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We had such a great time at Actorfest! We met so many wonderful people. We had a full, busy day-- 5 guest speakers came to share their insight one on one with actors, and we raffled off over $1000 worth of prizes! Between the popcorn, the people, and the prizes, the TTG booth was a real hit! The winners of the raffle are posted on the right.

G Charles Wright's class starts TONIGHT!! We're so excited for this one, it won't be here until at least next summer, and G is SO MUCH FUN!

Auditions for Talent To Go Membership are next Monday. Please check the info on the right if you are interested.

On Dec 2nd we have an event open to non members to meet Joe Straczynski . See below for details.

We are looking forward to meeting you at a TTG event soon!

Joe S
Mogul Moment
Dec 2nd 8pm
BIG Networking Opportunity
Meet J. Michael Straczynski
Creator of Babylon 5, Crusade and Jeremiah
Writer of "The Changling"

Read about Joe HERE!

We'll have a regular TTG show at 7pm and a talk with Joe afterwards at about 8pm.

Currently in production:
World War Z- starring Brad Pitt , idea by Max Brooks, Mel's son!
Underworld 4- starring Kate Beckinsale
Thor- starring Natalie Portman
Joe's Bio:
J. Michael Straczynski (his friends call him joe...oddly enough, the people who don't like him also call him joe, which he finds vaguely distressing) is a writer/producer who has been working virtually nonstop in television and film for 25 years. In television he has written nearly 200 produced episodes and 10 TV movies on such shows as Murder She Wrote, Twilight Zone and Walker Texas Ranger. As executive producer he created and wrote for Babylon 5, Crusade, and Jeremiah (for Showtime). As a writer for film, his produced credits include Changeling (directed by Clint Eastwood), Ninja Assassin (produced by the Wachowskis), and the story for Thor (directed by Kenneth Branagh). Films about to go into production include Underworld 4, starring Kate Beckinsale, which begins shooting in March, and World War Z, slated to start shooting in June with Brad Pitt. His current slate of scripts in process include Shattered Union and Vanishing Point for Bruckheimer/Disney, Forbidden Planet for Warner Bros., and Nano for Dreamworks Animation. He also recently developed Lensman for Ron Howard/Imagine Films and another screenplay for Steven Spielberg. He has recently begun dabbling in directing.

Note from Pat: Actually he has done more than dabble. He directed several projects including a Babylon 5 movie. Plus he will be directing a film he wrote set to start in 2012.

8pm talk and Q & A Dec 2nd at On Your Mark Studios in Sherman Oaks. Limited seating. Seats must be paid for in advance: $20 Buy Now

Liz Martinez Nelson , associate from David Rapaport Casting
"90210" CW
"The Life and Times of RJ Berger" MTV

snapshot interview with Liz:
  • Where are you from?
  • San Diego, CA
  • Where did you go to college? Major?
  • Denison University in Ohio, BFA in Theatre
  • What led you to casting?
  • I have a background in acting but I knew I never wanted to pursue it as a career. Casting allows me to stay close to a thing I love but in a whole different way. The month I learned that casting was a job I started submitting my resume and landed a job in a great feature casting office.
  • What is it you like about casting?
  • See above :)
  • What are some highlights in your career so far?
  • Working on the pilot of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was one of the highlights. There was a lot of push and pull and it was fun to be a part of such a high profile and well-received show.
  • What is a pet peeve actors do when they come in?
  • My pet peeves are when people don't have their headshot stapled and when they are not familiar with or they don't understand the material.
  • What is the best thing an actor can do for an audition?
  • Get their nerves under control, be normal, and do their best.
  • What marketing tool, service or idea do you think is really effective for actors?
  • Going to workshops is a great way to be seen and more importantly, learn about the casting process and have your questions about auditioning and casting answered.
  • What are the 3 things every actor should be doing?
  • Staying positive, focused and active in their career.

tara yuri

TTG Members Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal have a new book out for those interested in Voice Overs. They were at the Drama Bookstore in NYC signing copies for their fans, and now have rave reviews!
Review HERE!
Go to their site HERE!!!
VO excersize of the week HERE! So cool...

See you soon!
Pat, Judy, Lu, Steph and everyone at TTG


Wednesdays, NOVEMBER 10TH


No Partners or scenes needed


2 Week Class


Audition Skills: Nailing Under 5s Through the Big Guest Stars!


Talent To Go


NOV. 15th

1 - 2:30 pm

TTG AUDITION for membership

Go HERE for info

at The Raven Playhouse in NoHo

Dec 2nd 8pm
BIG Networking Opportunity
Meet J. Michael Straczynski
Creator of Babylon 5, Crusade and Jeremiah
Writer of "The Changling"

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Raffle Winners!
These lucky folks entered the raffle at the Talent To Go booth at Actorfest and WON!

$25 off any TTG product:
Alvina Ngo

Linda Kaye
Crystal Balint
Stacie Sclufino
Jason Talmadge
Brittney Tennyson
Fieren Brehana
Sonja Fisher
Courtney Kalloff

$50 off any TTG product:
Andrew McReynolds
Krystelle Lorraine
Ashley Cacho
Rayshell Curtiss

Grand Prize Winner! A Free Class session!
Lyra Jazmin

Coupon good for any of our classes offered.
Coupon expires on February 14Th 2011.
Deposit must be made to hold the spot for class. Discount taken off the balance due the first day of class. Discount must be mentioned at time of sign up. No refunds or exchanges on classes 7 days prior to the class start date. If cancel class before 7 days prior a $30.00 processing fee applies.

MEMBERS: Recommend a friend to TTG and after they sign up and do a workshop, you get a free show!
NEW MEMBERS: Bring a friend to the TTG auditions and if you are both accepted and join you get a free show for your referral! ( partner still must pay for show slot)

Free show must be used within 6 months.