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ROAD RALLY eNews — February 2019
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos
Smuncher's Attic by Bruce Gezon
From the Smuncher's Attic archives we have a submission of a more personal nature this month. Many of you know that Bruce Gezon has been active in our sport of Road Rally for quite sometime, and that he holds some wonderful archives in his collections as well as National Championships.

We venture back to 1965 Canadian Winter Rally and the adventures of two young friends heading to their first rally CWR in a 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa Coupe! Bruce returned the following year, yet ran with his father as Terry had moved to Florida; it was another DNF. His only other Canadian rally experience was the MG1000, which ran in the 1960’s and crossed the border into Quebec and Ontario. Anyone want to guess his finish in that event?

Written by Terry Lynn Benson , for Victory Lane , for their September 2016 issue, it is wonderful to have a piece for the My First Road Rally column mixed in with Smuncher's Attic this month.

All of us here at the home office enjoyed reading this selection from the 'ol Smuncher's Attic, and we hope you do too!

Simply click the image to read the two-page article.
News has reached our Shores...
Steve McKelvie has Passed, and the Sport of Road Rally Has Lost a Historian, Story Teller, Rallymaster and Adventurer
Steve on the Baden Classic Car Rally in German
If we are lucky, our journeys enrich us in many ways. Whether it’s who we work with, who we fall in love with or who we meet by chance, every new soul we cross paths with lets us see the world a little differently.
I, I have been very lucky.
About 19 years ago, my youngest brother started dating a wonderful girl from the next town over. By Thanksgiving of 2000, it had moved far enough along that her family joined ours for Thanksgiving.
I hadn't met her folks before that day, but her dad and I became great friends. An engineer by trade, he’d built a career that was unrivaled. Widely respected and well read, he had worked hard to provide for his small family and succeeded greatly.
That dinner conversation eventually turned to hobbies, to cars, to rallying. He knew of it, a little, having grown up in Canada with an affinity for tractors and other mechanical bits. His engineering mind questioned and analyzed the different varieties, from TSD to performance to historic events.
That November afternoon was a turning point for Steve McKelvie; he found his passion in snippets of conversation as we passed the cranberries and gravy around. He started rallying, running local and regional events. He explored performance rallying, co-driving in the United States and Canada. He took on the Targa Newfoundland and eventually found himself jetting off to Mexico and Europe for historic rally events. 
Passion, it really was a passion for him. He researched the history of events, seeking out old magazine articles and bits of memorabilia. He tracked down historic timing equipment, reviving old clocks and odometers at his workbench in the evenings. He wrote new events and helped revive older ones.
The relationship between my brother Mike and Steve’s daughter, Laura, grew over the years. They married in 2008 and now have two wonderful girls. Steve was the ultimate grandfather - to see him smother those girls with love was something to behold, pure and unreserved.
Late last month after landing in Las Vegas for the SCCA Convention, I flipped my phone on to find a string of text messages from my brother. His father-in-law had died suddenly.
Steve McKelvie was gone.
Laura had lost her daddy, their kids, their Baba. And Mike, who rallied with me from time to time, had lost a father as well - our dad died when he was just four years old, and Steve had taken him in as a son. He never saw Mike as someone who was taking his daughter; he saw him as someone who was growing their family.
And us, the rally community, we lost a competitor, we lost an organizer, we lost a historian, we lost a grand storyteller. More painfully, we lost a friend.
There are many Steve stories, and I'd like to share my favorite one.
A few months after that first meeting, Steve and Laura came out to run the Snow and Ice Rally in New Hampshire. Laura, who was probably still a teenager, drove their Ford Taurus station wagon.
My brother and I were running as the last car on the road, something we did in case someone needed a hand.
We came around the gentlest of right-hand curves early in the event and saw that Taurus wagon stuck deep into a snowbank on the far side of the road. I saw it first, stood on the brakes, Mike looked up to see his girlfriend’s car off the road and probably thought that was the end of the relationship.
He ran to the driver’s side of the car, I to the navigator’s side. Steve was fine, Laura was fine. The car was fine but stuck for the moment. I looked back at this easy curve and asked what happened?
Steve, surveying the scene with an engineer’s eye, responded very simply: “Too much steering.”
I have thought about that line often these last few weeks. I told that story at his funeral and I hope it brought some comfort to all the rally friends who were in attendance. Laura smiled and, maybe, that was all it needed to do that day.
How many times do we look back at our lives and realize there was just too much steering?
My brother made up some stickers for everyone there, a rally plate design for Steve. He also (and you have to believe me on this) made up a set of stickers with the Canadian flag and Steve’s name and affixed them to the casket.
My life was deeply enriched by Steve McKelvie. He dove deep into this pool of experiences. He has left a legacy in our community, through his writings and his spirit. Steve helped me see the world differently, and I shall be forever thankful that our paths crossed.
Graciously submitted by Mark E. Johnson

Photos from the family: Above in the 1958 Mercedes-Benz, which he ran with Harald von Langsdorff , at the Baden Classic Car Rally in Germany. Below, Harald and Steve on further adventures with the photo of the two of them from one of the Targa Newfoundland events. And last, Steve holding his granddaughter Eliza Johnson, in a moment of quiet and solitude.
Adventures with the Benz
Harald von Lansdorff and Steve take on the Targa Newfoundland in the 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet
Steve in a quiet moment with Granddaughter Eliza Johnson
News from "Across the Pond"...
Monte Carlo Historic News from Open Paddock's "The Rallycast"
We received this link from Ian Holmes , and we were sure you would enjoy listening to it too! Living in the Midwest, Ian is a Rallymaster and TSD Competitor with SCCA and TCRC , as well as those rallies where one "suits up" with helmet and intercoms. We were surprised to learn, post event, that he ran an event with Alaskan Paul Oerlich last year too!

From Open Paddock — Most of what we do on The Rallycast is Stage Rally based and not for coverage here. But in our 50th edition of the show we talked with US Rally legend John Buffum about his recent trip to  Le Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique  which I think would be of interest to you all. Click the RallyCast graphic and give a listen...

Monte Carlo Historique YouTubes
And then there are those YouTube videos? It appears "historic rallying is strong with this one"! Ian has a passion for #funwithcars #wefoundtheroads #comeroadrally, and he also posted up the first link for Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2019, an overview of the 2019 event. While viewing that, I encountered the Monte Carlo Historique 2019 Best of ZR1 Mistakes video too. Enjoy the works of photo and videographers capture the moments!
2018 Alcan5000 sponsored by Nitto Tires
Nine Lifetimes of Adventure on the AlCan Highway by Peter Schneider
My introduction to the Alcan5000 was a story which was written by Satch Carlson over 30 years ago in an issue of AutoWeek . Little did I know at the time, that years later I would be attending my ninth 4,500+ mile adventure to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. These trips include competing in two of the three Satch Carlson - Rally of the Lost Patrol and seven Alcan5000: three times as a Alcan volunteer (twice with my wife Joanne Schneider ), and four times as a competitor with 1 st Overall finishes on three of those occasions.

For those of you that do not know the Alcan, it is the brainchild of Jerry Hines , with the full support of the Seattle-based Rainier Auto Sports Club . According to the event website, the first Alcan5000 was conducted in 1984 and had 23 entries, and at 4,700 miles it was the longest rally to date held in North America. The Alcan pursues the original idea of rallying as a grand tour, motoring adventure; it is a competitive adventure that rewards experience, good judgment, consistency, reliability, and resourcefulness. Historical examples include the Monte Carlo [1911], Mille Miglia [1911], and the RAC [1932].  

The Alcan has a "level playing field" where private and factory teams compete on even terms. Over 90% of the route is scenic touring, and scoring is in short "regularity" sections with an equal penalty for early or late arrival. From 1984 to 2000 the event was attended by diehard rally enthusiasts, the rally alternated every two years, between a winter event conducted in February (with temperatures as low as -40 degrees) and a summer event in August. The 2018 rally was in August.
In the summer 2002 Alcan, entry was opened up to Motorcycles with eight teams attending and the class has grown to 28 teams in 2018. Back in 2014, Tim Burgess and Jan Frolic entered a 1961 Triumph TR4. In spite of blown head gasket on the drive out of Skagway, the team was able to get back in the game after being towed 130km to Whitehorse, Yukon by a fellow contestant and. With the assistance of some very helpful locals and a new head gasket flown in from Drake's British Motors in Kelowna, BC they continued with the route, catching up with the rally in Fairbanks, Alaska, three days later. Their journey was detailed in a 2015 issue of Moss Motoring . Click here to read .

As a result of that coverage, the 2018 Alcan had ten teams competing in historic vehicles. To my surprise, that included my neighbor of 10 years ago driving a magnificently restored 1966 Hertz Mustang Fastback. The Mustang was so loud they needed to communicate with headsets for the full nine days. 

Knowing the nature of some of the rough logging roads used on the competitive portions and the hundreds of miles of transit zones needed to travel each day of the event, those individuals competing in both the Motorcycles and Historic classes had true grit. Better them than me.

In the Winter of 2016, Nitto Tire got involved as the title sponsor and provided each vehicle with free tires, and extensive media coverage of both the 2016 and 2018 event that emphases the grand tour, motoring adventure portion of the Alcan (you'll find the videos here in RReNews) . They also published a cover page story in their quarterly DrivingLine Magazine, a well done piece you can read here

For those interested in the results of the 2018 Summer Alcan5000 sponsored by Nitto Tires, they are available on 
The 2016 Nitto Tire video of the Alcan5000 above, and the 2018 Alcan5000 below!
In 2018 the event left Kirkland, WA, on Monday, August 20th and traveled nine days and 4,600 miles to the finish in Fairbanks on Tuesday, August 28th. Making stops in Hyder (the southernmost border crossing between Alaska and Canada, and due to the nature of the community there is no US Customs, only a Canadian Customs Office), Watson Lake, Dawson, Valdez, with optional stops in Skagway, the Arctic Circle in Canada (Eagle Plains) and the Arctic Circle in Alaska (Coldfoot). The route included the Top of the World Highway between Dawson, Yukon and Tok, Alaska via Chicken, Alaska and the most northern land Border crossing in North America at Poke Creek, Alaska.

While I was lucky enough to be a member of the team ( Frank McKinnon /John Putman/ Peter Schneider ) that had the lowest overall score, all of the 57 teams (an even mix of cars and motorcycles) and five full time support crews were the real winners for completing the trip, renewing old friendships and making new ones. The 2018 event was dedicated to Gary Webb (among others) who have passed away since the 2016 event. Car #1 was reserved in their honor.

The next event is the winter of 2020, which is already sold out and has a 12 team waiting list. But if you would like an adventure of a lifetime and have experience with Ice Racing, drop me a note, the winter events have several stages on frozen lakes that need that special skill. 
Rally Wrap-Up from the Twin Cities Rally Club
The 2019 running of the Minnesota Valley Winter Rally was a true winter rally. After a few years of having minimal snow, the Twin Cities got dumped on with about 12” of snow in the week leading up to the rally. This years' event was more of the usual. The MVWR was about 130 miles of mostly gravel roads, that wandered through the farm country and rolling ravines of the Minnesota River valley.

There were a few slight changes this year though. The first was the fact that we were able to start and end at Andy’s Bar and Grill in Belle Plaine, MN. Andy’s has become the default finish point for this rally because of the good service, good food, and cheap beer. They also have enough space for all of us rally people. The second was that this was my first time using the MiRally timing system and the Road Book designer app to create the rally. The MiRally timing system eliminates the need for control workers and still keeps very accurate timing through the use of GPS timing. The Twin City Rally Club is rolling over to exclusively using this program for all future rallies.

The event entries were a little on the lighter-side this year due to some competing events the same weekend, but we had nine cars show up, including one from Madison, WI and a team from Sioux Falls, SD. The rally started at about 4 pm, and the 45-mile first section ran into the darkness. Dominating the first section was car number 3 of Miguel Masberg and navigator Scott Swelland in a Smart Car. Vince and Jen Rosetta followed closely before they ran into some problems on the second leg. On the second leg, it was car number 6 of Michael Spiering and LeAnn Jaster who came in with 34 points. At the end of the event, it was all about the little Smart car of Miguel and Scott who came in with a total of 101 points. First-time rallyists Rick Havlik and team came in with a killer score of 130 points.
Ben Wedge , MVWR Rallymaster
"There's an App for That" Updates
Milwaukee Region to Trial Bireta App in April
Upcoming Road Rally Events for YOU!
Post Your Upcoming Rally Dates and Invites HERE?
You bet ! We welcome you to Come Join Us! RReNews is not an SCCA Publication, yet produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America by road rally enthusiasts.

Our goal is share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA , PCA , BMW , Furrin Group , Cascade Sports Car Club , or any of the many local marque clubs or as community events! Please checkout our growing list of Road Rally events across North America !

Please send us news of your upcoming event dates and promotional materials to share, so as to make fellow road rally enthusiasts aware of your events . And post event — send your write-ups and photos to share news of the adventure! You can send information to Cheryl Lynn by clicking here !
WI: MOWOG National Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Land O' Lakes Region - Road Rally on Friday, Mar 29 - Sunday, Mar 31, 2019 at Red Wing Country Inn & Suites, Red Wing, MN - 2019 MOWOG National Rally SCCA National Road Rally. About 200 miles of paved and unpaved roads in...

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TX: Sweetheart Ride RoadRally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Texas Region - RoadRally on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Rally roads of North Texas, Plano, Texas - Sweetheart Ride Road Rally A fun rally through country roads in Parker and Wise counties in North Texas...

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SC: Rally Your Heart - The Krewes Rally

Rally Your Heart, will be held over the March 30-31st weekend this year. Rally Your Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising donations and awareness for charitable organizations for Military Veterans.

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MI: Detroit Region Annual TSD Rally School

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Detroit Region on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at Captain Joe's Grill and Chill, Whitmore Lake, MI - Detroit Region SCCA presents the 2019 Road Rally School Saturday, March 23, 2019, 8:30 AM - 4 PM, registration at 8:30 AM sharp! ...

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WI: Spring Scamper Tour Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Milwaukee Region on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at Madison, Wisconsin, Madison, WI - SCCA Milwaukee Region Presents SPRING SCAMPER ROAD RALLY - Madison, Wisconsin Sunday April 7, 2019 Join your fellow car enthusiasts for this 4...

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AK: Snake Charmer Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Arctic Alaska Region on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Municipality of Anchorage, Anchorage, AK - Snake Charmer Road Rally The Arctic Alaska Region of the Sports Car Club of America will be sanctioning the first event of the...

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VA: PhotoOps Drive

BMW CCA - Tidewater Chapter on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at Harris Teeter, Williamsburg, VA - Spring is in the air!!! It's time for our annual PhotoOp drive around Williamsburg. Come on out and join us for this event on April...

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PA: Steel Haul National Course Rally

Got this FYI on the Steel Haul National Course Rally this morning, January 11, 2019, and we'll be updating as news comes in from C huck Larouere, Rallymaster. See information on the Iron Run Divisional Course Rally scheduled for April 28th and...

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PA: Iron Run Divisional Course Rally

Got this FYI on the Iron Run Divisional Course Rally this morning, January 11, 2019, and we'll be updating as news comes in from Chuck Larouere, Rallymaster. See information on the Steel Haul National Course Rally scheduled for April 27th and...

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2019 SCCA RoadRally Championships
The SCCA RoadRally competition season is based on a calendar year – January to December. As promised, RReNews publishes the standings for the SCCA National Road Rally Championships from Bruce Gezon , Points Keeper. There was an missing link last month and you will find the 2018 SCCA National Course Championship standings here ! Our sincere apologies to the fine work by Bruce Gezon and to all of you who were seeking a listing of events and Champions for 2018!

We want to thank Bruce for being faithful to RReNews and for providing the Standings so timely each month!

You'll only find the 2019 Tour Championships update in this issue, as there have been no Course or GTA events yet!
2018 SCCA Course Championship
2019 SCCA Tour Championship
2018 SCCA GTA Championship
SCCA Matters — Words from the Wheel, Rally Planning Calendar and Rulebooks are Ready!
From RRB Chair Crittenden
The 2019 SCCA RoadRally Rules (RRRs) is now available. You can view and download it for free from the SCCA website. 

You can also purchase it in paperback form from Amazon. You can find it by searching for "2019 SCCA". The price remains the same at $5.95. (You can also click on the image of the book).

I'd like to draw your attention to the new Welcoming Statement on page 8 of the 2019 RRRs. It is an excellent description of our mission, vision, and values.

Best Regards,
Jim Crittenden
Chair - SCCA Road Rally Board
From the Home Office Near Sand Lake...
1st Column: Tire crews at o'dark thirty during Daytona 24 - they never stop! Montoya in interview, the crew hiking up track to the grandstands. 2nd: Skip Winfree was one of the drivers in the 1985 Daytona24 entry and we watched night practice with him Friday, the "works", and my sign-off at the finish line. 3rd: Alister on 1st and Clara on 2nd at RC Races, WTH? It seems there ARE RALLYISTS in Florida after all!?! We laughed at this and a Speed Limit 29 sign in the area too, and enjoying the sun 'n sand near Port Charlotte - did call a friend in Houston, yet he could not get down to the beach to wave across the Gulf, ha!
I did not go to Disney World, yet I was in Florida recently. I got home from meetings and adventures at the SCCA National Convention on Monday, Jan 21st and left Alaska on the 22nd for the Sunshine State. I know! I know what you are thinking – why not just go from Vegas? 

Winter Adventures
My husband would not have been pleased had I gone without him…remember, I said I did not go to Disney World? We took in the Daytona24 and then on to the Gulf side to visit framily and look up property my father purchased while in Japan back in 1968 (now there is a story!). We trekked with five fellow Alaskans who winter in Florida and five who currently reside there, and one who was visiting her Mums. It was terrific to find sunshine “with warmth” in its rays! We visited trackside with local SCCA members (sorry we missed the Detroit Region crew), with great success we spoke with manufacturers on site and confirmed with Hagerty about the new SCCA Official Insurance relationship (it has saved us $89 on our annual policy). Our devices recorded five miles-plus each day, and we enjoyed the hospitality of Grassroots Motorsports: their “midnight” tour of the garages and the warmth their tent provided from the elements. We almost volunteered with the local SCCA Region as corner workers and shuttle drivers, yet as this was our first foray for the five of us, we opted to get the lay of the land and purchased our passes. I wonder, would I have shared “shuttle shifts” with SCCA Chairman Lee Hill? At the close of the trip, we toured the St Petersburg IndyCar course (which will give a new view of the race on television this weekend) and a chance to watch Clan Engstrom run the RC Races. Even with the cars dialed down, I was a failure at keeping the remote control cars on the dirt at speed and let us say that the hubby should keep to racing 1:1 scale too, ha!

The time away afforded me time to be with motorsport folk who “validate vs. tolerate” those in their lives. My mind was freed from demands and haunts of being in the office those ten days, and the break from news on television was a good health measure too! It was refreshing just to take each day as it came and enjoy the adventures. 

Delayed flights got us home at 330AM and a day later than the original 1130P Monday, yet learning my beloved 1997 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT had been stolen three days earlier took the wind out of my sails just two days later. Worse? The shop did not know it was missing and they had not done the work promised while we were gone. The car was recovered five days after taken, yet I don’t ever want to be in it again. It is just something I don’t need to do, and we got our $50 (those of you who have dealt with insurance companies understand that) vs. the cost to replace. Nothing like returning to find your vehicle stolen, involved in a police chase, and trashed by thugs while you were having a holiday! Not sure the direction we’ll take for a replacement. The Timewise rally cable was still intact, while other items in the glove box were stolen or destroyed; maybe there is a rally god after all, ha! We’ll have the cable removed, yet with no need to put mileage on a road rally in Alaska with any vehicle I own — it’s all good for now. She saw many a backroad and was a worthy rally companion. As for vehicle theft, it certainly leaves one feeling violated and disheartened by fellow humans.

USRRC Update
I was asked if I would be attending the Sunday morning RRB early-session at Vegas' SCCA Convention by Chairman Lee Hill and I shared that was no longer acceptable. He said he was planning on “dropping in,” which he did. I did express my concern to him that the 25th Annual United States Road Rally Challenge had not yet been determined, and for our SCCA-sanctioned sport it was the RunOffs of Club Racing or the Nationals of the Solo program and that its lack of being scheduled was quite disheartening. I followed up with him last week and learned that at this time there is nothing planned for the 25th Annual USRRC. 

Someone suggested we take it on here in Alaska again; we know there is plenty of interest by folk wishing to travel north and there is interest in running a two-plus day event locally. Heck, with the development of Rally Apps in these two years since our 2017 USRRC, we could remove the burden of teams jamming down back roads to beat checkpoint workers (not that we speed, just saying). It would be easier for us given the vast distances and only one route to go. I think most teams have experienced the “honking” of a checkpoint crew trying to get ahead of the pack! 
All of that said, no matter the scale of the event…I sure would hate to see the RoadRally Board fail to have a 25th Annual; it is our programs’ only claim to a long-running event. The word from Chairman Crittenden was, “At this point in time, no Region has offered to host a 2019 USRRC. We have a Region that has expressed interest in hosting a 2020 USRRC.” Alas, that means the claim of an enduring SCCA RoadRally event will be lost after twenty-four events and the works of Rallymasters and Crews to make it happen. I did write one Region in support of their rally program taking on the event. I provided them with a list of why their existing event would be the perfect venue, with only an ending restaurant choice as the difference they may have to make. I encourage all of you to talk to Rallymasters of existing National and Divisional events in 2019 too!

In Closing…
Our RReNews upgrade with WordPress has had more issues with support than it has been stable. You may have noticed this issue did not have links taking you over there? We hope to resolve this matter by Friday, yet it may lead to a rebuild of the site. At this point, we think that may be a positive thing despite the efforts it would take!

Aftershocks from the November 30th quake have subsided, although we had one this morning; odd how the small ones don’t seem to phase us now.

A reminder to all that while we have produced RReNews in association with the Sports Car Club of America since 2013, our effort is to provide a community for all Road Rally on North America — independent car clubs, community events, and marque clubs — which SCCA has supported as it brings awareness to the sport for all of us.

To those of you receiving this edition as your first Road Rally eNews, welcome to our motorsports family! We are a collaborative effort. Should you be a Rallymaster, please send in your information months out (as soon as you have the details 'n date), send photos 'n standings 'n post-event write-ups! Rallyists write your experiences, write of a method or style of rallying, contribute to our There is an App for That, My First Road Rally (as competitor or Rallymaster). Come join us and be a part of this road rally community!

Our days are continuing to get longer with sunrise at 812A and sunset at 614P, and I am feeling “recharged” by its rays and the warmth in. Tis true that it shall be quite a while before the green grass appears, yet we are on the shorter side of winter now, and it won’t be long!

Thank you for your time.
We'll see you down the road,

Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Team
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