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Rae Senarighi is a Missoula, Montana born and raised amazing fine artist, designer, and muralist. He is an activist, cancer survivor and uses his art to be a voice in the transgender community.
Rae's art is brilliant and inspiring. Frame of Mind had the honor of featuring Rae and his "Transcend" collection in our Gallery in 2018. We are so excited about his art, his impact on the world and the joy and inspiration he brings to people.

A few years ago Rae moved from the Seattle Washington area to Madison Wisconsin. With his move from the west coast to Madison, Rae has sought out new ways to use his art to support his local transgender community.
With all the recent anti transgender legislation Rae wants to use his art as a means of love and support to all people and especially the transgender youth.

Rae works at the University in Madison, which allows him to have 100% control over his art and how he uses it. This gives him the opportunity to use his platform for good and for change in the transgender community.

Rae is following this need to represent the transgender community through not only his portraitures but with custom typographic designs celebrating the transgender and non-binary communities. The goal is to spread positive messages celebrating the trans+ community around the world.
You can find Rae's typography work and products like art prints, stickers, t-shirts, and more HERE!!
100% of proceeds from this shop are donated to individuals & organizations supporting trans survival and health.
Rae has teamed up with Fair Wisconsin and designed this Billboard to send positive messaging to the community while standing up for Trans and Queer rights.
Rae’s dream is to celebrate accurate representation of trans and nonbinary people through painted portraiture worldwide. His mission of self-acceptance and love shows in his work through vibrant portraits reflecting celebration and beauty. With vivid and bold colors these portraits radiate the brilliance of the individuals and celebrate accepting and loving one’s self. Rae’s trust in himself is vital to him in his journey of understanding and accepting his own identity, reminding all of us to not only love ourselves, but to celebrate and lift up one’s community.
New portraiture prints by Rae
......Prints with a purpose!!
In celebration of Pride Month this year, Rae will be releasing 3 brand new limited edition fine art prints. The proceeds from these prints will go to organizations that are doing incredible work to support the queer and trans community.
Rae's plans for the future include doing more collaborations and finding ways to continue to use his art for good. As well as creating joy and improving on the things that are hard for him. We are excited to see where Rae's journey takes him in the future! We know he will continue to inspire us!

Rae's journey is such an inspiration, to see more about Rae follow the links below...

Watch Rae live action paint and create beautiful huge portraitures in this special collaboration with
Netflix and Glaad.
First Time I Saw Me
Life Portrait Paintings by Rae Senarighi on Netflix
1706 Brooks Street
Missoula, MT 59801