Bringing Back My 
Rail Trail Email Newsletter

For about five years I was producing a Constant Contact HTML newsletter that was going out to over 4,000 folks interested in rail trail development around the Northeast.  AND it was being forwarded to another 7,000 people. Because my real estate practice got too busy, I had to shut down the newsletter and a lot of people expressed their disappointment.  

Now we're in 2017 and my real estate practice is at a point where I have brought on an assistant--Tiffany Lyman-Olszewski--who can do the background layout of this newsletter. It will consist of 8 articles (with links) and will only about rail trail development in the Northeast. I'll also have an update or calendar about my speaking engagements and other interesting little tidbits. I hope you enjoy this, as there is a lot going on around the region!

Craig Della Penna
After about 15 years of talks and planning, the tunnel for the bike path...

I love stories about how Gateway Cities all around the region are being renaissanced by rail trail projects. Here's a video about the project at Poughkeepsie NY.

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Back in the mid-1990s, when I was doing my first book on Rail Trails in New England, I came upon a group in Wolfeboro, NH that were sort of a hybrid of a conventional rail-to-trail...

Here’s a recent story in the Fitchburg, MA newspaper about the Twin City Rail Trail project. I was involved there over 10 years ago and it is finally starting to gain traction. 

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 Many years ago, perhaps 1999, I was called in to be the keynote speaker at a gathering of business owners in downtown Newburyport to talk about developing a trail not only to the downtown area, but to be a part of the East Coast Greenway and connect into New Hampshire.  See what is happening now.

Traveling by train, but still need your bike for when you disembark? Now you can carry it on board with you when you travel by Amtrak.

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Feasibility Study for Dedham Heritage Rail Trail Released

#8 Northampton/Hadley on the Mass Central Rail Trail. Largely about the Bridge and environs.
  In 2016, I commissioned Tom Adams of Reelife Productions to produce a series of short videos about each section of the burgeoning network of rail trails here in the CT River Valley. Turns out that there are 14 and you're gonna love them! 

Here's my calendar of upcoming in-person lectures, online webinars, bike tours etc. 

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