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ROAD RALLY eNews — March 2018 Edition
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos

While many of you did not receive a RReNews at the start of March, over 329 individuals did. Well, sort was more of a Spring Cleaning effort with a short note about our efforts and a simple request. I am pleased to say our efforts were successful.

While working our clean-up efforts, we have also seen a slight bump in rallyists joining our family of road rally enthusiasts. We are pleased that our effort to increase readership is succeeding.

We received over a dozen emails asking if they had missed the March edition and if we would resend it. Truly, those emails and messages were a great boost to our morale to produce RReNews.

For those new readers, this edition is a change to the layout. We need to resolve what the readers prefer so we are going to try this and await the reader votes! Links are highlighted in red and we have done a much better job of reminding you to click the graphic/photo to open the pdf-file associated.

Organizers and Rallymasters, from all sanctioning bodies, are encouraged to send their event details to us to post on the CRRwUs website and in upcoming editions of RReNews . Our recent post on Facebook about the Great American Mountain Rallye has received great interest, and we see other events getting high views as well. We want to bring awareness to your programs and grow the sport of Road Rally! You'll have a chance to see our efforts as you click on the links this month and view our calendaring of events.

We do realize that not all of you are on Facebook; I am one of those who doesn't go there 24/7, although I do have an account. Our webpage has a feed from our Facebook page, so you can keep up with news posted there!

This month the Home Office of RReNews is located in Bandon, Oregon! Here for time with Chuck Baim, our beloved Father-inLaw.

We are determined that we will get this edition out before midnight. After all, we don't want you to think this is an April Fool's joke!

Thank you for your support and understanding this month. We thank you for your time to vote!

Safe travels all,
Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Team
Road Rally eNews - TLDR? Links to Website? Leave it alone?

We know of individuals locally who have chosen not to signup for RReNews after two+ years of rallying. We talked with a GTA rallyist in Indiana, before the USRRC17, who thought it was "just a publication for your...

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We need 200 votes, so read the March 2018 RReNews and then PLEASE come here and vote!
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It's Here, so Let's Use It!
We encouraged all of you to start using the #comeroadrally hashtag in your posts about rallying. One reader wrote to ask what that meant and how it could help! It is a means to easily find information on the internet for common causes. Perhaps you have attended a seminar, wedding, or motorsport event where they have asked you to use a hashtag in your posts? Hashtag is # for those unfamiliar. So should you enter #comeroadrally into your browser, you may find a similar page such as this where you can articles, images and more about road rally (and a few oddities beyond)!
Rally Event WrapUps – AZ, KS, NH, NY
Arizona Border Rally Weekend

by David Head, Navigator Described by one competitor as the toughest Course Rally on the SCCA National Course Rally Championship, the Desert Sands was contested by nine rally teams on Saturday, March 3, 2018. The weather was fabulous with...

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2018 Metro PCA Snowflake Rally

by Peter Schneider for RReNews March 2018 This year's New York Metro Snowflake Rally celebrated its 62nd consecutive year. The Snowflake is a lightly trapped/course TSD rally and is the longest-running Porsche event in the nation and one of the...

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The Rallymaster's ReCap of Rubber Meets the Road Rally

March 26, 2018 - by David Williams, Rallymaster, — I have been a fan of Rally since the running of the 100 Acre Wood Rally in 2002. I was hooked immediately when the first car rounded the corner, flew down the hill,...

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Frost Heaves NER Road Rally WrapUp

by Morris Levy, posted in NER SCCA RallyCross — Off the beaten path of New Hampshire's' largest cities and highways lie some hidden yet incredible back roads, farmland, and sights to behold. Normally these roads aren't traveled much, and they're...

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Tips for Novices TSD's and NEC Update
Tips for Novice TSD Rallyists Updated by Starr

Finding good resources for those new to the sport is good. Having them as a refresher for those who have rallied before is helpful too! Yet having an author who updates it as technology and equipment enhancements come...

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National Events Committee Update - March 2018

March 5, 2018 —  I've covered the role of the National Events Committee several times, yet have never taken time to introduce the members (that's 'cuz I never thought of it until Peter Schneider gathered bios of RRB members). So, it's...

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Words from the Wheel by Jamie Mullin, SCCA National Staff
Logo Road Rally
Greetings from the National Office!
We are busy with the seasons ramping up for all programs! We are also amidst numerous staffing changes; which we all know involve growing pains. We appreciate everyone's patience as we work our way through this period of transition.
Event Fliers Open in Edge
During February it was brought to our attention that some of the RoadRally Event fliers which are posted on a Rally's Event Page when available, were not opening in the Microsoft Edge browser. The issue has been resolved. A big THANK YOU to Deena Rowland for reloading all the current fliers. Nevertheless, please notify us if you come across one not working.
A Reminder for Rallymasters –
Use New Incident Report Forms
While it is a rare occurrence, we want to make sure you know where to access the proper forms in the event of an incident. Beginning in 2017, SCCA has a new version of the Incident Report Form and Medical Claim form (formerly known as the green card). Please discard the old forms and replace your event folders with the new 2017 forms available via  in the File Cabinet.

You must be logged into your account to access the File Cabinet. Once in the File Cabinet, scroll down until you find the Insurance header to find 1) Incident Report Form & Instructions, 2) SCCA Accident Medical Claim Form. You will also see the Incident/Medical Form Information sheet provided by K&K Insurance, which includes basic procedures for completing and submitting the forms.  
These forms can be downloaded to your device from the File Cabinet and printed on a standard letter size piece of paper with no special printing requirements.
We're here to serve you, so reach out should you need assistance. And in the meantime, get your RoadRally events sanctioned and your audits submitted timely!

I am in the office M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CDT at 800-770-2055 x371, or you may contact me via e-mail at

Please continue to direct any Event, Sanction and Insurance related items or inquiries to Deena Rowland via e-mail to or telephone 800-770-2055 x 331 M-F, yet do keep in mind she is there to serve you 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. CDT.

We're here to serve you, so reach out should you need assistance. And in the meantime, get your road rally events sanctioned and your audits submitted timely!

Here are some stats on sanction requests thus far:
From Smuncher's Attic by Bruce Gezon , Rally Historian
Yes, that is me there on the left! That trophy, presented at the 1973 SCCA Convention, resides in our kitchen these many years later!

This month's offerings — Click on the images below to read as a pdf-files!
In 1985,  RoadRally  was a topic of growth in SCCA. A third of a century later is not too late to re-start the ideas put forth in this September 1985  SportsCar featured article.

Norm Hill served as Chairman of the RoadRally Board during that time, and I have included his column for you as well. His column covers something very similar to the Targa Southland, which SCCA-sanctioned in 2016-2017.

Advice, suggestions, and criticism are welcomed. You may reach me via email.
SportsCar September 1985 - Click photo to view!
SportsCar September 1985 - Norm Hill , RRB
Click photo to view.
Upcoming Road Rally Events for YOU!
CA: Drive Toward a Cure - California Adventure

The third Drive Toward a Cure event is set to raise the bar as the non-profit charitable organization opens registration for its third multi-day luxury drive. After raising more than $50,000 for Parkinson's Disease...

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2018 SCCA United States RoadRally Challenge

SCCA - St. Louis Region - Road Rally on Thursday, Oct 4 - Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 at Hampton Inn, Columbia, IL - October 4-7, 2018 Columbia, Ill. The 24th Annual SCCA United States RoadRally Challenge (USRRC) Hosted by the St. Louis...

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Post Your Upcoming Rally Dates and Invites HERE?
You bet! We welcome you to Come Join Us! RReNews is not an SCCA Publication, yet produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America by road rally enthusiasts.

Our goal is share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA, PCA, BMW, Furrin Group, or local marque clubs! Please checkout our growing list of Road Rally events across North America here!

Please send us news of your upcoming event dates and promotional materials to list, so as to make fellow road rally enthusiasts aware of your events. And post event — send your write-ups and photos to share news of the adventure! You can send information to Cheryl Lynn by clicking here! We'll be unveiling more means as 2018 comes along.
Save the DATES - Great American Mountain Rally Revival...

The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will challenge 21 st Century rallyists with the rallies of the 1950s. The original Great American Mountain Rallye ran from 1953 to 1957. This was the first American rally listed by the F.I.A. In its day...

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SCCA Regions, RoadRally and Rallyist Numbers
by Peter Schneider, on behalf of the RRB
RoadRally Regional Development Program Update
Validation of SCCA RoadRally Safety Stewards
Starting back in March 2017, the RRB has been reaching out to existing RoadRally Safety Stewards and Instructors. As a result of this effort, we have identified 50 individuals that are no longer active in the sport and confirmed 228 wished to retain their Licenses. In February 2018, we have requested the Divisional RoadRally Stewards to reach out to the remaining 30 individuals who have yet to reply to our multiple inquiries.

In February, the RRB reached out to existing Divisional RoadRally Stewards and RoadRally Safety Stewards Instructors to provide input to possible changes/updates to the existing ROAD RALLY SAFETY INSPECTION / PRE-CHECK REPORT. This document has not been updated since its inception. Once we have obtained an appropriate volume of responses, we will review the input and draft an updated report and distribute for review and comments.

SCCA National Membership Database
As you may be aware, the National Office maintains a membership database, which contains contact information for each member that includes their email address, Region of Record and SCCA Licenses. It also includes areas of interest.

In February, the RRB requested a listing of all active members that have flagged RoadRally as an area of interest. The file that was received contains 5,803 members. The attached table lists Regions that conducted rallies in 2017 and the number of members in the National database which have flagged Rally as an interest.
As you can see, there are several Regions that have members that may be interested in RoadRally but did not sanction an event in 2017. If the data is correct, there are 2,163 members that are interested in rallying but do not have a program in their Region.

Interested in getting the list of emails addresses for individuals in your Region? Please contact your Membership Chair or Regional Executive who can obtain the list from the National database.
SCCA Matters —
Minutes, Planning Calendar, Championship Points
Road Rally eNews is produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America