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January 2018

Who knows what our winter will be like this year. Will it snow? Will it ever rain? (We need it.) There's beauty to be found in the winter landscape if you look for it. Migrating ducks preening on a frozen stream. Songbirds flocked at the feeder. Our breath while on a crisp walk on a meandering trail.

It's a new year and after a much needed holiday break Johnson County staff are back with renewed energy for tackling the hard issues that may be impacting you and your family. Radon? Aging parents? Weight gain and diabetes? Ag economics? Or maybe you're worried your landscape could die because it's turned so dry? The agents have written some engaging articles this month addressing these issues. They work hard to try and better the lives and livelihoods of the individuals in our county. Check it out below.

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January is National Radon Month
Radon in Johnson County
Do your kids sleep or play in the basement? Is the Man Cave or the home theater down there? Radon levels in Johnson County test above the EPA’s radon action level. Radon causes lung cancer -- 200 new cases in Kansas per year. Find out why you should test your home for radon.
Winter Watering: Why it's important
According to the United States Drought Monitor we are experiencing abnormally dry conditions. Remember that plants use water during the winter. Freezing and thaw cycles also remove moisture from the soil, as does drying winds. It's time to drag out the hose and save your landscaping investments.
Winter Watering: How much? How long?
Dennis Patton, horticulture agent, shows you some quick and easy watering tips for your trees and shrubs. Watch video here.
Dormant Lawn Seeding
Did you miss your opportunity to repair thin spots in the lawn last September? If so, dormant seeding may be your chance to thicken up a stand or fill in a few patches. It's not perfect but it may provide some benefits. It's more than just scattering seeds. Follow these steps for winter dormant seeding.
Invite Birds into the Garden
Tired of looking out the window and only seeing the grey days of winter? Brighten up your view by inviting birds into the yard. A variety of trees and shrubs create a year-round home for our feathered friends. This fact sheet gives you ideas of how easy it is to bring birds to your garden.
Handy Plant Spacing Tool
Looking for a winter project? How about making a planting board? This easy to make tool will aid you in properly spacing your plants. All you need is a 2 x 4 and a saw. Watch this short video on how a planting guide can be used when spacing transplants or making a furrow for seeding
Aging in Place
Ninety percent of older adults want to remain in their home as long as possible. But is it safe? Should Mom and Dad stay? Or is it time to consider other options? Modifying your home can help. Here's some things to consider for remaining in one’s home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level.
The Struggling Farm Economy and its Impact on Farmers
Many are not aware of the current difficult farm economy. Depressed commodity prices are further impacting those in this already stressful occupation. In fact, the suicide rate for farmers is more than double that of veterans. Learn more about the agricultural economy and the impact it's having on our farmers.
Dining with Diabetes
About one in 10 Kansans has been diagnosed with diabetes, a chronic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar (blood glucose). Diabetes increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, retinopathy that can lead to blindness, and neuropathy that can lead to lower limb amputation. Find out how you can modify some risk factors.
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Board Leadership Series
This Board Leadership Series is a four course series offered each Tuesday for four consecutive weeks in February. The course is designed to provide basic training for members of community-based boards; church boards, township boards, United Way agency boards, or rural water boards, etc. Registration deadline: January 31, 2018

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