Rail trail construction begins!
Rail removal

Keystone Rail Recovery and JMG Metals have started removing rails from the rail trail. The first section they are working on is from Depot Street to Old Meetinghouse Road in Townsend. Construction of the complete rail trail by Shepherd's from Depot St to Old Meetinghouse will start as soon as Keystone moves on to the next section. Keystone will be removing all the rails from the Squannacook River Rail Trail this construction season.
Pulling a long section of rail back to the staging area at Depot Street.
The ties remaining after the rails have been removed.
Map of the first 1.1 miles to be completed by spring 2021.
Construction of section 1: Depot St to Old Meetinghouse - to be built by Shepherd's
During the Fall and Winter of 2020, Shepherd's will be removing the ties and creating the finished stone dust rail trail for the 1.1 mile section from Depot Street in Townsend center to Old Meetinghouse Road. Because of endangered species limitation, the next section to be built, from Old Meetinghouse to Harbor Church, will need to wait until Nov. 2021.