Order of Worship: Sunday February 12th



Call to Worship

Opening Prayer

Opening Songs

"Step by Step"

"More Love More Power"


Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Psalm 119:1-8

Matthew 5:21-24,33-37

Song of Praise

"Trust and Obey"

Message--"Raising the Bar"

Pastor Jen Matthees


"The Beatitude Song" Brad Wallace

Offering, Doxology, Prayer

Prayers of the People

Lord's Prayer


"Come Thou Font of Every Blessing"


This Week at Grace:

Saturday--Healing Art


Sunday--1030am Finance

Tuesday-- Bible study 9am

--Bells 1030am

--Ad Council 630pm



Thursday--Men's study 730am

If you are planning to meet at Grace UMC, you MUST call ahead of time to reserve space and get your meeting on the church calendar. As our building is used more, we must communicate even more!

Church Office Phone:


Grace Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9 a.m. to noon


Online--available to view any time after 10:15am

 Sunday morning.

In-Person--Sunday mornings at Grace



God, help us to consider this day how we live our lives and how we choose the direction to take. Discriminating God, help us to understand how crucial are the words that we speak to others as we seek relationships in life. Disturbing God, help us to find clarity in our relationship with you, with others, and maybe especially with ourselves. Amen

Call to Worship:

L: God has set before us the way of life,

P: May we grow into the beloved community.

L: God gave us the commandments, ordinances, and statues,

P: May we live into God’s ways of justice.

L: God sent Jesus, teaching us the fullness of God’s love,

P: May we love our neighbor as ourselves.

L: God continues to speak to us through the Holy Spirit,

P: May we choose the way, the truth, and the life of Christ;

All: May we draw closer to God in this time of worship.


Monthly Missions

In February, our missional giving goes to the Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen in Brainerd. Our church has supported this mission for many, many years, and a few volunteers from Grace continue to help there on a monthly basis.

There are envelopes labeled for this mission on the back table or you can simply put any special giving into the offering plate with a note on your gift that it is to be designated to this mission.

At the end of the month, after Ash Wednesday, the final Sunday will begin our designated giving for the Lakes Area Food Shelf.


Grace email changes

 Pastor Jen -- jenmatt20@gmail.com

Ann--Grace office email--graceumcpequotlakes@gmail.com

The old email addresses are no longer being checked, and/or forwarded to the new boxes.

Reminder--the office is open 9-12 Monday through Friday, if you are in need of assistance from Ann, please reach out or stop by during these scheduled hours.


Community News

Once again, area churches will join together to collect food and funds to benefit our friends and neighbors who use the food shelf. We have been very successful before--let's do it again!

A list of food and needs will be available soon. There was a teaser article in the paper listing the churches that are working together this year. Click to read. Food Shelf Challenge

Dreams of a larger community impact for the Lakes Area Food Shelf.

Food Shelf


Join us for an opportunity to explore the hardships of life through clay (gingerbread). We will work as a group to build and discuss our shared Christian journeys in faith. Looking at the art Kintsugi.

DATE: February 11th

TIME: 1-3 PM

DONATION: $5.00 

The Bell Choir has been practicing on Tuesday mornings.

They will be playing for us during our worship service on February 26th.

If you have something that should be added to this newsletter from your group or mission, please speak with Pastor Jen or email the details to her at jenmatt20@gmail.com. The E-Grace is generally completed by noon on Thursdays, so articles need to be received by Thursday 10am at the very latest.

If you wish to connect with me directly and it is not an emergency, please know that I will respond as needed during pretty regular office hours. I am in the church most weekdays from at least 10-12, call the office to be sure, as my weeks vary. Ann has my detailed schedule and can find me if needed. I check my emails frequently throughout the day, and this is the best way to contact me.

-Pastor Jen

Contact us concept with wood block and symbols at_ e-mail address and phone

Important note

If you are mailing something to the church, you must use our P.O. Box for the address. We do not receive mail at the church, and if you use the physical church address it will get returned and could delay your notices to us or offerings.

P.O. Box 276

Pequot Lakes, MN 56472

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