November 2020
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  • Chairman's Message
  • Voting Information and Sample Ballots
  • President Trump Begins Closing Argument at PA Campaign Stops
  • On the Lighter Side: List of reasons why
  • 5 Reasons Why a Sane Person Should Vote – Again – for Trump
  • Vote for Joe Biden? Seriously?
  • On the Lighter Side: The fly
  • A Trump 'surprise' victory is in the offing -- here are the 10 tea leaves pointing to it
  • Volunteer Positions Available
  • Signs Still Available
  • On the Lighter Side: which would you rather be?
  • What YOU Can Do Now!
  • In Case You Missed It
  • Election Calendar
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Keeping You Informed (article and video links)
  • On the Lighter Side: Joe Biden walks into a bank
Chairman's Message

Dear Friends of the Radnor Community:

On Tuesday, November 3rd, I am voting for Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence for President and Vice President of the United States, and I urge you to do the same. They have delivered on their promises to the American people and will continue to do so in a second term. The promises kept include:

  • Tax and regulatory reform that revived the American economy and lifted 4.2 million Americans out of poverty, restored American manufacturing, produced record employment and generated record wage growth in the lowest two income brackets.

  • America First military and foreign policy. Rebuilding our military, defeating ISIS (remember them), strengthening NATO and making the world a safer place; independence from Mideast oil, creating more allies and more peace alliances in the region; and extracting America from subordinating our national interests to the Iranian “deal” and the Paris Climate Accords (we reduced carbon emissions more than any nation in the world after leaving!).

  • Rebalancing the power of our three branches of government by appointing originalist judges and justices to the Federal courts – forcing congress to make laws rather than relinquish their jobs in favor of activist judges. I’d vote Trump on the Amy Barrett nomination alone!

  • A COVID response that included: fast tracking therapeutics; Operation Warp Speed to develop vaccines in one-third the normal time; the CARES act to fund businesses and local governments through the crisis; and the foresight to close our borders to more infections from Europe and Asia prior to the experts recognizing the need to do so.

  • The list of policy achievements is long: Criminal justice reform; immigration; trade; replacing NAFTA with USMCA; Mideast peace deals; etc.

It is obvious to everyone that Joe Biden is a shell of his former self, who has neither the energy, the will nor the ability to stand up to the leftists who now control the Democrat party.

Yup, I’ll put up with a few “un-Presidential” tweets if Trump-Pence can deliver half as much in a second term as they did in the first. Policy over personality.
State and local races will affect your quality of life in Pennsylvania and Delaware County, and the difference between the Republican candidates and their Democrat opponents is vast.

For example, Republican Bob Smythe is a classroom teacher and first responder who knows how to safely open our schools and businesses. His opponent is a progressive partisan who sided with the Wolf administration at every turn and on every progressive policy. 

Our Attorney General candidate, Republican Heather Heidelbaugh, is one of the most respected litigators in the state, with a compelling personal story of breaking barriers and personal triumph. Heather will restore the state Attorney General’s office to its mission of protecting and defending Pennsylvania’s citizens. Her Soros-backed opponent has politicized the office and used our tax dollars to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor. C’mon, man!

Our excellent local Republican candidates each deserves your consideration and your vote: Dasha Pruett, a survivor of Soviet Socialism for US Congress in the 5th PA District; educator and business leader Ellen Fisher for 17th PA Senate; firefighter and classroom teacher Bob Smythe for the 165th PA House District; and attorney Christine Boyle for the 166th PA House District. Each of these hard-working candidates has a compelling personal story of overcoming hardship and succeeding in serving your community. Learn more about each of their campaigns and life stories at the links below.


The arbitrary lockdowns and business closures by the Wolf administration bring focus to the importance of our state “row” offices. Be sure to cast your vote for: Heather Heidelbaugh for Attorney General; Tim DeFoor for Auditor General; and Stacy Garrity for Treasurer.

Learn more about them at

Whether voting by mail or in-person at your polling place, you should be aware that there is no longer “straight ticket” voting by party in Pennsylvania. You must choose each individual candidate for each office on your ballot. Your quality of life depends on it.

On November 3rd, regardless of party affiliation, you will be proud to have voted for these outstanding and competent candidates for state and federal public office. Please email if you need assistance or have any questions.
Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
Voting Information and Sample Ballots
Things to remember when voting in the 2020 General Election: As we are all aware, voting rules have change significantly in Pennsylvania, and we list some of them below. Delaware County has an excellent website ( with all of the rules and voting options available. I think most if not all questions can be answered there.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Be patient – our volunteer staff of Radnor residents who run the polling places have a lot of uncertainty to manage on election day, as well as learning the new machines and operating within CDC COVID protocols. Thank them all, as I do, for serving our community.
  2. If you did not request nor receive a mail-in or absentee ballot, you will vote at your precinct polling place as always – some locations have changed, as noted below.
  3. If you received a mail-in or absentee ballot and have not returned it, you can mail it or deposit it in one of the county “drop boxes” before 8 PM on November 3rd. There is a county drop box at the Radnor Township Building, and others can be found here.
  4. If you requested a mail-in ballot but did not receive a mail-in ballot, you can vote “provisionally” at your polling location.
  5. If you received your mail-in or absentee ballot, but intend to vote in person, you can do so, but must bring your ballot and the envelopes with you to the polling place, and the Judge of Elections can “spoil” your mail-in ballot and issue you a regular ballot.
  6. Fun Facts:
  • 10,500 Radnor voters have requested mail-in/absentee ballots, which is approximately 55% of all registered voters.
  • Countywide, 156,000 mail-in ballots have been issued: 64% of mail-in requests were by Democrats; 24% by Republicans; and 12% by Independents.
Polling Locations: Because of the ongoing pandemic, certain polling locations in Radnor have been changed. Here are the polling locations for the general election.

  • Radnor Ward 1, Precinct 1: Wayne Presbyterian Church
  • Radnor Ward 1, Precinct 2: Wayne Presbyterian Church
  • Radnor Ward 2, Precinct 1: Radnor High School
  • Radnor Ward 2, Precinct 2: Radnor Elementary School
  • Radnor Ward 2, Precinct 3: Wayne Presbyterian Church (NEW LOCATION)
  • Radnor Ward 3, Precinct 1: Radnor Activity Center at Sulpizio Gym (NEW LOCATION)
  • Radnor Ward 3, Precinct 2: St. Mary's Episcopal Church
  • Radnor Ward 4, Precinct 1: Ithan Elementary School
  • Radnor Ward 4, Precinct 2: Ithan Elementary School (NEW LOCATION)
  • Radnor Ward 5, Precinct 1: Sacred Heart Academy (NEW LOCATION)
  • Radnor Ward 5, Precinct 2: St. Aloysius Academy
  • Radnor Ward 6, Precinct 1: Radnor Memorial Library
  • Radnor Ward 6, Precinct 2: Radnor Township Building
  • Radnor Ward 7, Precinct 1: Rosemont Plaza
  • Radnor Ward 7, Precinct 2: Radnor Methodist Church
Sample Ballots: Sample Republican ballots will be available from Republican party representatives at your polling location, but you may also download your sample ballot below. If you don't know what ward and precinct you live in, or you need to know where your polling place is, find out here.
President Trump Begins Closing Argument at PA Campaign Stops
In one of his four campaign stops in Pennsylvania over the weekend, President Trump said Joe Biden had "twisted his knife into the backs" of Pennsylvania when it came to manufacturing in the Keystone State, and he announced he had signed an executive order to protect fracking.
Trump tells PA it can 'save the American Dream'

He presented the election as a choice between being ruled by a “corrupt political class” or government by the people.

Read more
On the Lighter Side: List of reasons why
5 Reasons Why a Sane Person Should Vote – Again – for Trump
Liz Peek: Trump vs. Biden -- 5 reasons why a sane person ...

Four years ago, supporting Donald J. Trump for president was controversial. Today, backing the president is downright risky. People are losing their jobs, children are being kicked out of class and businesses are boycotted because their owners...

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Vote for Joe Biden? Seriously?
"The concurrent protests in so many cities and the individuals who spoke on their behalf revealed a darker side to the Democrats—a party whose most visible supporters see the United States as a failed nation, a country of irredeemable inequities and people with reflexively racist instincts."
Vote for Joe Biden? Seriously?

The 2020 presidential election has been defined by three events: the emergence of the coronavirus in March, the George Floyd protests after May 25, and Rep. Jim Clyburn's endorsement in February of Joe Biden before the South Carolina primary....

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On the Lighter Side: The fly
A Trump 'surprise' victory is in the offing -- here are the 10 tea leaves pointing to it
A Trump 'surprise' victory is in the offing

As November 3 approaches, many prognosticators are trying to convince Americans that former Vice President Joe Biden is a lock to win the presidency. Of course, they said the same about Hillary Clinton's chances in 2016 and it didn't come to pass.

Read more
Volunteer Positions Available
Please email us at if you are interested in any of the following election-related roles this year:

  • Poll Worker on Election Day: Some positions are paid for the day as well.
  • Poll Watcher on Election Day: Help oversee election processes and counting on behalf of a candidate or committee.
  • Attorneys: The Biden Campaign has registered hundreds of attorneys to contest ballots nationally and in PA. if you are an attorney in Delaware County, we need your help on election day and during the count of ballots to ensure that all properly cast ballots are counted.
Signs Still Available
The Radnor GOP completed a "second printing" of signs and still has some available for patriotic individuals in Radnor. If you're interested in displaying one or both signs, please contact us at and we'll let you know where they can be picked up. We will gladly accept donations to defray the cost of the signs.
Thanks to all who have already donated and supported the effort...and those that will!
On the Lighter Side: Which would you rather be?
What YOU Can Do Now!
Share your feedback. Email us at

Volunteer to help. Email us at

Interested in running for office, in Radnor or elsewhere? Email us at

Make a donation to support Republican candidates representing our interests. No gift is too small. You can make a contribution by sending a check to Radnor Republican Campaign Committee, 242 Ravenscliff Road, St. Davids, PA 19087 or simply clicking here or on the yellow "Donate Now" button above or on any page of our website.
Thank you for your support!
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Election Calendar
Nov 3
7 AM-8 PM
Radnor polls are open 7 AM-8 PM.
Find your polling place here.
Nov 4
First Day to Register After the General Election
Register to vote here. It's easy!
Nov 6
Last Day for County to Receive Absentee and Mail-In Ballots
More information is available here.
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Nov 9
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Nov 17
7 PM
Radnor Township School District Board Meeting
Click here to view the School Board meeting agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the District's YouTube Channel.
Where: Possibly a virtual meeting
Nov 18
7 PM
Radnor GOP Committee Meeting
Where: Virtual Meeting - Please look under "Events" on our Facebook page.
Nov 23
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Keeping You Informed

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Pelosi's Taxpayer Ransom Demand

Pelosi’s biggest demand was more than $400 billion for states, cities and tribal lands. This is a bailout for IL, NY, CA and other Dem states that refuse to adjust their budgets to post-Covid realities.

Read more
Judge declares Wolf's key restrictions unconstitutional

“The Constitution cannot accept the concept of a ‘new normal,’ where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures,” U.S. District Judge William S. Stickman IV wrote in a 66-page opinion.

Read more
PA parent says school's 'cultural proficiency'...

Dr. Elana Fishbein from Lower Merion was on Tucker Carlson. Her issue is the radical indoctrination of public school children, as young as kindergarten. For more information, visit

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Why Can't We Talk About Soros's Plan To Remake America?

Every voter should be educated about the tactics and goals of George Soros. This man is pure evil and his goal is the destruction of our Republic, for personal gain.

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Pat Toomey announces retirement from Senate

[T]here will be two open-seat statewide elections in Pennsylvania during the midterms -- one for the governor's office and one for Toomey's seat.

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NBC town hall panned as 'Biden infomercial'

Last month, CNN was similarly criticized for its friendly town hall with Biden, which came just days after President Trump faced tough questions at an ABC News-hosted event.

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Supreme Chaos in Pennsylvania Voting

At the margin, the ruling could help Mr. Biden. About 20,000 ballots were rejected in Pennsylvania’s June primary, even after the deadline was extended in some counties.

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PA registers more Republican voters with election weeks away

Pennsylvania Republicans are narrowing the registered voter gap with Democrats with just weeks to go until the 2020 election.

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'Naked ballots' in Pennsylvania could be election wild card

Pennsylvania will become the first and only state to disqualify ballots received without a required secrecy envelope -- referred to as "naked ballots" -- while giving voters no recourse to fix the mistake.

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PA registers more Republican voters with election weeks away

Pennsylvania Republicans are narrowing the registered voter gap with Democrats with just weeks to go until the 2020 election.

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Trump campaign blasts Biden over new Hunter story

“If the New York Post story is true, we now know that Joe Biden lied to the American people and lied repeatedly to all of you,” Bondi said on the call with reporters Wednesday.

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Senate Repubs call on Twitter, Facebook bosses to testify

Critics claim the social media platforms have been censoring reporting critical of Democrats

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The Cost of Bidenomics

Donald Trump’s policies...directly resulted in 4.2 million Americans pulling themselves out of poverty….4.2 million! Joe Biden is planning to return these Americans back to the poverty line and government dependence.

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Joe Biden's Covid Fairy Tale

The Democrats want to turn Covid against the president, and they appear to be succeeding. But their strategy makes no sense in the end—perhaps because Joe Biden makes no sense.

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Biden offers stunning misunderstanding of how economy works

You would think that with all that preparation, Biden would have had the facts at his fingertips. But, again and again, Joe got basic facts wrong as he faced off against President Trump on the debate stage at Belmont University.

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Trump calls Biden's 'transition from' oil comments...

“One of the most stunning moments last night was when Joe Biden admitted he wanted to abolish the oil industry," Trump said at a rally at The Villages, in Sumter County. "Did you see him this morning? He said ‘I didn't really mean that.'"

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High court allows 3-day extension for Pennsylvania ballots

Republicans, including President Donald Trump’s campaign, have opposed such an extension, arguing that it violates federal law that sets Election Day as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November...

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Barrett sworn in as Supreme Court justice at White House

Barrett's confirmation solidified a conservative majority on the nation's highest court, and gave Trump another victory as he headed into election day.

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Saving Private Biden

It turned out that biased press coverage wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Trump from winning. So for 2020 the press introduced a new corollary: Joe Biden must never be asked a tough question.

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Rove breaks down Trump's 'path to victory' through PA...

Trump won all three states by fewer than one percentage point in 2016

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Vote for Joe Biden? Seriously?

The concurrent protests in so many cities and the individuals who spoke on their behalf revealed a darker side to the Dems—a party whose most visible supporters see the US as a failed nation...

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Carlson's explosive Bobulinski interview ignored by MSM

"Tucker Carlson Tonight" averaged a whopping 7.6 million viewers on Tuesday for its exclusive interview with Tony Bobulinski, proving Americans are interested in the ongoing scandal despite other news organizations dismissing it.

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On the Lighter Side: Joe Biden walks into a bank
Biden walks into a bank to cash a check.
As he approaches the cashier he says, "Good morning, Ma'am, could you please cash this check for me?"
Cashier: "It would be my pleasure sir. Could you please show me your ID?"
Biden: "Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn't think there was any need to. I am Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States of America!!!!"
Cashier: "Yes sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers and requirements of the banking legislation, etc., I must insist on seeing ID.
Biden: "Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am."
Cashier: "I am sorry, Mr. Biden, but these are the bank rules and I must follow them."
Biden: "My goodness. I am urging you, please, to cash this check."
Cashier: "Look Mr. Biden, here is an example of what we can do. One day, Tiger Woods came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putter and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his check.
Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racket and made a fabulous shot; the tennis ball landed in my coffee cup. With that shot we cashed his check.
So, Mr. Biden, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you?"
Biden stands there thinking, and thinking, and finally says, "Honestly, my mind is a total blank, I have absolutely no idea what to do, I don't have a clue."
Cashier: "Will that be large or small bills, Mr. Biden."
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