Ohio Central Signal Maintainer Killed Jan 15 in Ohio

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Dear Fellow Railroad Workers:

On January 15th a fellow rail was killed on the job in Ohio.

A National Transportation Safety Board report released February 7th stated:

On January 15, 2024, about 5:30 a.m., an Ohio Central Railroad signal maintainer was found deceased by the crew of Wheeling & Lake Erie freight train 218-15 on the main track of the Columbus and Ohio River Railroad east of the New Rumley Road highway-railroad grade crossing (grade crossing) near Jewett, Ohio.

While we are saddened at the news of our brother's or sister's death, we must double our resolve to build a safer workplace where such tragedies are not so commonplace.

The Railroad Workers United Program for Fallen Rails urges you to do the following on behalf of our fallen brother, or sister their friends and family, co-workers and all railroad workers:

Commit yourself to following up on how and why our brother or sister was killed. What is the behind-the-scenes story? What role did unsafe conditions, including short staffing, crew fatigue, inadequate training and/or qualifying, deferred maintenance, or other factors play in this fellow worker’s death?

Get involved in the national movement against blame the worker “behavior-based safety” programs. Help build real union-based safety committees and programs that focus on hazard elimination and do not ignore the underlying causes of accidents, injuries and fatalities sustained on the job. For more information, see the webpage http://railroadworkersunited.org/safety-programs/

Take part in the RWU annual Railroad Workers Memorial Day each April 28th. For more information, see the webpage http://railroadworkersunited.org/railroad-workers-memorial-day/

Join RWU and fight to build solidarity and unity among all railroad workers, and make safer workplaces for all.

Thank you.

Railroad Workers United

P.S. Please forward this email to fellow railroad workers.

Also - If you know the name of this brother or sister, RWU would deeply appreciate your passing that on to us for our Fallen Rails page.

NTSB Report

Railroad Workers United

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