supports IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and we are in the process of updating/adding software support for this feature.
  • Support for jumbo Ethernet frames (2048 byte). Etc.


New EXTREME™ modem (with extended performance)
see also Micra™ (single board modem):


Extreme™ has ALL the previous RMOD-SCPC-2M(to 20Mbps)- 70M(IF MHz)-OPT-p3 (or L band IF) specs PLUS:

  • Multi-IF: Can select: 70MHz/140MHz (to Transceiver in/out) AND L band (to BUC out)
  • Data rate: to 155Mbps, 1bps step
  • MOD: Plus: 32APSK and 64 QAM (super efficient)  

How does the RMOD-EXTREME™-p3 compare to others?

  •  Better 16QAM and LDPC+ (by up 3dB  combined, lower Eb./No, for example) than other.
  •  We have no direct compatible equivalent of Comtech's CnC-APC, but as a better alternative, do have AUPC (Adaptive Uplink Power Control) with SIMU-Carrier™.
  • Note: We do not support asynchronous E1 streams because, as stated, G.703 actually requires that clocks are synchronous to within +/-50ppm at 2048kbps, so there is no actual significant market for asynchronous timing support.


The RADITEK modem that matches (and exceeds) the CDM625 is the new 155Mbps Raditek Extreme™. Please note: The CDM625 doesn't even support standard 20% roll-off (managing only 25% minimum) compared to the 5% roll-off for the Extreme™.



The NEW RADITEK RMOD-DREAM-2IP4 DAMA/SCPC/Router Satellite modem

Unique internet: DAMA/ABOD (Demand Assigned Multiple Access. Adaptive Bandwidth On Demand), router satellite modem can realize up to over 95% Satellite efficiency.

RMOD-DREAM-2IP4 Modem-j8  

  • Ideal tracking modem to work with our  IOTM (Internet on the move) antennas
  • BPSK , QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM standard MODs
  • 16Kbps to 12Mbps (with TPC-Turbo Product Code) and up to 20Mbps (Advanced LDPC) data rates as standard
  • The modem also has a DVB-S2 receive card option.
  • Has both static and dynamic internet routing to make it an ideal modem for any internet network applications
  • Ideal for SCADA, Bank ATM, any IP based network, in STAR and/or MESH configurations. Has most efficient return channel for DVB-S2/broadband networks.
Micra™ card modem, the most advanced single card modem with similar performance of Extreme™ to 64Mbps and 64QAM includes LDPC+ option.


Advanced LARGE universal Antenna tracker: RACU-1000-Q16. That even tracks Inclined Orbit Satellites!



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