Volume 1,097 | May 09, 2022
Rainy Day Books
Rainy Day Books is located in
The Fairway Shops
2706 W 53rd Street
Fairway, Kansas 66205-1705
Phone: 913-384-3126
Fax: 913-384-9209

Our Shopping Hours:
Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Sundays we are Home with our families to read and rest!
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LIVE AUTHOR EVENT: Candice Millard on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at 7:00 PM
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"Face Masks and Social Distancing are optional
in order to enter Rainy Day Books."
Thank You, Vivien & Roger

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We Thank You for being faithful loyal Rainy Day Books Customers and for your continued support!
Rainy Day Books is For Sale!
Dear Friends,

As we pursue our process of transition to new ownership, we will provide ongoing updates. We are only 1 week in, yet some clarification may help you understand our process.

The Kansas City Star asks the question: Will Rainy Day Books Turn A New Page?

The simple answer is Yes, we will!

Rainy Day Books is a profitable, vibrant business, with room for growth and continued success in the hands of the right new owner. We are taking our time to find the right successor to carry on our 47 year legacy. 

Our screening process is uniform. All serious buyers must tell us their own story. In order to sell a good story, you must be able to tell one.

Our screening process is confidential. We can say that the serious inquiries we received so far indicate a very large number of local groups are interested.

Again, the process begins by contacting Geoffrey Jennings at Geoffrey at RainyDayBooks.com Serious inquiries will be provided a detailed questionnaire to complete by the end of June 2022. We are providing ample time for people to consider their answers before submitting them for consideration.

Essential reading for serious buyers:

We continue to plan our world-class Author Events for the summer and fall of 2022, though we are being very selective about the schedule at this time. Some of our potential Author Events will be once-in-a-lifetime programs. These require an exceptional level of effort, and we are taking great care to balance our lives around them.

We continue to grow our staff and are working to return to pre-pandemic hours of operation. Our staff are excited about the future, as are we.

We have been residents of Fairway for almost half a century, and we live less than one block from Rainy Day Books. One could say that we are working to transition from owners to customers. We are retiring, and our home is in Fairway.

Many of you have written profound messages of gratitude recognizing the work that we have done. We are humbled and thankful. Please know that our work continues, we will insure that our legacy of literacy is preserved for generations to come. 

Be well,

Vivien and Roger
We Recommend This Important New Book!
Jeff Deutsch is the Director of Chicago's Seminary Co-op Bookstores, which in 2019 he helped incorporate as the first not-for-profit bookstore whose mission is bookselling. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.
From a devoted reader and lifelong bookseller, an eloquent and charming reflection on the singular importance of bookstores.

Do we need bookstores in the twenty-first century? If so, what makes a good one? In this beautifully written book, Jeff Deutsch, the Director of Chicago's Seminary Co-op Bookstores, one of the finest bookstores in the world, pays loving tribute to one of our most important and endangered civic institutions. He considers how qualities like space, time, abundance, and community find expression in a good bookstore. Along the way, he also predicts, perhaps audaciously, a future in which the bookstore not only endures, but realizes its highest aspirations.

In exploring why good bookstores matter, Deutsch draws on his lifelong experience as a bookseller, but also his upbringing as an Orthodox Jew. This spiritual and cultural heritage instilled in him a reverence for reading, not as a means to a living, but as an essential part of a meaningful life. Central among Deutsch's arguments for the necessity of bookstores is the incalculable value of browsing, since, when we are deep in the act of looking at the shelves, we move through space as though we are inside the mind itself, immersed in self-reflection.

In the age of one-click shopping, this is no ordinary defense of bookstores, but rather an urgent account of why they are essential places of discovery, refuge, and fulfillment that enrich the communities that are lucky enough to have them.
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46 Years of bringing Customers & Books together for memorable experiences!
Thank You for Supporting Your Community Bookseller, Rainy Day Books, Since 1975!
Since Vivien Jennings Founded Rainy Day Books on November 04, 1975, we have pursued our Legacy of Literacy; 46 Years of helping match readers to great Books, bringing famous and soon-to-be-famous names to Kansas City, and enjoying the excitement of sharing so many experiences.
Take the time to tell someone new about Rainy Day Books. Each book that you purchase at Rainy Day Books makes Rainy Day Books a place Authors ask to visit, a vibrant part of Kansas City's arts community, and a Bookstore where people love books enough to talk about them all day long. Please encourage your fellow readers to sign up for this E-Mail Newsletter. We will have an exciting upcoming schedule of Livestream Author Events in 2022, and this is the first place to hear about them!
Rainy Day Books is located in The Fairway Shops, at the Northwest corner of the intersection of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Belinder Avenue. Our address is 2706 W 53rd Street, Fairway, Kansas (KS) 66205-1705. Our Phone Number is 913-384-3126.  Our E-Mail Address is Mailbox@RainyDayBooks.com
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Our Current Bookstore Hours:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and Sundays we read, rest, recharge, and enjoy time with our families at Home.
When you shop at Rainy Day Books you're a part of our Legacy of Literacy for Kansas City. We provide full service, knowledgeable Reading Recommendations and priceless Author Event experiences, all at a fair price. To our faithful loyal Customers, we say Thank You for your Support! We look forward to seeing again you soon!
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Life is Good and it just keeps getting Better,
Vivien & Roger and all of your friends at Rainy Day Books.
When I discovered books as a young girl, I dreamt about having a bookstore where people could read about anything and everything that interests them. Books provide edification, entertainment, and escape. My dream came true, and I welcome you to Rainy Day Books.
~ Vivien Jennings, Founder & President
Rainy Day Books
2706 W 53rd Street
The Fairway Shops
Fairway, Kansas 66205-1705
Phone: 913-384-3126
Fax: 913-384-9209