Project Overview

The objectives of this project are to determine optimal proper placement, size and design of the two railroad underpass bridges at South Nevada Avenue and South Tejon Street. Both bridges are on the south side of the city located near the Mill Street neighborhood area. Both the road and rail corridors are heavily used as a key north-south through-routes, making it critical that they continue to safely provide their current functions.

Replacement bridges and their related track alignment is a 100-year decision and significant investment. Long-term implications of rail and city infrastructure investments are being carefully weighed against all potential options.

Funding limitations, potential funding partners, alignment considerations and impacts, as well as railroad, citizen and stakeholder input must all be understood along with the future city-building and quality of life benefits to ensure this project best responds to needs/desires.

Project Goals:
  • Gain understanding of the long-term needs and opportunities for this public infrastructure
  • Effectively address railroad operational, maintenance and safety needs
  • Maintain and improve traffic operations on Nevada Avenue, Tejon Street, and intersecting streets
  • Complete a Quiet Zone study and implement the findings
  • Address pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety across the railroad tracks
  • Design bridges and associated improvements that are compatible with and improve access to surrounding neighborhoods and land uses, and are supportive of development opportunities
  • Design bridges and underpasses to be welcoming and attractive
  • Address cost effectiveness to construct and maintain the bridges
  • Develop an improvement program and funding strategy to provide financing through a combination of City, regional, federal, state and railroad sources
  • Develop beneficial internal and external City partnerships
  • Inform the public and engage stakeholders potentially impacted by the project

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