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... because oral language skills are a predictor of future success! 

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORDS? How to share a wordless picture book with your child... 

Wordless picture books offer an opportunity for you and your child to become the storyteller. It can be great fun. And remember, oral language skills are a predictor of school success. Here are a few tips. 
  • Study the cover and title, and encourage predictions about the story.
  • Take a "picture walk" through the pages of the book. Enjoy the illustrations; note the characters' expressions; study the setting and make comments about actions.
  • Ask questions: Does she seem happy or sad? What do you think that dog is going to do?
  • Now, tell the story. Consider several options: 1) Go first and ham it up by using different voices and sound effects; 2) Take turns, alternating with your child from page to page; 3) Let you child take the lead, but help her out with questions to encourage details (Who? Where? When? Why?)
  • Remember to model and encourage rich use of language and imagination.
  • When finished, extend the conversation by asking: What was your favorite part of your story? Have you had an experience like the one in your story? Which pictures helped the most?
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We know that winter weather may have you and your kids spending more time with media.... 

If you haven't turned in your  Raising A Reader paperwork to your child's teacher, please do so ASAP! Thank you.

Cuddle up and read a good book! 

Snowmen at Night
By: Caralyn Buehner

Suggested Activity: 
Build a snowman of course!  Or make a craft snowman in a pinch. 

Katy and the Big Snow
By: Virginia Lee Burton  

Suggested Activity: 
Create a snowed in town with blocks and shaving cream on a large cookie sheet and then use a truck to snowplow a path through!

Snowflake Bentley
By: Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Suggested Activity: 
Cut out snowflakes and note how none of them are the same. 
You can also go to  and make a snowflake online. 

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The LIBRARIES of course! 
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