Raising the Barre
Photo by Kate Luber
Beautiful. Inspiring. Emotional. Magical. These are just a few words that come to mind when remembering your first experience at the ballet.

This powerful experience is exactly what our founder, John E. Kirkpatrick, wanted to bring to Oklahoma City residents when he and Eleanor helped found the Oklahoma City Ballet.

Always looking toward the future, Mr. Kirkpatrick helped the Oklahoma City Ballet establish a permanent endowment at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. He leveraged his own charitable dollars to encourage others to give to the fund through a series of Kirkpatrick Challenges that offered matching dollars for endowment contributions.

This generous tradition continues today through the Kirkpatrick Family Fund's endowment matching grant program. Since the first match was offered in 1979, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund has contributed more than $45 million in matching funds to charitable organization endowments at the Community Foundation. In addition, these matches have evoked millions of dollars in donor contributions, as well as resulting investment appreciation.

Are your clients looking for a way to do more with their charitable dollars? Learn more about the matching grant program at OCCF.org/KFF, or contact Joe Carter  at 405/606-2914 to learn how clients can support charitable organizations by establishing a permanent endowment fund with an initial gift of $40,000.     
Charitable Gift Annuity Payout Rates on the Rise!
Always a good option for clients who are looking to support a charitable cause and create a life income stream, charitable gift annuities are becoming even more enticing. At its April meeting, the American Council on Gift Annuities voted to raise the maximum payout rate for charitable gift annuities. The rates, effective July 1, will be rising by 0.30 to 0.50 percent for those at the age when most annuity contracts are done. Learn more about the new rates and other changes made in this article from the ACGA.

Case of the Week: Exit Strategies for Real Estate Investors
As a real estate investor, Karl Hendricks could do no wrong. Even at the age of 85, it seemed everything he touched turned to gold. So, when he invested in a "fixer-upper," it was no surprise that within a few months, it had been renovated and he had an interested buyer. To avoid paying short-term capital gains tax, he plans to transfer the property into a FLIP CRUT benefitting one of his favorite charities.  In order to do this, he must have the property appraised and complete an IRS Form 8283, but he wants to make sure the charity files the proper paperwork as well. What are the obligations of the charitable organization?  

Upcoming Events

Do you want to increase your professional knowledge and skills and better serve your clients? Do you want insight that will benefit your clients immediately? This free luncheon through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Cannon Financial Institute helps you make it happen!

Join us for the next Cannon Estate Planning Lunch & Learn on May 22.

June 26
Ethics Issues Facing Trusts and Estates Practitioners
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August 28
Retirement Asset Planning for Estate Planners: Compelling Practical Advice

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Joe Carter
Director, Development