Volume 03 | April 2019
Product Application Spotlight
Real World applications for Wayside Detection, AEI and Railroad Control Functions
The SmartScanNG 2 Defect Detector Feature Summary
The SmartScanNG 2 Wayside Defect Detector Is Loaded With Advanced Features
The Model 2300 NG² Defect Detector is designed to perform all traditional defect inspections. The processor package produces radically increased computing power and is fully backward compatible with the over 1000 NG systems in service on Class I and other heavy-haul railroads worldwide.For a simple upgrade replace the NG Controller Module with the NG² Controller Module while retaining your existing chassis assembly. All plug connections are pin compatible.

 Advanced Software Feature:
The SmartScanNG 2 makes menu navigation simple by using a web interface. The detector stores the last 100 trains in non-volatile memory so the user can find relevant train data quickly and easily.
A symbol legend at the top of the train summary data menu provides an easy way to gauge site performance at a glance.

 Advanced Software Feature:
To see more data from an individual train, click on the train in the Train Data menu. You will be able to view axle count, speed, and length, as well as AEI information, System Alarms, and Integrity Failures for the train.

Advanced Software Feature:
The SmartScanNG 2 monitors critical system hardware and reports real time hardware status as Pass , Failure or Needs Attention . The system can reduce repair time by displaying possible causes of problems found.

Advanced Software Feature:

The latest firmware can be pushed out to the detector through the network connection, and is stored until a technician can cut over the new revision while on site. The system saves the previous version providing an option for re-installation.

 Advanced Hardware Feature:

Field personnel can connect to the detector in multiple ways.
  • Direct Serial Connection
  • Direct Ethernet Connection
  • Secure Wireless Connection
  • Front Panel Display and Controls
  • Remote Web Session with Detector
  • WHMS Software

 Advanced Hardware Feature:

 The Model 2300 NG² system is designed to seamlessly integrate data from a  TransCore® MPRX - RFID reader module . The addition of an MPRX reader module enables the system to include car identification information, such as Owner Codes and Car Numbers, in defect alarm announcements and train reports. 
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