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March 17, 2014

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Pin Diode Switch Module

RADITEK's updated line of PIN Diode, N way switch modules cover a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to over 20 GHz at up to 20dBm power. They are available in both reflective and absorptive configurations and various logic selections.

The switch modules are available from Single-Pole Single-Throw (SPST) to Single-Pole 50-Throw (SP50T). A 22 way example is shown below, for example.


Special/custom models are possible if a reasonable: quantity, or NRE (non-recurring engineering charge) is acceptable.


Please contact RADITEK for more details; we have many standard models available too.


We will reveal more modules in the coming weeks, including, 7 bit attenuators, wide band gain blocks (in various bands to full band and to 30G) and LNAs, and broad band detectors, for example.
Pin Diode Switch

Family Part number: RSPnT-PIN-0.5-20G-MOD-p16 (n=number of throws)

Description: Switch, Single Pole, n Throw, PIN Diode, 0.5-20GHz-Module


Example (above): RSP22T-PIN-0.5-20G-MOD-p16

Description: Switch, Single pole 22 throw), PIN Diode, 0.5-20GHz, Module

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