June 2016  Ragan's HOPE  Newsletter
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Volunteer View:
Thank you to the following volunteers who served in the month of May!

Beth Lytle
Cathy Pendola
Dan Watson
Delena Stuart-Watson
Dorothy Brooks
Eva Nichols
Hannah Berg
Jackie Gilliland
Janet Wooley
Jason Penland
Jen Cook
Jennifer Cartwright
Julanne Kuras
Kathy Bloyd
Kenten Waldrum
Krisha Powell
Kristin Bate
Linda Jessup
Lisa Alford
Liz Fulcher
Mark and Diane Culpepper
Melissa Youngman
Pam Karnes
Pattie Schreiber
Patty Johnson
Peggy Anderson
Ragan Smith
Randy and Kelsey Remmelts
Rebecca Sofio
Shannon Rothschild
Stacy Penland
Stephanie Hoskins
Tammie Goode
Terry and Lynette Waldrum
Terry Meyers
Theresa Vessel
Tonya Johnson
Tracy Jackson
Troy George
Val Philibert
Vickie Kettler

We appreciate YOU! 
The families we serve appreciate YOU!
YOU are making a difference!!!!
     Congratulations 2016 graduates!  
Ragan's HOPE has had three very special teens who have served throughout their high school years. They have made countless deliveries, made hospital visits, helped with moves, etc.  Logan, Taylor and Tommy, we are thankful for your hearts of service and we are praying for you as you move into your next chapter of life!  Remember, wherever you go, you have the Ragan's HOPE family and you are loved!

Taylor Hall and Tommy Hall
(daughter and son of Tracey Dailey).
Logan Duckworth (son of Alicia Duckworth)

To all the men who have children, and to those who have stepped up to be that special man that every child needs...
BIG Thank yous!

Top Golf
for providing 300 bags for our school supplies!
for providing the starter kit of school supplies for 292 bags, and to the Samsung employees who assembled!

Anderson Paving
for providing volunteers for a furniture move!

Fly & Love Yoga
Beth Lytle
for providing the amazing ariel yoga for the East Texas volunteer appreciation day!

Sadler's Kitchen
Rob Gowin
for providing and preparing an amazing dinner and hosting the volunteers in your wonderful home!

Please help the families that we support make "cents" of their lives by giving yours!  To make a financial donation, visit 

Quote from a family...
"Ragans HOPE is a tremendous blessing to our family. Not only did they assist us while our son was hospitalized but even after we came home. We appreciate the prayers, the phone calls and every holiday thought. Ragan's HOPE has made a difference in all of our lives. Every volunteer that we have been in contact with has been absolutely wonderful to our family. When we had no where else to turn, Ragan's HOPE was right there. Ragan's HOPE is truly a God sent. Thank you all so very much" 
The McLane Family                  
Do you know of a family that we could support or someone who would like to volunteer?  Please visit www.raganshope.org !
Ragan's HOPE
PO Box 192705
Dallas, Texas 75219
Upcoming events:


6/4 - Executive Leadership Meeting

6/18 - Father's Day

6/17 - Area Team Lead Conference Call

6/25 - 
Connection / Visitation Team Brunch -      Dallas / Ft. Worth

6/27 - Ronald McDonald House
   New Orleans, LA


7/14 - Ronald McDonald House
   Ft. Worth, TX

7/17 - Kids4Kids Christmas in July    DFW project event - 
   details to follow

7/21 - Christmas in July - DFW
   6:30 - 9:00pm
   The Rienzi, Dallas

7/30 - Backpack assembly/delivery 
   10:00 - 12:00pm - Assembly
   12:00pm - Deliveries

Thank you to those who served at the Dallas Ronald McDonald House! It was a great time!
RMH Dallas 05_20_16
Troy, Terry, Nicole, Pattie, Kristin, Lynette 
(not pictured: Kenten, Delena, Dan)

Upcoming RMH opportunities:

New Orleans
Sunday, June 26th

Ft. Worth
Wednesday, July 14th

Wednesday, August 10th

 To make donations:
To serve:
contact stacy.penland@raganshope.com

A note from Dan...
Our legacy continues to grow with more partnerships joining in with Ragan's HOPE to provide referrals of new families and support in so many ways.
Top Golf, continues to provide support through employees volunteering their time.  Backpacks were donated, picked up and delivered to another one of our corporate supporters, Samsung.  Samsung employees, donated their time to fill the backpacks with school su pplies for families.
Ragan's HOPE, was represented once again at the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce Talent Pipeline Policy Task Force meeting.  This group addresses educational agendas to be brought before the Texas legislature for consideration each year.
Thanks to Anderson Paving, Inc., for assisting in the move of a Ragan's HOPE family!
If you know of any organizations which might be of benefit to Ragan's HOPE in any way, do not hesitate to email Dan Watson at dan.watson@raganshope.com.  Also, please consider networking with you scope of influence where you work and through personal contacts to spread the word about Ragan's HOPE and what we do.
Recipe of the month:
Chicken Piccata with Pasta
2 large boneless chicken breast
ΒΌ cup white wine
2 tbsp capers
2 fresh lemons (1 squeezed/1 sliced)
1 cup flour
Fresh ground black pepper
4 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Corn starch (optional)
  • With a sharp knife, split chicken breasts horizontally.  
  • Between either wax paper or plastic wrap, flatten each half of the chicken breast.  
  • Salt and pepper chicken breasts.  
  • Lightly dust each half of with flour.  
  • Heat butter and olive oil in frying pan
    and place each half of chicken breasts in the pan. 
  • Cook each side until light golden brown
  • add capers, wine and squeeze juice from one lemon into the mixture.  
  • Optional corn starch mixed with cold water may be added to thicken mixture to desired consistency.
  • Turn heat to simmer for about for about 5 minutes. 
  • Slice remaining lemon into thin slice for garnish.
Spaghetti with garlic, butter and pesto makes a great side for Chicke
Piccata.  Just prepare spaghetti according to package directions, drain, then add 1 tablespoon of butter, 3 cloves of crushed fresh garlic and 1 tablespoon of pesto.  More or less butter, garlic and pesto may be adjusted for amount of spaghetti prepared.


Submitted by: 
Dan Watson