Last year’s election was highly significant to me personally. I was running for (and had hoped to earn) a third term on the Radnor School Board. But most of my fellow Republicans and I were swamped by an unprecedented anti-Trump Blue Wave in Radnor. The voters spoke, and we were out.  We haven’t protested, screamed “unfair,” or otherwise carried on as if our positions were an entitlement. They aren’t. Our opponents were duly elected, and although we often differ with their approach and judgment, that’s how our system works, and we respect the system.

This November is even more important – for all of us. The bitter rancor over Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation has exposed a “they go low” ugliness on the part of the Democrat left that is, frankly, frightening. It’s nearly impossible to believe that due process is now on the line in the United States of America, and that we’re being threatened with the “we lost so we’re going on a rampage” impeachments of both Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, yet here we are. The fruit of such leadership if the Democrats win control of Congress? The country will be torn (further) apart, and the best of the last two years will be undone (see article at left).

Lest you think that this is just national politics, realize that it’s not. Every election year in Radnor, Republican campaign signs are stolen and defaced, and it’s already happening this year.  The Radnor Democrats’ social media is daily rancorous, offensive, and, yes, full of half-truths and “fake news.” It trumpets the absurd claims and endorsements of the leftist Mainstream Media and hurls the tired racist, sexist, homophobic, deplorables charges at Republicans regularly.  This is all they have because their own local record is terrible. From costly financial decisions to corruption to their biggest local gift – bringing sexual predators Bill Spingler and Phil Ahr to the Board of Commissioners – the Radnor Democrats echo the ridiculous, immoral, and threatening look of their national brethren.

We need not only Republicans, but all thinking voters in Radnor, to call a halt to this madness. Locally, State Representative Alex Charlton (PA 165 th) is seeking re-election to continue his work on education reform, job creation, and opioid addiction. His union-funded opponent, Jennifer O’Mara, brings nothing to the table. In the PA 166 th, the intrepid Baltazar Rubio is taking on perpetual do-little Democrat Greg Vitali, who has cruised to victory every two years for decades because of his registration advantage.  Rubio thinks 25 years of the same old nothing is enough, and like Charlton, is focused on job creation and the opioid crisis.
But truly, all politics is local.

Our candidate for the newly created 5 th Congressional District – which takes the place of the old 7 th District – is Radnor’s own Pearl Kim. Pearl has an impressive resume of public service and as a former prosecutor on behalf of special victims. Pearl will not only serve as our dynamic advocate in Congress, but a vote for Pearl also blunts the specter of a Democrat Congress led by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff.

We learned through the Kavanaugh hearings how crucial it is for the Senate to remain in the hands of those who value the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Lou Barletta has crossed our state tirelessly in an effort to highlight his commitment to them in addition to job creation and tax relief. It’s time to retire tired Senator Bob Casey, among the least productive Senators in the country.

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner has the right ideas and experience to govern so much more effectively for all Pennsylvanians in a way that Governor Wolf has not. He gets the importance of policies that support business and job growth; that put education funding in the right places; that takes on the opioid crisis head on; and that gets tough with the graft and corruption running in and through Harrisburg.

So please, take this election seriously.  There is still time to apply for an absentee ballot (the deadline is October 30) if you might be away on November 6 thBecause, when they go low, we go to the polls. Time for #RedWaveRadnor.