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Rainy Season Is Coming Fast...
Don't Get Caught With
Your Pump Down!
Get Your Sump Pump Inspected Today.

Don't let all this rain cause problems that could have
been avoided. Call us today to come out and inspect your
sump pump & make sure it is working properly.

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Call us for a free estimate - we’re even available for evening and weekend appointments.
And remember, the job can start immediately!

15-Point Sump Pump Inspection

  1. What is the age of the Sump Pump?
  2. Is the sump pump operational?
  3. Sump pit condition
  4. Clay tiles or PVC footing drain
  5. Stability of discharge piping
  6. Is there any discharge into sanitary system?
  7. What is the age of the backup pump
  8. Does the Backup Pump Operate?
  9. Is the battery well maintained?
  10. Is the check valve operational?
  11. What is the distance of downspout discharge from foundation?
  12. Are window well drains clear?
  13. Is the gutter system visibly intact?
  14. Is the landscaping sloped away from house?
  15. Are there any electrical risk factors?

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