Did you know that for over 20 years, there has been an occasional Golden Spike Conference?

We, the MCRT core-group, would choose a different place to hold it every time, and there is no set-in-stone timeframe to hold it. Our last one was here in Northampton in July of 2018. Here is the link to that conference. 

Our next one will be on Saturday, October 16 2021 and it will be in Gilbertville, Mass. This is one of four villages in the town of Hardwick, on the MCRT corridor, just east of the town of Ware and in the service area of the East Quabbin Land Trust. As you probably know, EQLT has renovated several bridges along with about 5 miles of corridor in this locale. They are on-target to do more as well.

We are working on a new website for this next GS event and will unveil that in a few weeks.

The conference will be at the Stone Church on 283 Main Street in Gilbertville which has a genuinely nice space for an event like this and importantly, the layout can be observant of all Covid protocols that will still in-place at that time. 

The agenda is still being developed and it will include a catered light breakfast and luncheon, a nationally famous key-note speaker, some afternoon walking, and biking tours for you to choose from, along with up to the moment, inspiring news about this knitting together of the longest rail trail in New England.