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Dec 2019
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Raise funds for your unit before Dec 31st, CFC webinar Dec 11th, employer matching gifts, Wreaths Across America, volunteer jobs with field fundraising, fundraising q&a, from the field with Maj Myrick, National Staff positions open, tributes and memorials, and Amazon Smile
Raising End-of-Year Donations...
Yes! There Is Still Time!
Looking to support your squadron with year-end gifts from members, parents and friends? Not quite sure how to get started? Here are two ways to still raise dollars by Dec 31st.
1.NHQ Has a Link You Can Use for Online Donations
CAP NHQ is running an end-of-year campaign for the 2nd year in a row. If you do not have an online payment site available, you may want to send donors one of the two website locations below to make a contribution. Both websites provide a chance to designate a local unit to be the recipient of the donor's gift. Please note that gifts via this website do take time internally to process and send to your Wing Administrator.
2.Facebook Fundraising - Using the Approved Guidelines
In order to meet your supporters in the places they frequent, it makes great sense to consider Facebook, especially with the platform’s addition of specific fundraising tools and donation options.

Now Civil Air Patrol units can raise money via Facebook... but you MUST follow CAP guidelines and processes for FB Fundraising to receive designated funds.
1st Lt Donald F. Morgan, Sr., CAP
Coeur d'Alene Composite Squadron (ID)

Facebook Goal Met!
$1,147 for a snowblower
A CAP Member's Best Practice Tips for Facebook Campaigns

This was an interesting project, t he guidelines sparked conversations that led to the Facebook fundraiser, so this is the direct result of the work the NHQ Field Fundraising team are doing - kudos for that!
1st lesson learned , engage the unit finance committee before starting, respect the process!

2nd lesson learned , proofreading matters, double-check the spelling, numbers, etc.

3rd lesson learned , use Mailchimp and resend to your unit and supporters once or twice a week, repetition helps!
To succeed in less than a month shows the value of the process. Part of the success built on prior work in getting our Facebook page to over 700 "likes" and "follows", part built on the size of our unit.
Again, your team's work alerted us to this channel, but for that, we are pretty sure we would be using shovels this winter - again, so please do extend to your whole team our appreciation for the work they do!  
Field Fundraising Education
The Combined Federal Campaign is Happening Now! Are you wondering how to sign-up your squadron next year? Join us for this informative webinar - as the new registration period has opened.

Note: Your Field Fundraising Team is analyzing the cost to participate vs the return on investment. We believe this option may be best for large squadrons and Wings - and not a cost effective/time-effective strategy for smaller units. We want to help you be great stewards of your efforts.
Field Fundraising Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Webinar

12/11/19 7:00pm - 12/11/19 8:00pm

Lt Col Paul Cianciolo, CFC Coordinator, will present best practices for next year's program and answer questions. Webinar is CST.
I'll be there!
Maybe, send me a reminder that day!
I am unable to make it
Don't Miss Donated Dollars to Your Squadron
It's FREE to Check !

Did you know many companies match employee donations?
Gifts from spouses and retirees may also be eligible!
Volunteer Hours too!
Have you added the matching gifts link to your unit's website yet? We want to hear from you!

At our recent National Conference, Gen Smith issued a friendly challenge for wings to grow the number of members and extended family who participate in employer matching gift programs. More dollars translates to more impact for our members and our missions.

More than 19,000 companies will match employee and retiree contributions, as well as, match volunteer hours given to Civil Air Patrol. Last fiscal year, nearly a quarter of a million dollars was raised for local units and CAP programs.

All you have to do is search and follow the instructions !
“Leroy R Grumman Cadet Squadron has been the recipient of IBM grants since 2009. I retired after 36 years and have been submitting my CAP volunteering hours and requests for grants since then. Currently my squadron has received over $10,000 in IBM grants. 

As a result of these grants and the returns from our contributions to Wreaths Across America, we have become financially independent to the point that we now do not charge any dues (squadron and Group) to our members nor charge new members for all their uniform accessories (all non-sized items) we order for them. In addition, we supply all new members with zip cases, logo pens and pads and logo string backpacks at no charge . “
Respectfully, Lt Col A. E. McLaughlin Jr., CAP
Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron – NER-NY-153

We held a Matching Gifts webinar in October. If you missed it or need a refresher to promote to your members, click the link below.
'Tis the Season For
Wreaths Across America!

Civil Air Patrol has an important partnership with Wreaths Across America. This year, National Wreaths Across America Day is Saturday, December 14 . If your unit missed this opportunity this year, start your planning early by clicking the link below.
Maj Lisa Myrick, CAP
Deputy Chief of Field Fundraising
From The Field...
Maj Lisa Myrick
“relate  /rəˈlāt/  verb 1. make or show a connection between. 2. identify with 3. have a rapport with

Relationships are a demonstration of who we relate to and how well we engage them. Relationships demonstrate our connection. They demonstrate who and what we value. They are vital to our existence as a volunteer organization.

People give when they connect with your story. They act from their heart and need to know they are making an impact. Giving is a personal act and providing them with a relational opportunity to give empowers them. Giving is more than money – it is a relational demonstration of trust.

When we steward our relationships – foster them and nurture them beyond what they give us and give back to them – those relationships flourish and remain strong. Ignore the relationships and the strength of the bond is weakened.
Tributes and Memorials

The Civil Air Patrol giving webpage offers donors the ability to make gifts in memory or honor of someone special. Donors who use the links below may specify their gift to a local unit. Tribute gifts made through this link are listed in each issue of the Civil Air Patrol Volunteer magazine.

Have you shared the link on your unit's web page ?
Looking for Great Members to Join the
Field Fundraising Team & Development
National Staff
Jobs currently posted:
National Grants & Research Manager
Grants Specialist

Jobs Posted Soon:
Peer-to-Peer Coordinator
Matching Gifts Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Support Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Scholarships
Civil Air Patrol Development

Kristina E. Jones, M.A., CFRE
Chief of Philanthropy

Donna Bass Maraman
Development Coordinator

Rebecca Stovall
Development Database and Operations Administrator (& Matching Gifts POC)

Maj Lisa Myrick - CAP
Deputy Chief of Field Fundraising
(334) 953-9003 Direct
(833) IAM-4CAP Toll-Free