August 2021
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  • Special Statement on the Events in Afghanistan
  • Chairman's Message
  • Update on Radnor Ward 2: Meet Jay Osterholm
  • Candidate Highlight: Linda Dowd for Treasurer
  • School Board Candidates Receive Bipartisan Support
  • Call to Action: Volunteers
  • Election Calendar
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Keeping You Informed (article and video links)
Special Statement on the Events in Afghanistan
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As I write to you this month, America is mourning the loss of our Soldier, Marines and Navy Corpsman who were Killed in Action this past week, as they protected Americans and our allies stranded in Afghanistan as well as helped countless thousands return to the freedoms in America and other western democracies. Please join me in praying for the recovery of their brothers and sisters who were wounded during the attack at Kabul International Airport, and for those Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Interagency warriors who remain steadfast and on watch to evacuate Americans and our allies from Afghanistan.

This tragedy reminds us of how special and fragile our western civilization and our unique American experience is.  Pray for and give thanks to our servicemen and women who defend it, sometimes with their lives.

Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
Chairman's Message

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Closer to home, we have important elections on November 2nd, when we choose our local government that shapes our community and educates our children.  More information is below in this newsletter and several of our candidates are highlighted.

I would like to personally welcome and recognize Jay Osterholm who is our newly minted candidate for Radnor Township Commissioner in the 2nd Ward.  Jay is an original Radnorite having grown up in 2nd Ward. Most recently he has served as chair of Radnor’s Citizen Advisory Review and Financial Advisory Committee (CARFAC). Needless to say, Jay has a great handle on the township’s fiscal situation!  Jay is an inspirational leader who brings extensive business experience to our township. He is ready on day one to be an effective leader for our township and community. Welcome Jay and thank-you for stepping forward to serve our community!
Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
Update on Radnor Ward 2: Meet Jay Osterholm
I recently received the endorsement of the Radnor GOP to run for Commissioner of Ward 2 for Radnor Township. I am looking forward to connecting with neighbors in the 2nd Ward as well as meeting the many residents and businesses across Radnor Township. Just as important, I’m looking forward to hearing what matters most to you, your residential needs and concerns.  From there, if elected to serve you, I will take your concerns to the Board and begin to fight for our collective interests. 
Leadership for One Radnor
If elected, I pledge to dutifully serve on the Radnor Board of Commissioners in a manner that is consistent and unwavering with the principles and values set out below. I spent a good bit of my youth living in Radnor and moved back to the area six years ago. People who know me will consistently say that I am someone who works hard, who is dedicated, and who actively strives to give back to my community. 
Proven Leadership – I will bring all my proven corporate leadership skills to work for our community. Effective leadership requires a two-way transparent dialog, and I will always respond back to you and the community on the progress of individual issues and concerns.  I currently serve as Chairman of Radnor’s Citizen’s Audit Review & Financial Advisory Committee (CARFAC), so I understand Radnor’s political landscape and what it takes to get things done. 
My pledge to you is that I will continually listen to what matters to you most and then take action to get results. Furthermore, I will fight to ensure our voices are collectively heard. Your voice matters since it is our collective voices I will be representing! I will represent a moderate and rational vision of the 2nd Ward and Radnor as a whole. Additionally, I will uphold the traditional values that are the essential cornerstones of Radnor’s high standard of service and character. Most notably, I will resolutely support our brave first responders, police force, and all those who work so hard every day to serve our community.  
Action-Based Preservation and Conservation – Radnor is one of the most coveted townships in the entire country to live, work, and do business, and we are fortunate to call this place home. We must take deliberate steps to ensure Radnor's well-established standard of excellence is preserved and maintained for all the generations that will follow. Accordingly, our pristine parks and cherished open spaces must be conserved, public safety hazards due to unmitigated traffic congestion must be addressed, and storm water must be managed with both tactical and strategic solutions in parallel. At times, it seems that the current board has lost sight of these most basic principles of preservation and conservation, which impact our quality of life and resonate deeply with our residents. This course must be corrected. 
Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility – In recent years, the Board of Commissioners has seemingly plotted a course of irresponsible spending and has neglected its inherent responsibilities to be fiscal stewards to the taxpayers. As a result, people who have been living in this great community for generations are now questioning whether they can afford to still live here. As those who are bound by duty to represent the community, we simply cannot allow any pattern of budget mismanagement to continue and adversely impact our residents. My commitment will be to dedicate my efforts toward supporting a budget that collectively benefits all tax paying residents. I will also continually strive to influence the Board to maintain conservative zoning practices, which limit unmitigated commercial development and promote strategic longevity for our existing business districts. I will seek to find cost-effective measures to continue to both maintain and modernize township services, and lastly, I will not support irresponsible tax increases for residents. 
As always, please let me know if you would like to volunteer as part of our campaign mission.  We are immensely appreciative of any and all partnerships, whether it is going door to door, helping distribute signs, hosting events, or just ensuring that the positive word of mouth continues to flow throughout the 2nd Ward and throughout the Township.
Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to thank the stellar team here in the 2nd Ward.  I am impressed everyday with your passion, talent, and determination, and it's a privilege to be on this journey with you as we set out to provide "Proven Leadership for One Radnor."
Jay Osterholm
Candidate for the Board of Commissioners, Ward 2, Radnor Township
Donate to Jay Osterholm's Campaign
Candidate Highlight: Linda Dowd for Treasurer
Linda Dowd
People have always associated me with being a numbers person. Since I was 12 years old, I’ve started businesses, acted as Treasurer for many organizations, studied Accounting and earned my CPA, worked in many financial, operational and real estate related positions. It seemed perfectly natural for me to run for Radnor Treasurer.

I have enjoyed living in Radnor for 25 years which is just a little bit under half of my life. During that time, I’ve met so many wonderful people through my children’s sports, education, and local activities. I would be honored to serve the Radnor residents if elected as Treasurer of Radnor township. Before I decided to run for the position, I spent time with the current Treasurer to make sure I really understood the responsibilities of the Treasurer role.  
Earlier this year I was appointed as Deputy Treasurer. This allowed me to further learn about the Treasurer’s responsibilities. This past week the Treasurer took some time for vacation which provided a fantastic opportunity for me to experience and perform many of the day-to-day duties.  

My educational and career experience sets me up for success in the role of Radnor Treasurer. I majored in Accounting and Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College, then earned my CPA while working for Ernst & Young. Throughout my career, I enjoyed finance and operational roles. I also managed a portfolio of properties for a Real Estate management company as well as developing a personal portfolio primarily in Pennsylvania. This gave me exposure to different townships and how their real estate taxes work. I earned a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma process improvement while working for GlaxoSmithKline and developed skills for efficiency that I would bring to the position. Overall, I have over 30 years of experience in finance, real estate and operations. Having used the Radnor township systems and performed the daily duties while acting as Deputy Treasurer, I’m fully confident that I can best serve the township residents and deliver operational efficiencies that will benefit everyone.

A good Treasurer should not just be competent but also have integrity. I have always felt strongly about fairness and honesty in every role that I’ve held. The Treasurer position should not be political. There is no policy making authority. It is about being able to do the job efficiently, effectively and with integrity. Fairness means treating all Radnor residents without bias, discrimination, or favoritism. To me, it also means treating residents with respect. 

Please vote for me for the November 2nd election. I am qualified, honest and have direct experience with performing the necessary responsibilities. I encourage everyone to use the mail-in-balloting system to ensure that he/she can cast their vote. Please let me know if you need help with or have questions about how to do this. I am also looking for more volunteers to help with my campaign. Please email me if you would like to help.
I frequently say to my children “actions speak louder than words”. I believe this more and more every day. I hope that I am given a chance to demonstrate my capabilities through actions rather than just words.  

Linda Dowd
Candidate for Treasurer, Radnor Township
Donate to Linda Dowd's Campaign
School Board Candidates Receive Bipartisan Support
This week our four Republican school board candidates, Beth Connor, Bob Whitehead, Dave Falcone and Laura Foran, were endorsed by Reimagine Radnor, a bipartisan group of parents advocating for a nonpartisan school board. Reimagine Radnor’s mission is to elect qualified individuals to a school board that prioritizes students, commits to responsible fiscal policies and budget transparency, supports a curriculum that meets the needs of all students and unites the community. 

“I have been a Democrat all my life and I have never once voted for a Republican for school board until May of 2021,” said Anna Moreland, current parent and co-founder of Reimagine Radnor. “Unfortunately, our current school board members have lost sight of their true mission and have been playing partisan politics at the expense of our children for far too long and it’s time to bring much needed change to this board to get our schools back on track.”

It is simple. The job of a school board is to put students and their education first. But the Radnor Board lost its focus and in the midst of a global pandemic, chose to address partisan issues and ultimately failed our children,” said Kim Kent, co-founder of Reimagine Radnor. “They were not focused on learning loss, mental health or in-person education. That is why Democrats, Republicans and Independents have come together to support new school board candidates. Radnor wants change. We want board members who understand the needs of our schools and students and who will listen and represent the Radnor community. It is why we are proud to support Beth Connor, Dave Falcone, Laura Foran and Bob Whitehead.” 

For more information on Reimagine Radnor, visit
Call to Action: Volunteers
Politics can be fun and exciting. Are you interested in volunteering this fall? There are many opportunities for township residents to become involved. You can help Radnor elect effective leaders and learn more about how the township and school district are governed. Get involved! Send us your email address and cell phone number. We are hosting a Volunteer Open House on September 26 from 3-5 pm. Someone from the Radnor GOP will get back to you.

We also need poll watchers in all of our voting locations. If you would like to get more information or volunteer, email us at

Another way to help our candidates is to make a donation. No gift is too small. You can make a contribution by sending a check to Radnor Republican Campaign Committee, 214 Hermitage Drive, Wayne, PA 19087 or simply clicking here, on the QR code below, or on the "Donate" button on any page of our website.
Thank you for your support!
Donate to the Radnor GOP
Election Calendar
Oct 26
5 PM
Request a mail-in ballot here.
Nov 2
7 AM-8 PM
Radnor polls are open 7 AM-8 PM.
Find your polling place here.
Request a mail-in ballot here.
Nov 2
8 PM
Radnor polls are open 7 AM-8 PM.
Find your polling place here.
Nov 3
First Day to Register After the General Election
Register to vote here. It's easy!
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Sept 13
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Sept 18
4-7 PM
Fundraiser for David Galluch, Candidate for US Congress
Contact Dave Galluch at if you would like more information or to be included in the event.
Sept 20
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Sept 21
7 PM
Radnor Township School District Board Meeting
Click here to view the School Board meeting agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the District's YouTube Channel.
Where: Possibly a virtual meeting
Sept 26
3-5 PM
Radnor Republicans Volunteer Event
See Call to Action: Volunteers above for more information.
Contact us to volunteer and be included in the event here.
Oct 15
7 PM
Radnor Republicans Fundraiser with Sean Parnell
More information to follow.
Keeping You Informed

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