Impeachment! That seems to be the rallying cry of the Trump Resistance. Most assuredly, if the Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives, we can expect not only the spectacle of a Nancy Pelosi-led House pursuing impeachment of our duly-elected President, but they will work to derail the underpinnings of the Trump Administration’s achievements.

Like him or loathe him, the competent professionals who are implementing the President’s policies, teamed with a Republican Congress, have done a great job in unleashing our economy and improving our national security interests throughout the world. America is again leading from the front, and the entire world benefits from our economic and military power projected for a safer and more prosperous world, and a second, stellar jurist is about to be added to the Supreme Court. The mediocrity of the Obama administration, and the corruption of the Obama Justice Department have been exposed, and the Resistance is not happy.

What can you do to keep America moving in the right direction?  Vote in November for our exceptional Republican candidates: Pearl Kim (PA 5 th US House District), Alex Charlton (165 th PA House District) and Baltazar Rubio (166 th PA House District)!

 In the Presidential election year of 2016, 6,123 registered Republicans voted in Radnor. In the 2014 non-Presidential “Congressional” election year, less than 4,000 registered Republicans voted in Radnor.  That 2,000+ voter differential will determine control of Congress during the 2018 election. In addition to your own vote, help us get the vote out in November by volunteering to assist the Radnor Republicans during this important “nationalized” election.