International Committee for the  

Freedom of the Cuban 5  

Rafael Cancel Miranda, Tom Hayden and others demand the freedom of the Cuban 5 in Washington DC 

Photos: Bill Hackwell

Cheers and standing ovations greeted Puerto Rican independence hero Rafael Cancel Miranda who is living proof that it is the struggle that will free the Cuban 5 - Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando and Rene. After 25 years in prison, international demands won his release from U.S. prisons with four other independence fighters in 1979.

Cancel Miranda spoke at the Washington DC Festival Center on Friday September 14th in a public event organized by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5  and the Institute for Policy Studies. Other speakers included Tom Hayden, Michele Tingling-Clemmons, Liz Derius and Jose Pertierra. Special solidarity greetings were sent by Angela Davis. (read message)

Vicente Feli´┐Ż who on September 12 performed in a concert with Latin Grammy award guitarist Alejandro Valdes, delighted the audience by performing a few songs.

The event was part of the international call to actions in support of the Cuban 5 on the 14th anniversary of their unjust imprisonment.


For more information visit: www.thecuban5.org