July/August 2020
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  • Chairman's Message
  • DelCo Election Spending Run Amok
  • On the Lighter Side: Hidin' Biden
  • Seven Reasons to Vote for Trump-Pence This November
  • On the Lighter Side: Game Show
  • New Signs Now Available
  • Rescinding Mail-In Ballot Status
  • What YOU Can Do Now!
  • In Case You Missed It
  • Election Calendar
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Keeping You Informed (article and video links)
  • On the Lighter Side: Staying Alive
Chairman's Message

Dear Radnor Republicans and Friends:

I write to you as the Republican National Convention kicks off, and I am certain that we will see a huge contrast in the messaging and vision of Republicans when compared to the dark and bigoted America described at the Democrat National Convention last week. Apparently, Biden’s 47 years in Washington hasn’t accomplished much!

In contrast, President Trump and the Republicans will describe a bright future for all Americans who value liberty, freedom and opportunity. We will be reminded that American greatness was achieved through individual freedom and accomplishment, supported by the rule of law and a Bill of Rights unique to the world…still!

Americans elected Donald Trump in 2016 because we wanted change. We wanted a better economy, employment for everyone who wanted work, and an end to the “endless wars.” Donald Trump recognized the threat China poses to our country, and to the rest of the world. Decoupling our economy from China is a brilliant strategy that benefits almost all Americans. The global elite, the super wealthy and special interests who have exploited America fear Donald Trump and have spared no effort to demonize him and undermine his presidency.

So while I see news reports of Republicans for Biden, I find it difficult to believe that any of us would vote for Biden’s personality over the exceptional results of the Trump Administration’s policies and programs. The Democrat platform would wreck our economy, destroy our suburbs, and pit Americans against one another. Donald Trump stands between the America we love – the land of opportunity – from a continued slide toward socialism.

The Trump administration has received criticism about its COVID-19 response, some warranted, most not. In an article below, the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel revisits the pathetic Obama-Biden response to the H1N1 “swine flu” in 2009-2010, and how that response would have been catastrophic had they confronted COVID-19.

I met last week with the inspirational Erin Johnson, who runs the Trump Campaign in West Philly, and who leads a grass roots organization called “Black Voices for Trump.” Black Voices for Trump is sharing experiences and successes of everyday Americans as a result of the Trump administration. It’s advocating that re-electing the President will ensure greater economic opportunity, safer communities, and better healthcare policies for generations to come. Please visit their organization at https://blackvoices.donaldjtrump.com/. I am sure you will be hearing from Erin as the campaign progresses.

Locally, we have four exceptional candidates who are already working hard to win in November. Please support each of them with your time and resources. These candidates cannot win without some financial support and grass roots efforts by YOU. Please consider donating to their campaigns, signing and sending postcards to neighbors, or hosting a small and socially distanced neighborhood gathering for each or all of these fine individuals:

Elections have consequences, and that axiom was on full display as your School Board of Progressive Democrats voted to postpone the education of our children here in Radnor. Nearly 90% of Radnor parents supported the “hybrid” education model, recommended by the administration and approved by the board in July, which offered some in-classroom instruction. The professional administration, under the leadership of Ken Batchelor, developed an excellent plan to provide in-class instruction in a safe environment, and I am certain that Radnor’s teachers also want to be with their students. Inexplicably, the all-Democrat nine-member School Board reversed course in August and voted to deny parents and teachers the option of in-class instruction to start the year. So, as you write your big Radnor School District tax check this month, remember to put some Republicans on the board next year, and restore our tradition of bipartisan, effective governance of our valued School District. Radnor Schools can and must do better – our children and our community (and our home values) depend on better leadership from our School Board of Directors.

One final word about mail-in voting. “Mail mayhem” might be a better way to describe Pennsylvania’s plan for mail-in voting. Some things to consider: In-person voting in the June primary was safe and effective and will be so in November. In any given election, up to 2% of mail-in or absentee ballots are not counted, typically due to administrative errors by the voter. If you plan to vote by mail, be sure to do so early, and even consider casting your ballot at the Delco Board of Elections in Media to avoid the mail all together. If you signed up to vote by mail in Pennsylvania and the county mails a ballot to you, you WILL NOT be able to vote in person (except by “provisional” ballot). Below in the newsletter, we provide guidance on how to “un-register” for mail-in ballots if you intend to vote in person in November

We need your help to staff our polling places in what will likely be a very busy election day. Please let us know if we can count on you to help and serve your community on election day in November by contacting us at volunteer@RadnorGOP.org.
Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
DelCo Election Spending Run Amok
From the Delaware County GOP (on Facebook):
"It costs what it costs"--Councilwoman Christine Reuther

This is the response that was given when someone questioned County Council regarding the $2,000,000 they are spending to prepare for the 2020 General Election. While we have no problem with the County doing things to ensure November is nothing like the June Primary, we are also confused about some of their expenses.

County Council Expenses:

  1. $50,000 to an outside consultant to oversee the relocation of the Election Bureau and Voter Registration to a new office
  2. $1.1 Million on two mail-processing machines, one of which won't be ready until AFTER the General Election
  3. $58,320 for "architecture, interiors and furniture selection services" for the new Election Bureau and Voter Registration offices
  4. $152,562.50 for drop boxes to collect Mail-In Ballots (note: there is currently no legal precedent to support using drop boxes to collect ballots)
  5. Between $220,000 and $250,00 for installation and security measures for ballot drop boxes
  6. $20,000 a month for an Interim Director of Elections

Based on the expenses listed above, we have several questions we feel are worth asking.

First, why is the County paying an amount, "not to exceed $50,000," to hire a consultant to oversee the relocation of the Election Bureau and Voter Registration offices to their new headquarters? Wouldn't it make more sense to offer overtime, or some other form of compensation, to the employees of the Election Bureau and Voter Registration, who are knowledgeable about how their department functions, to oversee this move? Also, how does County Council plan to accomplish this move in time for the General Election? There are only 85 days left until voters head to the polls, and anyone who has helped staff an election knows that the work begins long before the polls open at 7AM. Simply put, the County should have begun thinking about this and executing their plan months ago, instead of waiting until now to begin the moving process. Side note: is it ethical, or for that matter legal, for Councilwoman Schaefer to vote in favor of hiring this consultant with whom she has admitted to having a "personal relationship" with?

Secondly, why is the County spending $1.1M on two pieces of equipment, one of which won't be available until the end of this year or early next year? Seriously, the County is purchasing a machine to create the Vote-by-Mail packet (ballot, return envelope, and instructions) and the machine won't be DELIVERED until after the 2020 General Election. Based on the amount of complaints we received from people who were mailed the wrong ballot in June, we are hoping that the County will do a better job of mailing them out this time around.

Just remember, if you have an issue with any of these expenses, “it costs what it costs”!!
DelCo council spends over $2M to get ready for election

It costs what it costs"--Councilwoman Christine Reuther

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On the Lighter Side: Hidin' Biden
Seven Reasons to Vote for Trump-Pence This November
DNC platform should wake up Trump-wary suburbanites

Suburban voters better start paying attention, because the Biden-Harris ticket and the Democratic Party platform that's been rolled out this week will hit them like a ton of bricks if they win in November. This is important because recent polls...

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On the Lighter Side: Game Show
New Signs Now Available
The Radnor GOP has started deploying the signs below to patriotic individuals throughout Radnor. If you're interested in displaying one or both signs, please contact us at signs@RadnorGOP.org. We will gladly accept donations to defray the cost of the signs. We'd like to try to get them displayed by next weekend.
Thanks to all who have already donated and supported the effort...and those that will!
Rescinding Mail-In Ballot Status
If you chose to “automatically” received a mail-in ballot during the mail-in ballot registration process, you CANNOT vote in person and should consider rescinding your “mail-in” voting status. If a mail-in ballot is mailed to you, and you later choose to vote in person, you can only cast a “provisional ballot” at your polling place.
How to Cancel Mail-In Status:

If you want to vote in person this November and had requested a mail-in ballot, here is a way to opt out. 
Follow this link, fill out the form and mail it to the county voter services department where you live. The list of county election office addresses is the second page of the form.
If you are not sure about voting in person, asking for an absentee ballot is still available, and, if you should change your mind, you can vote in person.
This was a sneaky tactic by the state. Make sure you can vote in person if you wish to do so!

(Note well: The mail-in ballot is different from an absentee ballot, which you MAY void at the polling location and vote in person. A mail-in ballot prevents you from voting in person.
What YOU Can Do Now!
Share your feedback. Email us at feedback@RadnorGOP.org.

Volunteer to help. Email us at volunteer@RadnorGOP.org.

Interested in running for office, in Radnor or elsewhere? Email us at info@RadnorGOP.org.

Make a donation to support Republican candidates representing our interests. No gift is too small. You can make a contribution by sending a check to Radnor Republican Campaign Committee, 242 Ravenscliff Road, St. Davids, PA 19087 or simply clicking here or on the yellow "Donate Now" button above or on any page of our website.
Thank you for your support!
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Election Calendar
Oct 19
Last Day to Register Before the General Election
Register to vote here. It's easy!
Oct 27
Last Day to Apply for a Civilian Absentee or Mail-In Ballot
It is strongly recommended to apply well before this date. Apply for an absentee ballot or mail-in ballot here. It's easy!
Nov 3
8 PM
Last Day for County to Receive Absentee and Mail-In Ballots
If you missed the last day to apply for an absentee or mail-in ballot, you can still vote absentee by visiting the DelCo Voter Registration office in person, as long as you do so by close of business on Friday, October 30. You can apply for, receive and complete your absentee ballot in 10 minutes, right at the Registration Office. More information is available here. 
Nov 3
7 AM-8 PM
Radnor polls are open 7 AM-8 PM.
Find your polling place here.
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Aug 25
7 PM
Radnor Township School District Board Meeting
Click here to view the School Board meeting agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the District's YouTube Channel.
Where: Possibly a virtual meeting
Aug 29
9 AM-12 PM
Radnor GOP Second Amendment Clay-Shooting Event
This event is currently fully booked. Thank you for your interest!
Where: Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays
Sep 7
Labor Day
Sep 14
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Sep 17
7 PM
Radnor GOP Committee Meeting
Where: Virtual Meeting - Please look under "Events" on our Facebook page.
Sep 21
6:30 PM
Radnor Board of Commissioners Meeting
Click here to view the Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel.
Where: Radnorshire Room in the Township Building, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.
Sep 22
7 PM
Radnor Township School District Board Meeting
Click here to view the School Board meeting agendas and minutes. Meeting videos may be viewed on the District's YouTube Channel.
Where: Possibly a virtual meeting
Keeping You Informed

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Pa. Republicans line up behind Donald Trump

Radnor’s Leslie Morgan, a convention delegate, was interviewed for this article.

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On the Lighter Side: Staying Alive
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