How Solving A Friend's Log Home Problem Created An Industry Leader
The Inception of Perma-Chink Systems
In 1980 my neighbor told me about building a log home in Eastern Washington. He said that he loved the home and the lifestyle but was disappointed that with the wind constantly blowing and cold winters, there was no real effective way to seal the gaps between the logs. The house leaked air and heat, and wind-driven rain literally came right through the walls.

He tried various caulking materials with little success. Caulking around a bathtub or sink was significantly different from ‘caulking’ literally miles of seams between logs in a log house. After a number of conversations and experiments, it became apparent that there was no readily available product that could seal the gaps, look like authentic chinking, and last more than a few months.

After literally months of trial and error, it became apparent that if we were going to design a material that would be acceptable, we would have to design it ourselves. 
Refinishing your log home can be a daunting task if you're new to log homes. Let's learn the different methods to refinish log homes.
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Fast Life on Sunday, Hard Work on Monday

Perma-Chink Systems' Tony Huddleston recounts a very special customer of ours. While most recognized him as a dominating and imposing race car driver, Tony got to see the driven, meticulous man behind the mustache: Dale Earnhardt.

Take a trip down memory lane with us to visit one of racing's most popular and decorated drivers - and his log home.
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