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  • Chairman's Message
  • Seeking Candidates for 2021
  • GOP Poll Watcher and Fraud Expert Gives Explosive Testimony About What He Observed Happen in Delaware County
  • "Canceling Christmas is not the answer”
  • On the Lighter Side: Transitions
  • When Democrats have nothing better to do...
  • Speaker Cutler stands up for voters
  • What YOU Can Do Now!
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  • On the Lighter Side: Six Conundrums of Socialism in the USA
Chairman's Message

Happy Holidays to our Radnor Friends and Neighbors,

As a tumultuous 2020 comes to a close, I hope that you can each reflect on the many blessings that you have and the hope for a return to some level of normalcy in 2021. Please also remember in your thoughts and prayers those who are suffering from physical and mental health issues and economic losses during the pandemic.

Many of us remain frustrated and confused by the November election results. It is indisputable that Pennsylvania’s election was chaotic, fraught with irregularities and lessened everyone’s confidence in the integrity of how the election was conducted. The state must correct the deviations from election law allowed by the State Supreme Court and the Secretary of State. At the local level, we petitioned the Delco Court of Common Pleas to recanvass and recount several Radnor precincts. Inexplicably, the judge ruled against this very reasonable petition to actually count the paper ballots.

In 2021, we must focus our attention on state and local candidates and matters. Following, President Trump’s victory in 2016, PA Democrats held a majority of Justices on the State Supreme Court, who, by fiat, changed our electoral map and our election process. At the local level, Democrats took control of the Radnor School Board. The once bi-partisan organization now seeks to implement a progressive agenda, rather than focus on improving education. We have the opportunity to make meaningful, electoral gains at the local, county and state offices in order to reverse these trends.

The Radnor GOP is seeking candidates for local office, including School Board Directors and the many Judges and Inspectors required for our Radnor Boards of Election. More information on the positions is included in this newsletter below. We had many who participated in our School Board Director information session two weeks ago.

Interested candidates with inquiries for any of the positions noted should email us at Many thanks to several of you who have already done so! In order to be considered for School Board, candidates must submit a resume and letter of interest to not later than Friday, January 15, 2021.

My best wishes to all for a healthy and happy holiday and New Year!
Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
Seeking Candidates for 2021
The Radnor GOP is looking for people interested in becoming School Board Directors and “official poll workers” in 2021. There will be four School Board Director positions on the ballot in 2021, as well as the Judge of Elections and Majority and Minority Inspectors in each of our 15 precincts. More information on the positions is available below.

If you are interested in running or have any questions, please email us at Candidates must submit a resume and letter of interest to not later than Friday, January 15, 2021.


The Pennsylvania School Boards Association publishes a handy guide, "How to Run for School Board: A Guide for School Board Candidates in Pennsylvania," available here.
The Judge of Elections is in charge of all Election Day activities and personnel inside the polls, including the Constable. The Judge opens and closes the polls and is responsible for the paperwork as well as pick up and return of election supplies to the County Election Bureau.
The Majority Inspector will assist the Judge of Elections and share responsibility for the operation of the polling site. Along with the Minority Inspector, this inspector will manage the poll books and assist voter sign-in and delivery of ballots to eligible voters.
The Minority Inspector is of the opposing political party of the Judge and will help ensure bi-partisan representation on the local election board. The Minority Inspector has the same responsibilities as the Majority Inspector. In addition, the Minority Inspector is expected to appoint a Minority Clerk and sign the provisional ballot envelope. The Minority Inspector will also receive “Envelope B” on election night. This contains a copy of the election results and numbered list of voters. The Minority Inspector must keep this record of election day in the sealed envelope for two years.
GOP Poll Watcher and Fraud Expert Gives Explosive Testimony About What He Observed Happen in Delaware County
GOP Poll Watcher Gives Explosive Testimony

Testifying about an election process in Delaware County: “In all cases the chain of custody was broken,” the GOP poll watcher said. “It was broken for the mail in ballots, the drop box ballots, the election day USB card flash drives."

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Poll watcher witness says feds made her feel like a criminal

Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher on Election Day in the state of PA, dropped what’s being reported as a “bombshell,” which is that special agents from the Justice Dept paid her a visit at home after she testified before the Senate last week.

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"Canceling Christmas is not the answer”
[This content is shared from the PA GOP]

Governor Wolf is trying to cancel Christmas. Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff said it best: “Pennsylvanians are smart and compassionate. By now, they know how to keep themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors safe. They are capable, and deserving, of celebrating Christmas safely.”
Rep. Benninghoff continued: “I recognize we are facing a serious resurgence of COVID-19 and our health care systems are struggling to keep up with the increased demand; however, job-crushing, harmful government mandates are not the answer. Canceling Christmas is not the answer.” We could not have said it better. Allow citizens the ability to make their own decisions.
Pa. House Majority tells Gov, 'Do not cancel Christmas"

A growing number of public officials have indicated there are new coronavirus mitigation orders coming from the Wolf administration soon.House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, a Republican representing Centre and Mifflin counties, released the...

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COVID In PA: Gym, Restaurant Owners in Fight of Their Lives

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. (CBS) - A new round of COVID-19 restrictions will get into effect in Pennsylvania at 12:01 a.m. Saturday as the state tries to get the exploding number of coronavirus cases under control. Some restaurants are grateful the...

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On the Lighter Side: Transitions
When Democrats have nothing better to do...
[This content is shared from the PA GOP]

Families and citizens have suffered in different ways, so it makes sense that Democrats would focus on something absolutely irrelevant: Decriminalizing marijuana. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats passed a bill Wednesday to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. Businesses are closing their doors for good, students are forced to adapt to learning remotely, many people have lost loved ones from COVID-19 but don’t worry -- Nancy Pelosi is prioritizing the legalization of marijuana. We should expect nothing more from the do-nothing Democrats. 
This blatant neglect of real-world issues has been going on in Pennsylvania for a while by our statewide officials. Case in point: Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Gov. Wolf’s right-hand man, tweets nearly every day about decriminalizing marijuana in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While Gov. Wolf was putting COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, his sidekick was tweeting about the urgent need to legalize marijuana. This is insulting to all those who have suffered during these trying times. 
House passes bill to broaden marijuana research

The House on Wednesday passed legislation that would expand scientists' ability to study marijuana in states where the drug is already legal. The bill, which passed in a bipartisan voice vote, is the second time this month the House has passed...

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Legal Weed For Pennsylvania.

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Speaker Cutler stands up for voters
[This content is shared from the PA GOP]

The PA Legislature is laying down the law. Republican leaders sent a series of letters to other elected officials, which detailed Pennsylvanians’ concerns over the 2020 election. These letters went to PA’s congressional delegation, attorney general and inspector general. Through this, the end goal is to restore trust in our election process that was so badly damaged by Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.
We are grateful for our leaders in PA's House and Senate for standing up for the voices of the Commonwealth. This is the beginning of a long way to go in restoring integrity to Pennsylvania’s elections.
House and Senate Republicans Issue Letters Calling on...

HARRISBURG - Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Pennsylvania Senate on Friday sent a series of letters that would help stand up for Pennsylvania's election integrity and ensure the voice of Pennsylvanians concerned with how...

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PA Republican lawmakers' push to review election...

Top Republicans who will lead the Pennsylvania General Assembly for the next two years said they can't overturn the 2020 election's popular vote, but they promised to continue investigating vote counting, legal matters and management by Secretary ...

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What YOU Can Do Now!
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May 18
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May 19
First Day to Register After the Primary Election
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Nov 2
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Upcoming Meetings and Events
Dec 14
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Dec 15
7 PM
Radnor Township School District Board Meeting
Click here to view the School Board meeting agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the District's YouTube Channel.
Where: Possibly a virtual meeting
Dec 17
7 PM
Radnor GOP Committee Meeting
Where: Virtual Meeting - Please look under "Events" on our Facebook page.
Dec 21
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Keeping You Informed

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Cybercriminals demanding $500K after hacking DelCo

Sources said the county is in the process of paying the $500,000 ransom as it's insured for such attacks.

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The Philly suburbs were the key to Joe Biden's victory

In Pennsylvania, a state President-elect Joe Biden won by 81,000 votes - and President Donald Trump won four years ago by 44,000 - every vote mattered. And Philadelphia's suburbs delivered. In Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties...

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Nursing home industry: Pennsylvania illegally withheld funds

First Governor Wolf ordered PA nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive individuals into their facilities. Then PA Health Secretary Levine pulled her own mother from a nursing home before this order went into effect. Now this.

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PA Health Dept Uses Skype Loophole to Hide Call Logs

When Tom Wolf was a candidate for Gov, he ran on a platform of increased openness and transparency. Now, four years later, the Wolf Administration is using loopholes to keep records and communications secret from the press and the public. [Delco GOP]

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Gov. Wolf vetoes GOP-led measure aimed at protecting...

“It’s really a shame after all the governor has done to stand in the way of small business and devastate our economy he is once again blocking our attempt to do what needs to be done to help our businesses at this time.”

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Crenshaw DESTROYS Pelosi for Politicizing COVID Relief

Pelosi refused to make a deal until after the election - and she's admitted it.

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GOP women's record-breaking success reflects party shift

The GOP is leading the way!

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From colonel to Pa. State Treasurer: Stacy Garrity

Congratulations to Stacy Garrity for Treasurer on officially becoming Pennsylvania's first elected Republican State Treasurer since 1996!

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Wolf announces 3-week set of restrictions

Today we encourage everyone to patronize your local restaurants as they and their staff are about to go through another shutdown that will cost them financially. We must support our local businesses, they are the backbone of Delco. [DelcoGOP]

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On the Lighter Side: Six Conundrums of Socialism in the USA
  1. America is capitalist and greedy, yet half of the population is subsidized.
  2. Half of the population is subsidized, yet they think they are victims.
  3. They think they are victims, yet their representatives run the government.
  4. Their representatives run the government, yet the poor keep getting poorer.
  5. The poor keep getting poorer, yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.
  6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about, yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century. Makes you wonder who is doing the math.
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