Clean water for God's thirsty children
Raining Down Clean Water On God’s Thirsty Children

Here in our land of plenty, Spring rains washed away the last signs of Winter. Rain fills water tables under trees sprouting bright green leaves, and under fields giving birth to crops that will feed us after harvest.

In other parts of the world, it isn’t so simple.

For many people, the clean water of the rain mixes with the contaminated sources they contend with all year round. For others, the rains come rarely, or too much at once. And finally, some of our sisters and brothers are victims of those who treat water as a commodity, rather than one of God’s gifts.

Every day, children drink water we wouldn’t let our pets near.

We can do something about that. Over the next few weeks, we will have several opportunities for you to help make those waters clean again.

The first is the Grand Opening of our new office and warehouse on Friday, May 7. You can join us in person, or through the live-stream of the event as part of our weekly Coffee Chat. You can find more information below.

Second comes Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9. Our wonderful friends at Kroger and Nanz & Kraft Florists are providing gift cards to those who underwrite a Water Women in honor or memory of their Mothers. Again, see the information below.

Finally, there is KY Gives Day (, which this year falls on Tuesday, May 11 (but gifts can be made beginning May 1). What’s that you say? You don’t live in Kentucky? Well, we have good news. You can participate from anywhere around the world. One more time – info below.

So please consider participating in one (or all) of these opportunities. Together, by providing new Water Women with training, buckets, and the amazing Sawyer PointONE Filter, we can make it rain clean water for more of God’s thirsty children.
Anyone Can Give to KYGivesDay

Even if you’ve never watched a horse race, the betting would be that you’ve heard of the Kentucky Derby. When Louisville natives mention where they’re from, it’s the first (and sometimes the only) thing people will know about our town.

The famous words “And they’re off…” mean a little more to us this year. This coming Saturday, the 147th Derby Day, is the first day of KYGives, an annual opportunity for people to support local charities, filled with fun and inventive incentives to place their money on a sure winner.

Originally designed for Kentuckians everywhere to support their home state, KYGives is open to all, even those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be born in the Bluegrass.

We will have a link from our website, or you can go straight to and search for Water With Blessings. You can make your gift all the way through May 11.

And even though we always we want a sunny Derby Day, let’s work together to make it rain clean water for God’s thirsty children.
Our Re-Scheduled Grand Opening is
Less Than Two Weeks Away

The Water With Blessings Grand Opening, Dedication, and Ribbon-Cutting is now scheduled for Friday, May 7. Join us for a grand celebration, with food and ice cream for sale, a chance to tie-dye a shirt, and tours of our new offices and warehouse.

Because we're still trying to be careful and observe the protocols, we ask that you make a reservation if you would like a tour. Please send a request via email to

Details are still to come, so stay tuned...
Preserving and Sharing God’s Gift of Clean Water

Echoing his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis spoke a couple of weeks ago about ‘Sister Water’ – “a wonderful and irreplaceable gift of God.”

“Sister Water is not merchandise,” he said. “It is a universal symbol and the source of life and health…so many brothers and sisters have access to too little and perhaps polluted water. It is necessary to assure potable water and hygienic services to all.”

And when he finished by saying, “I thank and encourage those who, with diverse professionalism and responsibilities, work for this very important aim…” – he meant people like you, our Water With Blessings Community for Mission.

We join Pope Francis in thanking you once again for your generous response to those in need of clean water. Please consider helping us once again. Or you can click the button below and become one of our Monthly Sustainers whose gifts underwrite two Water Women each year.

And finally, please continue passing this email along to your family and friends. Give them the gift of changing and saving lives.
Meet Alva, One of Our
Water Women in Honduras
We’ve all been concerned about the catastrophe in Honduras, where two hurricanes slammed the country in a matter of days last year. So we thought that we would show you a bit of a (mask-hidden) smile from one of our wonderful Water Women.

Alva (pictured above) lives in the Yoro district of Honduras, and is one of 3,000 mothers in north coast to be trained as Water Women following the hurricanes. She has two children and is very proud to be able to provide clean water for them and for three other families in the neighborhood of El Zarzal.

Though there still remains much to do as Honduras heals, Alva and the other Water Women would like to thank you for your prayers and for being part of the disaster relief response.
On This Week's Coffee Chat: Making It Rain For Those Who Need Clean Water
Please be sure to join us this Friday, April 30, for a Day Before Derby/Let’s Make It Rain Clean Water Coffee Chat.

We will have the updates on the troubles in Haiti and our progress elsewhere in the world.

In addition, we will have all the latest information about our upcoming event trifecta (pardon the horse-racing references – it’s Derby Time): our Grand Opening, Mother’s Day, and KyGivesDay (actually KYGives over 10 days).

So pick up your cup, fire up the computer (or tablet or phone), and tune in to the latest edition of Coffee Chat. Remember, we begin every Friday at Noon Eastern Time. We hope to see you then.
If you have some time and some yarn, we’re still looking for more filter covers...

One of our great blessings is the number of clever, creative crafters who make these wonderful filter socks for our Water Women around the world. The bright, joyful colors complement the spirits of these mothers, who share the gift of health and life with those around them.

Our supply is still too low, so please consider helping us. If you’re new to this, you can click on the button below and find all the information you need.

As we approach Mother’s Day, this is just one more way to celebrate Moms around the world. Thank you for your help.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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