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Railroad Quiet Zones Now Active at Commercial Dr., Brazos Town Center Blvd. and Minonite Rd. (FM 2977)

Have you heard? Railroad Quiet Zones are now active and operational at Commercial Drive, Brazos Town Center Boulevard and Minonite Road (FM 2977).

What are railroad quiet zones? These zones are comprised of railroad crossings where improvements have been made that allow the train to proceed without using the horn reducing the City’s overall noise pollution. This means when the train passes through it will not sound its horn (except in the case of emergencies). Each quiet zone crossing has newly modified center medians to prevent vehicles from driving around automatic gate arms. Other crossing improvements include proper signage along the tracks for train engineers, and the appropriate street signage to warn drivers that they are entering a “No Train Horn” zone.

While the City’s train noise reduction measures greatly reduce train horn noise, they do not fully eliminate the potential for railroads to blow the train horns. A train engineer may continue to blow the train horn if the engineer detects a hazard at the crossing. A crossing hazard could include a car stopped on the tracks or the presence of nearby pedestrians or mowing or maintenance crews.

Phase two of the Railroad Quiet Zone project includes three additional crossings on the north side of the City at Walnut Avenue, 3rd Street and Rawson Road.

The Rosenberg Development Corporation contributed $880,000 to the Railroad Quiet Zone project to design, install, and implement railroad quiet zones, suitable as a public safety and quality of life improvement project. The City funded the remainder of the Capital Improvement Project cost in the amount of $600,000.

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