Raising Resilient Kids: Lessons from our Speakers
Coping Partners
Leigh Weisz, PsyD, Michelle Bagan Winterstein, LCSW, and Kathy Solk, LCPC of Coping Partners led an engaging and dynamic presentation on Raising Resilient Kids at the Northbrook Public Library on September 5th.
Thank you to everyone who attended CATCH's first Speaker Series event of the season.

Here's a quick look at what we learned about Raising Resilient Kids :

  • Allowing your child to FALL & FAIL will help them develop coping skills necessary for adulthood.
  • Instill a GRIT mindset: hard work is important.
  • Look for moments to turn struggles into opportunities for growth.
  • Focusing on the process of your child's experience rather than the outcome will help them build confidence.
  • Resist the temptation to relieve your child's stress.
Books Recommended by Coping Partners
Our mission is to empower families to raise resilient, independent youth by focusing on mental health and emotional wellness.

September is Suicide Prevention Month
After recent tragedies in Northbrook, CATCH has planned a special program to bring the community together.
After Suicide
Steps Toward Community Healing
An evening of sharing, understanding & support

Monday, September 9, 2019
Northbrook United Methodist Church
1190 Western Ave.
This program will include:
  • Panel discussion with mental health professionals from Family Service Center
  • Personal stories from survivors of suicide loss
  • Information on mental health resources in the community
Everyone is welcome.
Thank you Northbrook United Methodist Church
 for opening your doors for this event.
CATCH is dedicated to making a difference in our community.