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Dear Radnor Republicans and Friends:

First and foremost I would like to recognize and express my gratitude to the Judges of Elections and their Election Boards who conducted a safe, efficient and responsible election on Tuesday despite the chaos around them. In the face of COVID-19 (remember that), national protests, curfews and mayhem, as well as a failure of the County Election Board, our Radnor Republican Judges and the teams that they assembled ran nearly flawless election day operations in our town. These judges, and their election boards of inspectors, machine operators and clerks, are all volunteers from our Radnor community who lend their time and talent to ensure a safe and fair election in Radnor. Thank them and assist them this November, in the national election.

I have heard many negative comments about “mail-in” voting. Well, like it or not, mail-in voting is the law in Pennsylvania and is here to stay. Pennsylvania Democrats used mail-in balloting at three times the rate of Republicans, and, while mail-in balloting makes voter fraud easier, we as a party need to determine how to leverage the new procedures to success in November. These actions include not only encouraging mail-in balloting for seniors and students, but also ensuring that our election boards are fully staffed with Republicans who are needed to overwatch the election process. The successful campaign of a Republican in CA-25 special election in May should be a model for us to follow.

And now to the results…

The full Delaware County Primary Election Results are available here . At the top of the list, you can choose “County Wide” results to see how the county vote is going. As of this morning, more than 90% of the Delco precincts have reported. You can also scroll down to see individual results in Radnor precincts, although there is no township-wide roll-up.

Some election results observations:

  1. In the 5th US Congressional District primary race, Dasha Pruett holds a significant lead over Rob Jordan in Delaware County. Although there are votes from Philly in the 5th District not included in Delco results, the Philly votes would not be enough to overcome Dasha’s lead. If it holds, Dasha will be our candidate to take on Mary Gay Scanlon in the fall. Dasha is a tough, anti-socialist immigrant who will give the Swarthmore elitist progressive a good battle.
  2. Rob Smythe in the 165th PA District appears to have done well. Despite more interest and voting from Democrats county-wide, Rob has tallied more votes than Jen O’Mara in the 165th, which bodes well for his race in the fall. For any “rookies” out there, the 165th PA District includes Radnor precincts: 1-1, 2-3, 3-1, 4-1, 4-2, 5-2, 6-1, and 6-2.
  3. Daylin Leach (D), 17th PA Senate District (all of Radnor), was losing badly to his Democrat primary opponent in Delco. That District is majority Montgomery County, so we will have to see how he does there. I think that our candidate, Ellen Fisher of Havertown, would fare better against Leach, so we should all hope for Leach to pull it out, and then Ellen can crush him in November. Leach’s primary contributions to our state government have been to advance the use of marijuana and give the Democrats another womanizer to try and defend.
  4. Christine Boyle in the PA 166th District (Radnor 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 5-1, 7-1 and 7-2) is an excellent candidate who will help the total ticket immensely and will take on the terminally liberal and ineffective Greg Vitali in November.
  5. We need to capture all of the Republican voters for Donald Trump. He cannot afford to have 12% of Delco Republican voters not vote for him in November (you will see that 12% of the Delco Republican Primary voters chose someone other than Trump last Tuesday). The good news for Trump in PA is that he is leading Biden in the overall state-wide vote count, which is remarkable when you consider that the Democrat primary was still contested when mail-in voting began.

The balance of the election results show that Dems were more motivated than Republicans and were far more likely to use the mail-in voting process. There were several contested primaries on the Democrat side, so some of their higher turn-out is understandable in that light.  Republicans must win the day in November and to do so will require an excellent voter turnout.  The vision of a bumbling, babbling Biden, with AOC as his Energy Secretary and Eric Holder on the Supreme Court, should be enough to get 100% turnout for Republicans in November!
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