This Holiday Give the Gift of
Hope, Help, Healing, Housing
Homelessness does not recognize special occasions. This means when the holiday season arrives, many homeless families cannot afford gifts, winter clothes, or basic essentials for life. Rainbow Village “Give the Gift of Hope, Help, Healing, Housing” campaign provides support for homeless families so they can enjoy the holiday season. With your donation Rainbow Village will provide household items, new beds, success coaching, family gift opportunities, and more to our current Rainbow Village families and future families.  You can make a difference by giving hope, help, healing, and housing to our Rainbow Village families.  
Donate Gift Cards
Your gift card will bring HOPE to those families that are unable to give during this holiday season. A donation of Visa, MasterCard and American Express Gift Cards in $25 increments will allow our residents to purchase gifts for their children. Imagine the joy and dignity the resident feels when they watch their child enjoy the holiday season.
Donate Funding for New Beds
Help provide a restful night sleep for our families. Donate towards the purchase of twin beds for our children and adults that are moving into Rainbow Village. When a new family arrives at Rainbow Village, each child and adult receive a new bed, bed frame, and many restful nights.

Consider donating $200.00 for the bed and restful nights. CLICK to Donate
Donate Funding for Healing
Imagine living day-to-day without knowing where you or your children will sleep or eat. Homelessness causes trauma to those that journey through it. Our Rainbow Village Success Coaches and Partners bring HEALING to our families through listening, coaching, and guiding.

$250 provides Success Coaching for a family for 2 weeks. CLICK to Donate to bring Healing to those in need.
Donate Apartment Household Items
Many families arrive at Rainbow Village with nothing. A donation of items needed to stock an apartment can help a family feel right at home! Wish List items: bedding, pots and pans, dishes, towels, flatware, and more. Choose items from our Amazon List or CLICK for a complete Wish List.

Delivery Address:
3427 Duluth Highway 120
Duluth, Ga. 30096
Wish List Bundles - Click, Pay, Send Holiday Wishes
Any gifts donated in excess of our goal will be used to support Rainbow Village.
Donation Drop Off
Please deliver gift cards and Wish List donations to the Rainbow Village Office - located at 3427 Duluth Highway 120 Duluth - by December 18, 2020. Donation drop off is Wednesday through Friday
10 am- 4 pm or by appointment only. If you have any questions contact Elizabeth at 770-497-1888 Ext. 28 or email. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Elizabeth Hewell
Community Engagement Coordinator
770-497-1888 Ext. 28