Red Bags are here! 

You impressed us with your launch events. 
We look forward to seeing the kids love for books grow! 

Thank you for your hard work getting the RAISING A READER program kicked off for 2015.  We are so excited that the Red Bags are launched.  We are looking forward to another great year.   We know we couldn't do it without YOU!  It is motivating how many people care about the future of our children and invest enormous time and energy to insure that they will be successful.  Our hats are off to you.  
We want to acknowledge your effort in helping us collect the Parent Pre and Post Surveys for the Raising a Reader program.  This is valuable information.  We thought you might be interested in the program-wide results. 

2014-2015 Program Evaluation - Parent Pre and Post Survey
Below is a snapshot of changes in parent responses comparing end of school year responses to beginning of school year responses. The post survey was administered only to parents from whom a completed pre survey was collected.
General Reading Interest

Behavior Measured
Change September to May
Number of days per week with read-aloud session(s) at home
Full cohort:  Increased by a full day to 6.8 (almost daily)
Low-income cohort:  Increased by  1½ days to 5.5
Books are one of child's favorite things
Full cohort:  15% increase
Low-income cohort:  29% increase

Child/Parent Engagement

Behavior Measured
Change September to May
During read-aloud sessions, parents pause to discuss details with children
 (something we stress in parent sessions)
Full cohort:  12% increase
Low-income cohort:  20% increase
Child is engaged and inquisitive during read-aloud sessions.
Full cohort:  10% increase
Child "read" back or told stories about pictures during read-aloud sessions
Low-income cohort:  21% increase
Child sat quietly without comment during read-aloud sessions
Full cohort:  9% decrease- which is a GOOD indicator for
Frequency of child requests for read-aloud sessions with a parent
Full cohort:  41% increase  in high frequency category
Low-income cohort:  85% increase
Parent tries to read aloud whenever asked by child
Full cohort:  15% increase
Low-income cohort:  100% increase

Library Use
Behavior Measured
Change September to May 
Library use: Parents and children browse and play in children's section
Full cohort:  15% increase
Low-income cohort:  31% increase
Library use: Parents and children check out materials for home
Full cohort:  31% increase
Low-income cohort:  52% increase
Library use: Parents and children don't use the library
Full cohort:  33% decrease
Low-income cohort:  45% decrease

Screen Time
Behavior Measured 
Change September to May
Child prefers books to screen time
Full cohort:  Nearly tripled
Low-income cohort:  Nearly quadrupled for low income

In Summary.... 
The quick takeaways from the survey data (in an easy format that you could cut and paste into your newsletter to parents if you wish) are as follows: 

2014-2015 Raising a Reader Pre and Post Survey Results
We are grateful to parents for the feedback provided via the Raising A Reader Pre and Post Surveys.   
Here are some highlights from the results: 

- There are more read-aloud sessions occurring post Raising a Reader. Families are reading nearly 7 days a week.   
-Children are more actively engaged in the reading process.... they ask questions and read the story back to the parent.  Year end results show children are requesting read aloud time 41% more often.
- The library is used more actively and thoroughly.  Parent responses show a 31% increase in checking out materials to take home. 
-By program end, your children are choosing books 3 times more often than screen time. 
-Also, more children indicate that books are their favorite thing. Yea! 

We are pleased with these results.  Thank you for taking time to make a difference in your children's lives to insure their successful future. 

 To see the full report check the Parent Resource page under Programs on our website. 
Thank you for taking time to read this email.  The program is performing well throughout the valley but we are always looking to improve.  If you have any feedback for us, we are happy to hear from you.   Don't hesitate to talk to your coordinator, or contact the main office: 
Raising a Reader