Volume 05 | October 2019
Product Application Spotlight
Real-World Applications for Wayside Detection, AEI and Railroad Control Functions
Automatic Equipment Identification

AEI is becoming more important to the rail industry every day. Tracking a customer's shipment is the number one goal at some Class 1 railroads. AEI monitors cars on the system and sends the information to back-office systems for processing.
AEI Integration with Defect Detectors

Integrating AEI with an existing NG or NG 2 Defect detector is as simple as Installing the antennas, attaching a serial cable and programming the detector. This a very economical way to improve the functionality of existing Defect Detector sites.
Dedicated AEI Systems

Dedicated 2600 systems provide detailed AEI information that is shared with a remote host to gather information about individual cars or complete consists.
AEI AAR Reporting Format

The AAR is currently evaluating improvements to the S-9203A and
S-9203B reporting formats to include various information from train cars and Hot Box Detectors. This information is useful in evaluating the health and location of rail cars.
Southern Technologies AEI Reports Provide the Information That You Need to Manage Your Fleet

The SmartScan 2600-020 AEI Reader produces accurate and concise diagnostic reports. The diagnostic reports help to identify the quality of information from each train or AEI site. The example on the left is a Train summary report, click on the Image to see an explanation of the report fields.
Southern Technologies AEI Helps to Confirm Consist Accuracy

The SmartScan 2600-020 confirms which cars are currently part of a consist. This real-time information can be used to manage train planning and verify the location of assets.
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