June 2021
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Chairman's Message

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


As we approach the 4th of July and the celebration of the Independence of the United States of America, it is worth focusing on the word and the meaning of Liberty and how that one concept makes the US of A such a special place in our world.

As used in our Constitution, Liberty means freedom from arbitrary and unreasonable restraint upon an individual. Freedom from restraint refers to more than just physical restraint, but also the freedom to act according to one's own will.

So we Americans chafe at central government diktat to wear masks, to close our businesses or to conform to the popular culture of the moment or to act against our own will and best interests.
We see Liberty seeking humans teeming to come to America, both legally and illegally, most of them seeking Liberty from dysfunctional or corrupt governments, or the restraints imposed by terror, poverty and crime.

In my opinion, the US Constitution, through its Bill of Rights and Amendments, seeks to, above all else, protect our individual Liberty.

On this 4th of July, celebrate our Liberty and recommit yourself to enjoying and protecting the freedoms and responsibilities that come with our Liberty.  Freedom to say what we want, freedom from government prosecution and persecution, freedom to bear arms, freedom to raise and educate our families and children as we see fit, freedom to worship as we choose, and freedom to build a home or a business or to invent a technology that improves the quality of life for others.
With our Liberty comes the responsibility to be law abiding, to protect and defend our Liberty and to be exemplary, dutiful citizens of our towns and our nation in order to continue to improve our vast, great, but imperfect, nation.

The concept of Liberty seems simple enough, but it is central to our great country and distinctive to the American experiment in self-government. If you are fortunate enough to have travelled overseas to developed nations in Europe or Asia, or to struggling nations in Africa and Central and South America, you will be reminded that the individual Liberty endowed on American citizens is pretty unique to this earth, and something that should be revered by all as we Americans celebrate our 245th year of this special gift on July 4th 2021.

In this issue:

1.     Eight outstanding and exemplary Radnor citizens are fulfilling their mission to improve our quality of life here in Radnor.  They are the Republican candidates for Radnor School Board, Township Commissioners and Township Treasurer who had an excellent day during the May 18th primary. Each of them invested countless hours to reach out to voters before during and after the primary election. We need each of you to support them during the campaign and in the election on November 2nd , in order to restore balance to our School District and Township government.

2.     Vote on November 2nd or embrace mail-in voting. While mail-in voting may be anathema to Republicans, it is here to stay in some form, and should be strongly considered if you travel for business or pleasure and are frequently out of town or are otherwise unlikely to make it to the polls on election day. Recent legislation proposed by the PA State House will serve to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” Make your vote count on November 2nd, 2021! If you would like to sign-up for mail-in voting, you may do so here.

3.     Current 2nd Ward Commissioner and former School Board Director Rich Booker gives his perspective on the latest rage in Leftist Education: Critical Race Theory (CRT). While progressives and democrats are already trying to rebrand CRT, regardless of the name, social indoctrination of any type has no place in our schools.  As one of the few elected African-Americans on the Main Line, Rich’s perspective is deep and important. You can read the article here.

4.     Consistent with our “Liberty” theme, our “God Bless America” flag signs are back by popular demand.  Let us know if you want one planted on your lawn as we celebrate Independence Day.  You also have the Liberty to make a donation to the RadnorGOP here, 100% of which directly supports our candidates.
Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
God Bless America Signs are Back!

Just in time for Independence Day, the "God Bless America" signs are back. We have 150 new signs, so first come first served. If you still have yours from last season, please put them out this week. Send your request for a new sign to info@RadnorGOP.org, give us your address and we will deliver. If you like what we deliver, please consider making a donation to the RadnorGOP.
What YOU Can Do Now!
Share your feedback. Email us at feedback@RadnorGOP.org.

Volunteer to help. Email us at volunteer@RadnorGOP.org.

Interested in running for office, in Radnor or elsewhere? Email us at info@RadnorGOP.org.

Make a donation to support Republican candidates representing our interests. No gift is too small. You can make a contribution by sending a check to Radnor Republican Campaign Committee, 214 Hermitage Drive, Wayne, PA 19087 or simply clicking here, on the QR code below, or on the "Donate" button on any page of our website.
Thank you for your support!
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Election Calendar
Nov 2
7 AM-8 PM
Radnor polls are open 7 AM-8 PM.
Find your polling place here.
Nov 3
First Day to Register After the General Election
Register to vote here. It's easy!
Upcoming Meetings and Events
June 29
7 PM
Radnor Township School District Board Meeting
Click here to view the School Board meeting agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the District's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in Township Building,
301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087
July 12
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
July 28
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Keeping You Informed

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